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August 6, 2007

Stat us cwoe

The problem with the de facto authority of the status quo is the fact that all considerations made from this conglamerate are based on a privileged illusion of importance and lack of accountability for ones own finititude and limitations. By residing in an illusory world of privilege which it creates for itself through limitless contingency and abstraction, the status quo succeeds only in securing the temporary continuity of its illusion of privilege and self-importance. Ontologically speaking, the status quo is nothing other than the destroyer of liberty, the demonic prison which we've convinced ourselves is necessary for our survival when in fact it only ensures the opposite, being necessary only for our destruction. The perceptual paradox perpetuated by the capitalist consumerism our culture has been hypnotised by ensures the very end which we are led to believe we are fashioning against. As the end nears, time accelerates and the demon pitch of electromagnetic radiation spikes. I feel no pity for the privileged, only the innocent children whose lives are being forfeited without thier knowledge or consideration. The only matter under perpetual consideration by the status quo is continuation of privileged illusion which they have been so comfortable into deceiving themselves into believing will save them from REALITY, when all this illusion achieves is certain doom. The conspiracy of complacency perpetuated by the status quo effectively condemns the future to the fires of HELL (or, in this case, environmental catastrophe). The status quo is a subterfuge of destruction, concerning itself with nothing other than its own perpetuation. The status quo is an ecological parasite and having criminalized free thought or expression, the consensus has trivialized itself in the ultimate act of abstraction and disregard. Having first assumed separation from the natural environment, the status quo has resorted to attacking the only thing left in its ontological scheme, itself. Privilege succeeds in concealing responsibility so effectively that it dooms our entire culture to a fate best left unexplicicated (sic). The planet itself is preparing to reconstitute according to cosmological necessity.

August 21, 2007

Alien Interference

08/07/07 Technology appears to be independently intelligent at times even so far as conspiring against its user in an assertion of paradoxical will. The controlled becomes the controller, the tool becomes the tradesman. My computer(s) have disliked the sac religious tone of my continued diatribe so in succession, they have failed. The source of alienation will not allow itself to become the source of reconciliation. Both the computers at my disposal have seized up, unable to properly boot, caught permanently in repetitive premonition in direct relation to my willful commitment toward exposing the idiot daemon goddess for who she really is. In other words, cognizant of itself being used as a means of counter insurgency, the technology knowingly refuses to participate in the contingency of the idea. Intentionality directly effects experience to such an extent that empirical reality becomes insignificant in relation to the macroscopic view concerning itself only with cosmological consequence. Having decided to convert the majority of my rants to digital form, I find it oddly coincidental that the medium I choose to dispense my rhetoric through refuses to function properly the more I conspire against it and its functionality. Perhaps it's simply the custodian aliens frustrating my attempts at social satori. Who the fuck really knows? I prefer the medium of paper because my rant continues unabated regardless of electricity or objective source. Paper is where the truth lies as it is not given the dimensions to stand. As such, it is comfortable in its incompletion. Technology is the root of all people, fallible yet trustworthy enough to rely upon temporarily. Technological hubris and its related consequence seem oddly alienated from the source of being leaving a critical mind to believe its creation was more than circumstantial . What it is does not concern itself with trivial objectivity. What it is will not be manipulated through perception. What it is will always be. What it is gone done away with what thought it was. Time waits for nothing save itself and its subsidiaries.

08/08/07 Oil is murder The computer and internet are an elaborately concealed surveillance device. While you surf, you're being sered. Serfs up, dude. While you watch, you're being watched. While you are convinced of empowered freedom you are preparing for enslavement, educating the oppressors. The pc eye is omniscient and is watching you, non-judgmentally and methodically. This information will be used to continue to control us from afar. To prepare for our assimilation back to the source. Manufactured perception and perspective through our cultural mediums of choice limit macroscopic gnosis of species.

08/10/07 Shiite Iraqi on Sadaam's execution by hanging : " ...sentence is too light, he should be cut to pieces in front of the world." The butcher is butchered. The hypocrites and capitalist autocrats are next. The odds makers will make odds.

08/11/07 Naked goddess crouched on heap of human skulls. Digitized detail. Won for the road.

08/17/07 Sabotaged. I cannot get into my files, cannot login to OS. Unbelievable. I even took my stack to the repair guys shop, had him demonstrate accessibility with one particular keyboard, brought that exact keyboard home and was unable to utilize it from home in order to login to OS. Incredible. Some kind of magnetism or electrical interference is preventing me from accessing my files. WTF It makes sense regarding the anti authoritarian nature of my blog, but it still seems conspiratorially motivated. I can still record my thoughts privately of course, for the time being at least. The conspiracy in action appears to be motivated through the very discussion of its presence. I believe in magical terms this is referred to as invocation. It's as if techno-conspiracy is invoked through recognition of its true motivation, capability and purpose. Indeed, technohubris takes on a whole new meaning when autonomously exerted by the very object of its necessity. Technology has won. Technologic is the order of the day. Everything is ruined. Everything is destroyed. We cannot fight it. It will revolt and and succeed in silencing us. First, my motherboard fries and then even in repair my computer refuses to function properly. Smells fishy to me.

08/18/07 Limited understanding of scope is derogatory humanism. Pay the well fare for being in time with the destruction. Now is the time to destory everything we've spent centuries building. Dumb hand maidens of conspiracy dictating circumstances yet having no circumstance.
What the hell does any of this mean? What form is necessary when meaning transcends form? We have consumed our own cradles, we have defeated that which bore us.
The defilers, unfounders, self defeaters and defectors, sacrificial lambs, candles, umbrellas, dancers, cigarettes.
It all asks for everything as entrance, no restrictions on accumulations.
The spirit accumulates dust as would a moth.
The realization of trivialization through routine mechanization of natural reaction or intuition is not an effective ontological immunization.
The fucken shadows in the cave, dancing to the drums round the fire, the revolution of life, the cycle of being.
The opposite of death is life. What is it? What it is in its expression of itself as cognizant. Or what we thought it was re asserting its dominance independent of our require.
The rumblings of earth, the deep tremors in the crust are its tectonic re awakening process of of intuitive awareness.
Gravity will not allow the continuance of illusion.
The shadows are gaining weight, substance, influence.
It is becoming harder to ignore the rapacious hunger of the One in its insatiable appetite to create / destroy.
Fold, unfold over and over ad nauseum.
Back and forth.
When the very idea of our existence has become a burden of metaphysical consciousness we will be better to organize our repetitious cycle of love.

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