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Epochcalypse pron

Time is being, being in time.
Our nature is not to stay but to leave.
Common parlance is a sham of sentiment ad reason.
Who among us can see the time as it forms.
And destroys what we understand as being in time.

What about being as time, inconceivable at best.
Time as being intuitively feels warmer and more congruous. \
Subject to time, being has no permanence, no substance in time.
With the cymbals resonating through the great all.
Time forms being through chaos.

Being is not believing in time, yet supposes existence.
Witch supposes time and space, and meaning or substance.
Suppositions are spatially tangible, time is not so kind.
Time will tell, time to spell, which were fell.
Time is Being insofar as time is experiential.

Time is ticking, tickling, tricking, con-diluvium-ing,\\
There is no time with out an observer.
There is no observation without space.
There is no space without time.
Time creates the space in which we can experience being.

Unravelling the future takes time, as a currency,]
As an electrode gathering negative data and sub-culture/
Being relies in time to explain change, when such is timeless.
Change does not rely on time so much as it relies on being.
The will to Be is not concerned with Time.


Thus is the cosmic disconnect of being from time.
Or time from being, however you wish.
Time is not concerned with being, yet
Being is obsessed with Time.
Not enough, too much, it's no there.

It's dead, it's alive. it's crippled with self-guilt. etc.
Time is an addiction of being, an adjunct to existence.
Which has no soul, no explanation nor expatriation,'
No meaning when considered apart from itself.
No self-justification in the Eye of Being.

Time is ineffable, almost secret.
Time is nothing, nothing is Time.
It's time to emancipate being from time.
The slavery of concept is erroneous.
Being will not have it.

But to Be means to Be in Time.
For to Be out of Time is to cease.
The survival instinct instilled in us compels us\
To Be, to continue, to fount and font.
Rhyme and steal.

What does it mean.
Ask yourself.
For to Be is to Be in Time.
And Time will tell.
Whether your soul is differential to terminus.

Whether you like it or not, you are subject\\\\
To Time.
Which can move mountains, an level eval.
There which is has no Being outside of Time.
Can you make the Time?

Or did Time create Being through accident of process?
If Time witches to transform, then Being has no recourse.
Other than adaptation and evolution.
Or extinction of meaning.
Being is necessary through the spatial creativity of which Time is parcel.

Otherwise Time would be meaningless.
Without an observer there can be no Time.
Without Time, there can still be an observer.
Outside of Time, Inside of Space.
The Observer is not subject to Time.

Time is meaningless,
Time is everything and nothing and something, and that.
Our being exists outside of time, yet is subject to the controls of time.
Our being is objectively meaningless in Time.
Time is effectively meaningless to Being.

How can this paradox be resolved or understood?
Simply as it is, nothing but Time can create Space.
Without change, there is no meaning to existence,'
Static being is meaningless, only Time can create change.
Otherwise Being is static.

The absence of aberration creates complacency and comfort.
Time will not tolerate expectation or prediction,
What was is no longer, what was was.
What now, what it t'is.
What it was has no meaning in Time.

Time absolves all sins.
Don't give me that shit, Time exacerbates all wounds.
Pours salt in tha' muthafucka',
Till it weeps ions.
Until Time stands still.

Like a chronological machine, that coughs up meaning.
Through the existence of Being,
What it is, is where it's at.
Tin Foil Hat.
Hattus Tinneus.


Concealment of time through catastrophism, idea, or necessity.
Time covers it's own tracks, leaves no trace of its transport.
Only its change is documented in geological evidence.
Dust is more telling than words.
Words less revealing than substance.


There have been 5 Great Mass Extinction Events that have punctuated
Geologic time. Stood out in relief against the tides of predictability.
These events have been measurable in scope and in severity.
Each era having spawned new species and eradicated existing ones.
Empires have been built upon the space left by the demise of others.

The Ordovician-Silurian Extinction took place approximately 439 million years ago.
The majority of life forms at the time were obliterated in a relatively short period.
It is estimated that > 85% of all animate life forms ceased to exist. At the time, most of the world's land was collected into the southern supercontinent, Gondwana. During the transition from one period to the next, life made the jump from aquatic to terrestrial.

The Devonian period saw the proliferation of vascular plants and the diversification of fish.
The Late Devonian period Mass Extinction event was 364 m.y.a.; >75% of all life ended.
Glaciation and the lowering of the global sea level may have triggered this crisis, since the evidence suggests warm water marine species were most affected. Meteorite impacts have also been blamed for the mass extinction, or changes in atmospheric carbon dioxide.

The Mass Extiction of the Permian - Triassic juncture was the most catastrophic, being the largest mass extinction recorded in the history of life on Earth involving greater than 95% of all life forms at the time. This event affected marine communities the most by far, causing the extinction of most of the marine invertebrates of the time. Life today descended from the 4% of surviving species.

The Triassic - Jurassic period mass extinction occurred about 200 m.y.a.
This period began with more mammals than dinosaurs, then the terrible lizards
Dominated for 135 million years. They were the largest land animals of all time.
Birds also began to flourish. Largest dinosaurs were herbivores, the carnivores predated.
Then, the most well-known extinction took place.

The Cretaceous - Paleozoic extinction event happened between 135 and 65 m.y.a.
The dinosaurs, which had ruled the Earth for at least 130 million years were obliterated.
>75 % of all life on the planet was decimated at the time.
Many conjecture that the collision crater for the meteorite that caused such catastrophe
lies beneath the water surrounding the Yucatan peninsula.

The next Great Extinction event will be that of the Holocene.
Interesting that the present age is referred to as the Holocene.
Very apropos that the current age is literally, a "hollow scene".
With meaning attenuating and redundancy proliferating:
We have little to lose but loss itself.


With a significant mass extinction event taking place every 100 million years or so,
We are due for the next big thang, the next bump in the evolutionary road.
The next Epoch-calypso (auto correct), the geologic concealment of an era.
Beneath radio-active sediments of collision / magnetic flotsam of near collision.
Lie the evidence of an epoch, set apart by catastrophe, by hubris.

Will the next great extinction event be precipitated by ourselves or by the cosmos
Around us, will it be beyond our control or well within it?
The lines between cosmic circumstance and spiritual intent are becoming blurred.
Are we witness to Natures dance or are we extinction itself?
Perhaps we are the genesis of the next catastrophe.

There can be no mistaking our cosmic purpose or intentionality, so to speak.
We are the Death Machine.
Eat more. Fuck more. Destroy more. Faster, harder.
With less enthusiasm, more genericism.
As the excesses of the Holocene Epoch, obsessed with the objectification of spirit,

Whip into a frothy lather of pathological secularism,
Erroneous investigations perpetuated by subjective observation
Will prevent epiphanic realization of responsibility and self-preservation.
This cosmic ignorance does not change the range of shame
Poignantly sensed by all those sentient beings among us.


Any pragmatic solutions intuitively grasped will be
Diluted in the saturation of soul effectively enacted by
Consumer trappings in technology: The bells and whistles
Have distracted pop culture enough that it seems oblivious to the
(Short)/long-term consequences to immediate decisions / negligence.

Keep obsessing over the virtual to the peril of the real.
Only a fool would allow themselves to be distracted to a point
Of pathological self-neglect.
Only a jester would fancy themselves as more suited to folly
Than to Pragmatism.


William James would be turning over in his grave.
In order to look over his shoulder, to see who or what
Is surveilling him through time and space.
Is it a god creature or petulant child?
Both are selfish enough to ignore the other.

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