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Counter insurgency

You're watching the apocalypse and we're watching you. The pc eye atop the jewel encrusted pyramid of materialist imperialism sees all. Big brother monitors us through the computer while giving us the false sense of anonymity that modernization affords. As we examine the content of the world wide web the arachnids who built it are examining our electronic footprints in the interests of social surveillance. The tailored messages of popular status quo consciousness had been carefully crafted in order to conceal the existential truth of industrial modernism and its related environmental destruction. A conspiracy of complacency has overtaken us all. Even those skeptics resourceful enough to have created a sustainable vehicle of establishment criticism have ended up tacitly accepting the manufactured comfort of acculturated ignorance perpetuating the idea that the planet itself is simply a stone without consciousness and that human activities have not yet been proven to have had an irreversible consequence on our species survivability. The poles are not melting, global warming is simply a myth created to further the interests of fashionable environmentalism, the weather patterns are not changing, human and civil liberties are not being continuously eroded through the justifications of imperialist necessity, money is not a thinly veiled means of social control, cultural amenities which have been normalized and necessitated do not contribute to the eventual demise of modernism through macroscopic planetary reconciliation. Cosmic time is on the verge of a substantial shift in mechanics and the planetary preparations for the eventual magnetic shift in the space-time field have already begun in earnest. The tectonic activity in the southern pacific appears to be gaining in resonance and pitch, preparing to reach crescendo. Perhaps the events of 12/21/12 will materialize in the form of intense tectonic shift, temporarily (geologically speaking of course) submersing all continental land and exposing new land on the surface of the planet. This will be a time of catastrophic change in which survival will be difficult to ensure. Maybe the custodial aliens will preserve the species by transporting the elect off the planet briefly. Who knows? The eye of Horus knows but its not talking. No need to institute yet another apocalyptic religion as there are already a surplus of those to compete for the prize of continuance being offered by the aliens. As long as they preserve the necessity of violent conflict and competition necessitated through the advents of religion and money, the aliens are confident in the popularization of yet another apocalypse which serves to function as a form of population control. Existing outside the visible realm of the electromagnetic spectrum the aliens are conceived through the eyes of their subjects as fields of pure light, appearing as angels or a godhead might in the converted mind. In this manner they are able to remain concealed the majority of the time, only being conceptually visible at night to those they choose to reveal themselves to in order to drum up more apocalyptic fervor in the masses. Having recognized myself as one of the elected disciples of dissemination, I now face the self muzzling realization of participation in the process. Time will tell.


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