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September 5, 2007

Rant #498/05

The ease of justification belies lack of perspective on the part of the status quo. Keep drinking, keep fucking, keep denying, everything will pass. Is this an advertisement by corporate want or just plain confusion? We are blessed with the ability to transform tragedy into temporal exclusion. This action, however, will not suffice in separation from serendipity. The illusion of smut propagated by the popular media cannot conceal that which it was ultimately designed to embellish, that of self loathing and justification in the impetus to dissolve all into the regressive, self-explanatory state of idiocy which it so compassionately adheres to. The justification of of nihilistic transparency seems compulsory to the status quo consciousness. Without faith in conspiratorial consciousness what else is there, their, they're fucked. How to kill a stock broker: jerk off on a five dollar bill and submit it to interpretation. The death of a white mutha fucka is ultimately of less strategic import than sex with a vegetable. At least the vegetable reacts. Only the dead perpetually lie. We're all apparently deceased, the forked tongue of the cracker has condemned him to the slaughterhouse. Kill the superficial reality of 'realism' and supplant a diagnosticism of substance. Without what is, you have nothing. Fucking nothing. Nihilistic despair. Or was it MTV/CTV/MTCC, some other anachronism or similar facsimile. The status quo aims to kill originality. The original death machine. The Reaper himself. We can pretend we're compassionate, empathetic, alcoholic, admissible, ad miscible, expendable, whatever the heart desires. But it makes no difference. We are the death machine. The apocalyptic mechanism, undeniable in its stead, unstoppable in its tenacity, unrefined in its mayhem. The staus quo is our refuge, our inhabitable arbitrage of chaos; defined through defined through confusion and limitation of scope. What the fuck motivates us to exhibit such suicidal tendencies? Money, avarice, greed, death? Love? Fuck? What is our limitation, physics? Or the illusory nature thereof? Stats? New Jersey? Hell? The goddess has little sympathy for self-absolution. She understands death, no more. No less. SHE IS TIME. She is subterfuge. She is hominem. Liturgy should be abused as mush as faith itself. Blind faith is like an uninterpreted hard on. It is inevitable, it is blind, it is dissolution into the surrounding environment. The status quo is death. It is a juggernaut of ignorance. A conspiracy of complacency. A steel blade of incongruity. A faith of idiocy. A death of soul. A fuck of cosmic brunt. A Hell hole. The whole of Hell. Genesis of genocide. Death of dearth. Death of death. Fuck of kill. Fuck of ages. It's hard to define as an objective entity. It's hard to define a substance which is interpreted as objective but is really illusory. It's objective to define a source as. But what of to define source of? It's all academic. ALL I know is that SHE loves to fuck, she loves to kill, she loves to destroy, she loves to fortify, complicate, realize, annihilate, nurture, dissolve, absolve, abject, object, illuse, obfuse, contraindicate, malinfuse, maleffuse, maleffect, maleffice.
Only sever the cord.
We are ALL
None other fuckers.

September 7, 2007


Word is dead. Savaged by the cosmos, it has perished. Word without meaning is similar to idea without abstraction; temporal paradox expediently enacted if only to justify ones own limited perception of ontology.
Word is empty. Reverberations from the metallic elementals reveals an abyss lined with abstraction and unable to limit its own oncological progression. The black hole in time prevents us from understanding the nature of its scope.
Word is manufactured. We understand our existential experience through linguistic structures which have been fabricated by those who wish to shape and hence, control our perceptual horizon of opportunity. In this manner an entire electorate can be enslaved to evil enterprise.
Word is watchful. Like the Eye, I reflect opinion and intentionality while simultaneously concealing consequence. My activities are monitored in order that perpetual sabotage be momentarily engaged if the need arise.
Word is genocide. The easiest way to separate a peoples is through mutually exclusive linguistic structures. The tower of Babylon served the custodians well in that it ensured the ease of Machiavellian manipulation in order to necessitate the corrupted industrial death machine of war.

Old trip

Enlightenment is contradicting succession.

Whole don't equip part.

The diction of self determines reality.

Without partiality as continuous being, cannot separate self from idea.

Ta boot, relativity boosts stasis.

Relativity is proportional to impartiality.

Subtle intermingling of cosmic vibration and gross recognition.

Beatific vision as impartial subjectivity supported upon an empirical lattice of cosmic mechanics.

Mutual paradox / Stream forum / Heraclitus folding over upon himself / Time as a space free abstraction / Time is an abstraction of space / Abstraction as a space in time / Space is time abstracted.

I lies in the act of beholding.

