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Old trip

Enlightenment is contradicting succession.

Whole don't equip part.

The diction of self determines reality.

Without partiality as continuous being, cannot separate self from idea.

Ta boot, relativity boosts stasis.

Relativity is proportional to impartiality.

Subtle intermingling of cosmic vibration and gross recognition.

Beatific vision as impartial subjectivity supported upon an empirical lattice of cosmic mechanics.

Mutual paradox / Stream forum / Heraclitus folding over upon himself / Time as a space free abstraction / Time is an abstraction of space / Abstraction as a space in time / Space is time abstracted.

I lies in the act of beholding.

Lycanthropy as strand catharsis / Self as time abstracted from space / Only through the segregation of space and time is the self recognizable in all 5 dimensions / Self is oblivious to time / Skepticism is time based self.

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