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Money IS Time

Time is money. Abstract in conception, yet material in engagement. Just as time, money stands autonomously as its own justification through definition and ontological sedition. An established necessity of abstraction, it satisfies the inherent need of human understanding to separate substance and being. Once existentialism is divorced from phenomenology, only the sparse fields of empiricism remain. If measurable material were the entirety of matter, the electromagnetic lattice upon which it rests would cease to animate the quanta which comprise our very being. Atomically speaking, my physical form is comprised of 99.9% space which appears confined to physical form as a result of the speed at which the subatomic particles are vibrating and rotating about the source of being I ostensibly refer to as myself. This illusion of physics and consequent individuality is a worthy adversary on the path to spiritual enlightenment which modern industrial techno quo social capitalism endorses as a matter of necessity. The illusion of money propagated through the industrial war machine of modernized technological death is a means to the same end that keeps the human race divided. Differential ethical tradition and linguistic structure satisfied this function previously. The advent of the modern capitalist monetary system was necessary in order to distract and enslave an adapting colony of metropolitan atheists lest they organize and resist material bondage. The body can be enslaved, the spirit is a source of liberation and gnostic wisdom which cannot be caged nor destroyed. By seducing the status quo with the very materialism which necessitates imperialist death and destruction abroad, the industrial war machine continues to distract and enslave our bodies in an increasingly intoxicated environment of our own creation. To the modern consumer it becomes necessary that innocents must suffer in order that we remain affluent and comfortable as we have been conditioned to require by the capitalist juggernaut of war that continues to pillage the planet and the human spirit. The earth goddess is not concerned with our conception of time or money. SHE only understands the source of being which presently resolves its necessity of continuity. Similar to the manner in which modern man endeavors to exclude himself from the source of being from whence we came, the goddess now prepares to exclude the human race from her consideration. It's just one more apocalypse to endure for the planet which is not subject to such trivialities. The elders imagined it this way and the contemporaries are thrilled with the prospect of uninhibited gluttony that star crossing affords. Get in line to fuck the earth. One last final degrading act before the curtains fold. Of course, it's gonna cost ya. How much you got there? Enough to endure the inevitable? Time will tell.


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