Lycanthropy as strand catharsis / Self as time abstracted from space / Only through the segregation of space and time is the self recognizable in all 5 dimensions / Self is oblivious to time / Skepticism is time based self.

August material

08/22/07 Appearances are bound to be deceiving through their very essence. That of subjectivity. Beyond the clouds, the stars, the cosmos lies ones skull cap. This is the premise of the perceptual paradox argument which poses the direct opposite of what appears solid to be more genuine than that which is perceived. Take solid matter for example, for all extensive purposes it appears and acts relatively solid yet at the molecular level is almost entirely empty within the electron shells potentiality which appears solid as the particles are at such high velocity. Save a small bundle of protons and neutrons, the majority of a substances solidity is empty space. Appearances will deceive as they are happen stance to ones intentionality and behave as biased rhetoric is wont to do. The appearance of self is the largest stumbling block we all must face on the path to enlightenment. This illusion alone has the power to slow or stay our progress. The illusion of individuality prevents one from intuitively understanding the One. There is no division within the One, only illusory separation. The conspiracy of complacency, the status quo of oblivion is a convenient nihilism embraced by the consumer hordes. The mantra of capitalism ensures that no one will be spared objectification or autonomy. We will all be consumed in the hellfire of our own creation.

08/23/07 The ongoing and perpetual internal dialog of Being requires that opposites attract and ignite each other in necessary reconciliation. Ontological dialectic of the celestial body we inhabit. The planet Earth understands time from a different perspective than our illusory substance facilitates. From the planet's perspective, this epoch we currently participate within is but a moment in cosmic time to be followed by another that we will perhaps not coexist within. The next great cycle is a mere 5.4 years away and it seems a distinct possibility that the illusory world we now haunt will be totally gutted and started from scratch. The transformation will be instantaneous and absolute, electromagnetically liquidating all matter. The only hope of continuance will be space, as the ground we now live on will turn upside down.

08/01/07 I turn the air conditioning off every day while I'm at work in order to conserve energy and money. It was easily 27 or 28 degrees centigrade inside when I got home. My pc would not even boot up. The fuckin' heat destroyed my computer. The heat fried my motherboard. It's now 1930 and it's 34 outside / 40 with the humidex. Welcome to Hell. My friends are gonna be there too. I had scores of digital pictures stored on my pc that I had not backed up. The jokes on me. Art destroyed by heat. Fahrenheit 451 revisited. Technology is transient and designed to fail. The only thing meant to last is our ignorance. The reflexive idiot daemon goddess has hypnotized the effective status quo into automatic perpetuation of tyrannical eco-destruction. In order to escape the environmental stresses clearly magnified by hominid industrial activities we perpetuate the cycle of environmental degradation by further saturating the atmosphere with hydrocarbon residue by operating our intrinsically paradoxical pursuit of industrial ephemera. By running our air conditioner to escape the heat, we inadvertently exacerbate the macroscopic greenhouse effect by releasing more particulates and pollutants into the air. The idiot goddess has us where she wants us, in the palm of her hand which trembles in anticipatory lust at the prospect of elimination. We have run our course, for whatever reason and whichever purpose (if any), and now bide our time to the apocalypse.

08/04/07 Fidel Castro says American consumerism threatens humanity's very existence. I'd have to concur. Once we've consumed everything left available from our natural surroundings the only thing left to consume will be ourselves. Regarding the planet, how can we begin to understand the necessity of respect for that which we have been acculturated to regard as alien and adversarial? Maybe the media whore we recognize as our directional cultural motivator will tell us what to do. Then again, probably not.

08/05/07 Separation anxiety. Separation from the source of Being, the ontological root of existence.

