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July material

07/04/07 We must decide between transportation or respiration. Like a smoker who is hopelessly addicted to tobacco, we fail to see the seriousness of our impact on the planet through the operation of motor vehicles. We must decide what is of more import, our immediate convenience or the future of our children. Only an addict would deny all responsibility or capability of cessation. Divided we stand, together we fall. Eventually, after years of smoking the lungs begin to grow accustomed to the perpetual insult, just as we have become complicit in the intoxication of the atmosphere. If there were a global smoke alarm warning against the pathological accumulation of particulates in the air, it would now be sounding. The smog has become so palpable you can almost embrace it. As the final years pass, it will become clear that a grave error in judgment had been allowed to flourish under the custodial responsibility's of the petrol giants. What good will money or morality serve when there is no longer any air to breathe? Consumer culture will be the death of us all. We are the ultimate black hole in time. We are Kali: the devourer of time. We are terminal consumers, defining selves through the very act of self-sabotage that affords us self-satisfaction and comfort. When there is nothing left to consume we will have no choice but to turn on ourselves.

07/19/07 In a culture obsessed with abstract insurance why is it that we haven't invested in the future? The future being defined as a point in time beyond our immediate conceptualization. We'll spend thousands on life insurance yet not even ensure that there'll be a world left to live on. We just keep driving our petroleum powered vehicles. We find it a natural extension of prudence to substitute currency for assurance yet we fail to ensure the presence of faith in the future of our illusion. In searching outward more than in, we've confused limitation with infinity. We've attempted to project our own misunderstanding of natural law onto objective reality. We have normalized the destruction of the environment in which we live (what it is) just as we have casually ignored the institutionalization of genocide that has been perpetuated time and time again by capitalist greed and misappropriation of value. Appearance is and possibly always has been, for pragmatic purposes, regarded as more meaningful than substance. This self controlling mechanism of perception ensures that the ultimate limitation will be autocratically invoked through self perpetuation. Spend your money, step right up, define yourself through catastrophe while administratively abstracting your own accountability of consequence. Swing the hammer, win a prize. Fuck your future to spite your past. The moment of satori is immediate, yet fleeting.

07/27/07 Dinosaur C should remain in the ground. Keep it in the Earth. By putting it in the air, we are becoming the terrible destroyers. C should remain in the ground, inert, solid, asleep. Once in the air it will coat our alveoli like tar from the pits, from the abyss. Why would I knowingly condemn my daughter to a literal gas chamber of terror? So I'm able to move the abstracted image of myself across the illusory landscape of my own creation? My immediate convenience, that is perhaps perceived as practical necessity, is not worth fulfilling if it means destroying the future generations opportunity for self realization. To think otherwise is a reversal of objectivity, paradoxical subjective self affirmation. I will not smother our children to further my illusion of self. The status quo seems to have deceived itself into normalizing such behavior. They have been blinded by capital which conceals consequence. Try wrapping your lips around the exhaust pipe of your automobile when it's first ignited and it's easy to visualize what the future holds for our children. Protecting the innocent, it's not just a novelty, it's a necessity for survival. How can the average Western consumer not sense the blood on their hands as they carry out routine daily tasks such as driving or abstractly contributing to the genocide of the innocent subsidized by the petroleum industry. It is no secret that imperialism in its avarice victimizes the less fortunate and less materially capable. The petroleum industry finds its perpetuation in exactly these two psychologies. To support this industry is tantamount to admitting defeat through the admonition of elitism. Either way, we have been acculturated to understand physical energy sources as necessary when they are merely sufficient. The only thing necessary is dialectical understanding of transduction. We will all die chocking as we debate the merits of alternative energy sources. Meanwhile, all that prevents us from ontological progression is the idea of capitalism and microscopic scope. The real conspiracy is the vampiric preying upon of ignorance.

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