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Nine eleven two zero zero one

Six yrs later the concealment of conspiracy is glaringly clear. The custodial slaves at the top of the pyramid have become illuminated amidst a cloud of naturally generated ozone lingering after the strike of lightening from which it came. The skies have opened wide and revealed their true intent. That of reconciliation with the source of being. There is no lie elaborate enough to cover the naked truth endorsed by the goddess smother earth. Nature reveals all according to cosmic time of necessity. That which needs be said is long overdue. The truth will not be denied resolution.

Respect to all innocents in this world who are sacrificed to the capitalist death machine in the name of economic and material progress on a routine, daily basis.

The death machine is ubiquitous and all encompassing. The art of separation and its related pathology of perception are the genesis of schism. Religion is the original schism, pitting brother against brother, father against son. Money simply exacerbates this gulf, reinforcing the arbitrary separation of what is ultimately united. The tower of Babylon has been transformed con temporarily into capital. The wealthy being conditioned to separate themselves from the socio-economically challenged is necessary to perpetuate illusion of elitism and individuality. If it were not for the deification of money and demonization of Islam we would not have the burden of remembering the most notorious date in modern North American history.

9/11 served three distinct purposes in order to perpetuate the the capitalist death machine:
1) the catastrophic event reinforced the adversarialism necessary for the continuation of the masonic capitalist Machiavellian conspiracy justifying war and imperialist despotism (ex. Iraq)
2) the event facilitated the laundering of corporate assets and liability on an enormous scale, destroying both beaurocratic and existential records.
3) the event fulfilled biblical apocalyptic prophesy in an attempt to trigger Armageddon.
Rev. 9.11 : They have a king ruling over them, who is the angel in charge of the abyss. His name in Hebrew is Abaddon; in Greek the name is Apollyon (meaning "The Destroyer").

It is nonsensical to assume that Islamic militants would perpetuate the Christian apocalypse. It is far more logical to understand Bin Laden as a CIA operative precipitating enough fear in the public to justify the current war in Iraq which values petrol reserves more than innocent life. How the extrapolation from an Afghani terrorist to the political domination of Mesopotamian oil fields was rhetoricized into phenomenological justification remains a poorly constructed alibi of intent. The coincidence of wealthy oil producing oligarchies benefiting on both sides of the world from the present conflict that the devastation of 9/11 precipitated is eerie in its resolution of conspiratorial intent.

The gains to the elitist capitalist death machine outweighed the loss of innocent life perpetuated during the events of 9/11. The blood of the innocent lubricates the mechanism of capitalist death necessary for the progression of the American economy. The privileged are permitted to remain within the abstract construct of modern capitalist materialism while the poor are thrown to the dogs of Hades. In an empirically justified world, the financially and situationally compromised are relegated to the jails or to the war. The poor fight for the rights of the rich, having lost all perspective of self actualization through the bondage of capital.

The substitution of ethics with convention may be necessary to survive in mortal combat. How is it that we have normalized the same abandonment of empathy and respect for life in contemporary, modern existence. It's a paradox of reason to consolidate a cultures condemnation while categorically denying responsibility for realization.

The adversarial nature of capitalism serves the purposes of conventional power struggle by perpetuating the Machiavellian structure of socio-economic matrices placed by the status quo reality. By pitting the general public against each other the puppet masters can guarantee that their presence and intent remain concealed behind the curtain of capitalism that keeps the rest of us in chains. We ain't even born free anymore. Economic necessity negates ethical dialectic and consideration. Slaves are born disadvantaged, not privileged nor pronounced.

The capitalist death machine relies on the perpetuation of fear and divisive suspicion propagated by the popular media. Case in point: cannot watch syndicated television network for more than 10 minutes without encountering violence against women represented somehow and for some reason. Odd. Even if this is a sad reality, the constant reminder of violence tends to motivate idle and impressionable minds. It's counter productive to dwell on the negative obsessively. It's down right conspiratorial. This casual normalization of violence serves the custodial powers in that it perpetuates fear and uncertainty as instrumental in status quo reality.

Separation is an illusion promulgated by the powerful elite who have been sedated into complacency by the lure of moral exemption that capital affords. This inequality in perspective that empiricism elicits is the very schism which prevents us from existentially evolving.

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