September 10, 2007


09/10/07 The time is now. Contracide. Death to deceit. Death to appearance. The illusion of individuality is almost as cleverly disguised as the illusion of liberty. It's my own responsibility to establish and protect my own rights. If I possess neither the time nor the resource necessary to do so, my meaning is trivialized. Hence, the proletariat remains perpetually disadvantaged, not idle nor wealthy enough to exist within the cabal of capitalism. Why should the people necessary for a socio-political organization's liberty be denied the very right they impart? The capitalist death machine supports only those petty enough to perpetuate the cycle of victimization and schism genesis. Self-actualized entities are liquidated in the river of anonymity unless they're wealthy and even then, it's only a matter of time. Without money one possesses no rights, no consideration or meaning, and no import. Economics is the most effective schism employed by the custodial powers to conceal or cover the truth. All life is sacred, part of a greater structure beyond abstract valuation and individuation. What makes one life more valuable than another? Illusion, arbitrary governmental pushers of presumptions and protected perspective. Persephone. Money is a means of separation only. Unity has nothing to do with money or material, nothing to do with matter. The capitalist system must destroy unity in order to perpetuate schism of economics necessary to maintain Machiavellian control of a people(s). It accomplishes this through separation and exclusivity. While we're all scrambling for the coins dropped by the barons, we'd be accomplishing more social progression by biting their ankles or cooperating in order to gain access to their throats. Money is the single biggest obstacle on the path to collective enlightenment of the species. If the human race could visualize all that which capitalism conceals we would be able to curtail the present apocalypse towards which we hurtle. The Machiavellian schism manifest through material resource is a necessary function of capitalism. Those eagerly participating in the perpetuation of illusory liberty have been convinced of their exemption. The future has been sold out by a handful of individuals who've been conned themselves into perpetuating the next great planetary extinction event. All in the name of money. God bless America. Or was it the other way around?

July material

07/04/07 We must decide between transportation or respiration. Like a smoker who is hopelessly addicted to tobacco, we fail to see the seriousness of our impact on the planet through the operation of motor vehicles. We must decide what is of more import, our immediate convenience or the future of our children. Only an addict would deny all responsibility or capability of cessation. Divided we stand, together we fall. Eventually, after years of smoking the lungs begin to grow accustomed to the perpetual insult, just as we have become complicit in the intoxication of the atmosphere. If there were a global smoke alarm warning against the pathological accumulation of particulates in the air, it would now be sounding. The smog has become so palpable you can almost embrace it. As the final years pass, it will become clear that a grave error in judgment had been allowed to flourish under the custodial responsibility's of the petrol giants. What good will money or morality serve when there is no longer any air to breathe? Consumer culture will be the death of us all. We are the ultimate black hole in time. We are Kali: the devourer of time. We are terminal consumers, defining selves through the very act of self-sabotage that affords us self-satisfaction and comfort. When there is nothing left to consume we will have no choice but to turn on ourselves.

07/19/07 In a culture obsessed with abstract insurance why is it that we haven't invested in the future? The future being defined as a point in time beyond our immediate conceptualization. We'll spend thousands on life insurance yet not even ensure that there'll be a world left to live on. We just keep driving our petroleum powered vehicles. We find it a natural extension of prudence to substitute currency for assurance yet we fail to ensure the presence of faith in the future of our illusion. In searching outward more than in, we've confused limitation with infinity. We've attempted to project our own misunderstanding of natural law onto objective reality. We have normalized the destruction of the environment in which we live (what it is) just as we have casually ignored the institutionalization of genocide that has been perpetuated time and time again by capitalist greed and misappropriation of value. Appearance is and possibly always has been, for pragmatic purposes, regarded as more meaningful than substance. This self controlling mechanism of perception ensures that the ultimate limitation will be autocratically invoked through self perpetuation. Spend your money, step right up, define yourself through catastrophe while administratively abstracting your own accountability of consequence. Swing the hammer, win a prize. Fuck your future to spite your past. The moment of satori is immediate, yet fleeting.

07/27/07 Dinosaur C should remain in the ground. Keep it in the Earth. By putting it in the air, we are becoming the terrible destroyers. C should remain in the ground, inert, solid, asleep. Once in the air it will coat our alveoli like tar from the pits, from the abyss. Why would I knowingly condemn my daughter to a literal gas chamber of terror? So I'm able to move the abstracted image of myself across the illusory landscape of my own creation? My immediate convenience, that is perhaps perceived as practical necessity, is not worth fulfilling if it means destroying the future generations opportunity for self realization. To think otherwise is a reversal of objectivity, paradoxical subjective self affirmation. I will not smother our children to further my illusion of self. The status quo seems to have deceived itself into normalizing such behavior. They have been blinded by capital which conceals consequence. Try wrapping your lips around the exhaust pipe of your automobile when it's first ignited and it's easy to visualize what the future holds for our children. Protecting the innocent, it's not just a novelty, it's a necessity for survival. How can the average Western consumer not sense the blood on their hands as they carry out routine daily tasks such as driving or abstractly contributing to the genocide of the innocent subsidized by the petroleum industry. It is no secret that imperialism in its avarice victimizes the less fortunate and less materially capable. The petroleum industry finds its perpetuation in exactly these two psychologies. To support this industry is tantamount to admitting defeat through the admonition of elitism. Either way, we have been acculturated to understand physical energy sources as necessary when they are merely sufficient. The only thing necessary is dialectical understanding of transduction. We will all die chocking as we debate the merits of alternative energy sources. Meanwhile, all that prevents us from ontological progression is the idea of capitalism and microscopic scope. The real conspiracy is the vampiric preying upon of ignorance.

