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Word is dead. Savaged by the cosmos, it has perished. Word without meaning is similar to idea without abstraction; temporal paradox expediently enacted if only to justify ones own limited perception of ontology.
Word is empty. Reverberations from the metallic elementals reveals an abyss lined with abstraction and unable to limit its own oncological progression. The black hole in time prevents us from understanding the nature of its scope.
Word is manufactured. We understand our existential experience through linguistic structures which have been fabricated by those who wish to shape and hence, control our perceptual horizon of opportunity. In this manner an entire electorate can be enslaved to evil enterprise.
Word is watchful. Like the Eye, I reflect opinion and intentionality while simultaneously concealing consequence. My activities are monitored in order that perpetual sabotage be momentarily engaged if the need arise.
Word is genocide. The easiest way to separate a peoples is through mutually exclusive linguistic structures. The tower of Babylon served the custodians well in that it ensured the ease of Machiavellian manipulation in order to necessitate the corrupted industrial death machine of war.

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