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08/22/07 Appearances are bound to be deceiving through their very essence. That of subjectivity. Beyond the clouds, the stars, the cosmos lies ones skull cap. This is the premise of the perceptual paradox argument which poses the direct opposite of what appears solid to be more genuine than that which is perceived. Take solid matter for example, for all extensive purposes it appears and acts relatively solid yet at the molecular level is almost entirely empty within the electron shells potentiality which appears solid as the particles are at such high velocity. Save a small bundle of protons and neutrons, the majority of a substances solidity is empty space. Appearances will deceive as they are happen stance to ones intentionality and behave as biased rhetoric is wont to do. The appearance of self is the largest stumbling block we all must face on the path to enlightenment. This illusion alone has the power to slow or stay our progress. The illusion of individuality prevents one from intuitively understanding the One. There is no division within the One, only illusory separation. The conspiracy of complacency, the status quo of oblivion is a convenient nihilism embraced by the consumer hordes. The mantra of capitalism ensures that no one will be spared objectification or autonomy. We will all be consumed in the hellfire of our own creation.

08/23/07 The ongoing and perpetual internal dialog of Being requires that opposites attract and ignite each other in necessary reconciliation. Ontological dialectic of the celestial body we inhabit. The planet Earth understands time from a different perspective than our illusory substance facilitates. From the planet's perspective, this epoch we currently participate within is but a moment in cosmic time to be followed by another that we will perhaps not coexist within. The next great cycle is a mere 5.4 years away and it seems a distinct possibility that the illusory world we now haunt will be totally gutted and started from scratch. The transformation will be instantaneous and absolute, electromagnetically liquidating all matter. The only hope of continuance will be space, as the ground we now live on will turn upside down.

08/01/07 I turn the air conditioning off every day while I'm at work in order to conserve energy and money. It was easily 27 or 28 degrees centigrade inside when I got home. My pc would not even boot up. The fuckin' heat destroyed my computer. The heat fried my motherboard. It's now 1930 and it's 34 outside / 40 with the humidex. Welcome to Hell. My friends are gonna be there too. I had scores of digital pictures stored on my pc that I had not backed up. The jokes on me. Art destroyed by heat. Fahrenheit 451 revisited. Technology is transient and designed to fail. The only thing meant to last is our ignorance. The reflexive idiot daemon goddess has hypnotized the effective status quo into automatic perpetuation of tyrannical eco-destruction. In order to escape the environmental stresses clearly magnified by hominid industrial activities we perpetuate the cycle of environmental degradation by further saturating the atmosphere with hydrocarbon residue by operating our intrinsically paradoxical pursuit of industrial ephemera. By running our air conditioner to escape the heat, we inadvertently exacerbate the macroscopic greenhouse effect by releasing more particulates and pollutants into the air. The idiot goddess has us where she wants us, in the palm of her hand which trembles in anticipatory lust at the prospect of elimination. We have run our course, for whatever reason and whichever purpose (if any), and now bide our time to the apocalypse.

08/04/07 Fidel Castro says American consumerism threatens humanity's very existence. I'd have to concur. Once we've consumed everything left available from our natural surroundings the only thing left to consume will be ourselves. Regarding the planet, how can we begin to understand the necessity of respect for that which we have been acculturated to regard as alien and adversarial? Maybe the media whore we recognize as our directional cultural motivator will tell us what to do. Then again, probably not.

08/05/07 Separation anxiety. Separation from the source of Being, the ontological root of existence.

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