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09/10/07 The time is now. Contracide. Death to deceit. Death to appearance. The illusion of individuality is almost as cleverly disguised as the illusion of liberty. It's my own responsibility to establish and protect my own rights. If I possess neither the time nor the resource necessary to do so, my meaning is trivialized. Hence, the proletariat remains perpetually disadvantaged, not idle nor wealthy enough to exist within the cabal of capitalism. Why should the people necessary for a socio-political organization's liberty be denied the very right they impart? The capitalist death machine supports only those petty enough to perpetuate the cycle of victimization and schism genesis. Self-actualized entities are liquidated in the river of anonymity unless they're wealthy and even then, it's only a matter of time. Without money one possesses no rights, no consideration or meaning, and no import. Economics is the most effective schism employed by the custodial powers to conceal or cover the truth. All life is sacred, part of a greater structure beyond abstract valuation and individuation. What makes one life more valuable than another? Illusion, arbitrary governmental pushers of presumptions and protected perspective. Persephone. Money is a means of separation only. Unity has nothing to do with money or material, nothing to do with matter. The capitalist system must destroy unity in order to perpetuate schism of economics necessary to maintain Machiavellian control of a people(s). It accomplishes this through separation and exclusivity. While we're all scrambling for the coins dropped by the barons, we'd be accomplishing more social progression by biting their ankles or cooperating in order to gain access to their throats. Money is the single biggest obstacle on the path to collective enlightenment of the species. If the human race could visualize all that which capitalism conceals we would be able to curtail the present apocalypse towards which we hurtle. The Machiavellian schism manifest through material resource is a necessary function of capitalism. Those eagerly participating in the perpetuation of illusory liberty have been convinced of their exemption. The future has been sold out by a handful of individuals who've been conned themselves into perpetuating the next great planetary extinction event. All in the name of money. God bless America. Or was it the other way around?

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