September 11, 2007

Nine eleven two zero zero one

Six yrs later the concealment of conspiracy is glaringly clear. The custodial slaves at the top of the pyramid have become illuminated amidst a cloud of naturally generated ozone lingering after the strike of lightening from which it came. The skies have opened wide and revealed their true intent. That of reconciliation with the source of being. There is no lie elaborate enough to cover the naked truth endorsed by the goddess smother earth. Nature reveals all according to cosmic time of necessity. That which needs be said is long overdue. The truth will not be denied resolution.

Respect to all innocents in this world who are sacrificed to the capitalist death machine in the name of economic and material progress on a routine, daily basis.

The death machine is ubiquitous and all encompassing. The art of separation and its related pathology of perception are the genesis of schism. Religion is the original schism, pitting brother against brother, father against son. Money simply exacerbates this gulf, reinforcing the arbitrary separation of what is ultimately united. The tower of Babylon has been transformed con temporarily into capital. The wealthy being conditioned to separate themselves from the socio-economically challenged is necessary to perpetuate illusion of elitism and individuality. If it were not for the deification of money and demonization of Islam we would not have the burden of remembering the most notorious date in modern North American history.

9/11 served three distinct purposes in order to perpetuate the the capitalist death machine:
1) the catastrophic event reinforced the adversarialism necessary for the continuation of the masonic capitalist Machiavellian conspiracy justifying war and imperialist despotism (ex. Iraq)
2) the event facilitated the laundering of corporate assets and liability on an enormous scale, destroying both beaurocratic and existential records.
3) the event fulfilled biblical apocalyptic prophesy in an attempt to trigger Armageddon.
Rev. 9.11 : They have a king ruling over them, who is the angel in charge of the abyss. His name in Hebrew is Abaddon; in Greek the name is Apollyon (meaning "The Destroyer").

It is nonsensical to assume that Islamic militants would perpetuate the Christian apocalypse. It is far more logical to understand Bin Laden as a CIA operative precipitating enough fear in the public to justify the current war in Iraq which values petrol reserves more than innocent life. How the extrapolation from an Afghani terrorist to the political domination of Mesopotamian oil fields was rhetoricized into phenomenological justification remains a poorly constructed alibi of intent. The coincidence of wealthy oil producing oligarchies benefiting on both sides of the world from the present conflict that the devastation of 9/11 precipitated is eerie in its resolution of conspiratorial intent.

The gains to the elitist capitalist death machine outweighed the loss of innocent life perpetuated during the events of 9/11. The blood of the innocent lubricates the mechanism of capitalist death necessary for the progression of the American economy. The privileged are permitted to remain within the abstract construct of modern capitalist materialism while the poor are thrown to the dogs of Hades. In an empirically justified world, the financially and situationally compromised are relegated to the jails or to the war. The poor fight for the rights of the rich, having lost all perspective of self actualization through the bondage of capital.

The substitution of ethics with convention may be necessary to survive in mortal combat. How is it that we have normalized the same abandonment of empathy and respect for life in contemporary, modern existence. It's a paradox of reason to consolidate a cultures condemnation while categorically denying responsibility for realization.

The adversarial nature of capitalism serves the purposes of conventional power struggle by perpetuating the Machiavellian structure of socio-economic matrices placed by the status quo reality. By pitting the general public against each other the puppet masters can guarantee that their presence and intent remain concealed behind the curtain of capitalism that keeps the rest of us in chains. We ain't even born free anymore. Economic necessity negates ethical dialectic and consideration. Slaves are born disadvantaged, not privileged nor pronounced.

The capitalist death machine relies on the perpetuation of fear and divisive suspicion propagated by the popular media. Case in point: cannot watch syndicated television network for more than 10 minutes without encountering violence against women represented somehow and for some reason. Odd. Even if this is a sad reality, the constant reminder of violence tends to motivate idle and impressionable minds. It's counter productive to dwell on the negative obsessively. It's down right conspiratorial. This casual normalization of violence serves the custodial powers in that it perpetuates fear and uncertainty as instrumental in status quo reality.

Separation is an illusion promulgated by the powerful elite who have been sedated into complacency by the lure of moral exemption that capital affords. This inequality in perspective that empiricism elicits is the very schism which prevents us from existentially evolving.

