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Smog City

In Toronto, the smog is thick from all the air and motor vehicular traffic. So many busy people moving about while entertaining the premise of significance. To the individual, the smog seems but a necessary evil. A sign of the times. From the macroscopic perspective of cosmology, all this activity is clearly not benefiting anyone. We are condemning our children to the abyssal entrapments we've envisioned for ourselves due to Christian guilt. We're fulfilling biblical prophesy in order that the great architect be pleased and exonerate itself through absolution. It's time for another apocalypse, another culling of the species sapiens. The great architect I speak of is the earth goddess disguised as an alien. She will come as a thief in the night. T'woud be easier to disperse pharmaceuticals and hypnotic influence within the smog matrix of industrial death we've happened to normalize ourselves to over the last three decades.
In Toronto, the smog is palpable. In Niagara, the smog is offensive. The escarpment is completely obscured by the smog. In Niagara, the smog is morbid. An increase in particulate matter in the troposphere is directly proportional to an increase in sickness and death within the population. Of course the publication of such statistics would be gagged by the petrochemical industry. The illusion of affluence is more important to the status quo than sustainability. With this arcane idea of infinite resources that modern western civilization has seemed to have enshrined as its reflexive defense of the perpetual eco/geno/cide it enacts, the modern self is able to justify its progressively apocalyptic itinerary of activity. All in the name of status quo maintenance.
Smog zombies wandering the streets of Toronto are concerned very little with the assumption of security that money pretends to afford. They are becoming ravenous as they bathe in the atmospheric particulate soup. They are not interested in plastic, only blood. They must sustain themselves currently on the clouds of nitrogen dioxide wafting through the streets as their prey fatten up and sweeten in the comfort of luxury vehicles and ideas. As time drifts toward the precipice of apocalypse, the earth goddess screams.


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