September 14, 2007

Counter insurgency

You're watching the apocalypse and we're watching you. The pc eye atop the jewel encrusted pyramid of materialist imperialism sees all. Big brother monitors us through the computer while giving us the false sense of anonymity that modernization affords. As we examine the content of the world wide web the arachnids who built it are examining our electronic footprints in the interests of social surveillance. The tailored messages of popular status quo consciousness had been carefully crafted in order to conceal the existential truth of industrial modernism and its related environmental destruction. A conspiracy of complacency has overtaken us all. Even those skeptics resourceful enough to have created a sustainable vehicle of establishment criticism have ended up tacitly accepting the manufactured comfort of acculturated ignorance perpetuating the idea that the planet itself is simply a stone without consciousness and that human activities have not yet been proven to have had an irreversible consequence on our species survivability. The poles are not melting, global warming is simply a myth created to further the interests of fashionable environmentalism, the weather patterns are not changing, human and civil liberties are not being continuously eroded through the justifications of imperialist necessity, money is not a thinly veiled means of social control, cultural amenities which have been normalized and necessitated do not contribute to the eventual demise of modernism through macroscopic planetary reconciliation. Cosmic time is on the verge of a substantial shift in mechanics and the planetary preparations for the eventual magnetic shift in the space-time field have already begun in earnest. The tectonic activity in the southern pacific appears to be gaining in resonance and pitch, preparing to reach crescendo. Perhaps the events of 12/21/12 will materialize in the form of intense tectonic shift, temporarily (geologically speaking of course) submersing all continental land and exposing new land on the surface of the planet. This will be a time of catastrophic change in which survival will be difficult to ensure. Maybe the custodial aliens will preserve the species by transporting the elect off the planet briefly. Who knows? The eye of Horus knows but its not talking. No need to institute yet another apocalyptic religion as there are already a surplus of those to compete for the prize of continuance being offered by the aliens. As long as they preserve the necessity of violent conflict and competition necessitated through the advents of religion and money, the aliens are confident in the popularization of yet another apocalypse which serves to function as a form of population control. Existing outside the visible realm of the electromagnetic spectrum the aliens are conceived through the eyes of their subjects as fields of pure light, appearing as angels or a godhead might in the converted mind. In this manner they are able to remain concealed the majority of the time, only being conceptually visible at night to those they choose to reveal themselves to in order to drum up more apocalyptic fervor in the masses. Having recognized myself as one of the elected disciples of dissemination, I now face the self muzzling realization of participation in the process. Time will tell.


September 18, 2007

Money IS Time

Time is money. Abstract in conception, yet material in engagement. Just as time, money stands autonomously as its own justification through definition and ontological sedition. An established necessity of abstraction, it satisfies the inherent need of human understanding to separate substance and being. Once existentialism is divorced from phenomenology, only the sparse fields of empiricism remain. If measurable material were the entirety of matter, the electromagnetic lattice upon which it rests would cease to animate the quanta which comprise our very being. Atomically speaking, my physical form is comprised of 99.9% space which appears confined to physical form as a result of the speed at which the subatomic particles are vibrating and rotating about the source of being I ostensibly refer to as myself. This illusion of physics and consequent individuality is a worthy adversary on the path to spiritual enlightenment which modern industrial techno quo social capitalism endorses as a matter of necessity. The illusion of money propagated through the industrial war machine of modernized technological death is a means to the same end that keeps the human race divided. Differential ethical tradition and linguistic structure satisfied this function previously. The advent of the modern capitalist monetary system was necessary in order to distract and enslave an adapting colony of metropolitan atheists lest they organize and resist material bondage. The body can be enslaved, the spirit is a source of liberation and gnostic wisdom which cannot be caged nor destroyed. By seducing the status quo with the very materialism which necessitates imperialist death and destruction abroad, the industrial war machine continues to distract and enslave our bodies in an increasingly intoxicated environment of our own creation. To the modern consumer it becomes necessary that innocents must suffer in order that we remain affluent and comfortable as we have been conditioned to require by the capitalist juggernaut of war that continues to pillage the planet and the human spirit. The earth goddess is not concerned with our conception of time or money. SHE only understands the source of being which presently resolves its necessity of continuity. Similar to the manner in which modern man endeavors to exclude himself from the source of being from whence we came, the goddess now prepares to exclude the human race from her consideration. It's just one more apocalypse to endure for the planet which is not subject to such trivialities. The elders imagined it this way and the contemporaries are thrilled with the prospect of uninhibited gluttony that star crossing affords. Get in line to fuck the earth. One last final degrading act before the curtains fold. Of course, it's gonna cost ya. How much you got there? Enough to endure the inevitable? Time will tell.


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