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Praise the Lord, pass the ammunition

Only in America do you see such degenerate rights
As those protecting ones right to bear arms
As more constitutional than protecting ones right to live
Unobstructed by fear
Uncertainty and helplessness.
When Lieutenant Howell Forgy uttered the phrase,
He was on a boat preparing to defend against the aggressor.
Not sitting in a classroom in school, waiting for the teacher.
In a place of learning, a place of sanctuary.
Pretty scary.


We are not safe anywhere, the hand of doom can reach all life.
The death machine continues to churn, no matter how sacred
The intent or meaning behind the circumstance.
The crows have finally come home to roost.
Law and order are a hoax.
Perpetuated by the death machine, technology's counterpart.
An evil sibling, if you will.
As the modern world becomes more and more detached from reality,
The death machine accelerates, picking up momentum
In fear, uncertainty, and ethical dissolution.
All creations by the hands of people, or God for that matter
Can, and most probably will, end up in the hands of children.
Whatever ends in the hands of children can not be expected
To be treated with any responsibility or true understanding of consequence
To be mete with any justice.


If you put a weapon in the hand of an angry individual,
Bad things are bound to happen.
Why is it easier to find a gun in America than it is to find a good price for gas?
Same reason it is easier to find crack cocaine on the street than weed.
Profit margins, and the death machine.
The death machine cannot run off of innocuous hallucinogens
Nor good intent, only despair and delusion.
Hence, the Lord and the ammunition.
Faith will fill the holes in your understanding
Death will fill the holes in your being.
The whole is greater than the sum of its parts,
Self is an illusion, you are meant to serve
The dark Custodial Lords.
Whilst perpetuating the illusion of personal liberty
And facility.
Only in a land of dissolute values and misappropriated media sources,
Would our children be the target in a literal goose hunt,
Fodder for the most dangerous game
Which we've all tacitly agreed to when enjoying
The luxurious excesses that the death machine has afforded us.
It does not take genius to determine that the first law of thermodynamics applies:
The First Law of Thermodynamics states that energy cannot be created or destroyed, but it can be transferred from one location to another and converted to and from other forms of energy. For every unnecessary excess normalized by pop culture, there is a resultant tragedy. Every success of technological facility and ease of operation creates a subterfuge.
Of death and destruction.
You enjoy the personal liberty of having technology at your fingertips
Yet cannot maintain this enjoyment considering the GPS consumer data / marketing
Tag you so shamelessly wear attached to your forehead, a tag that can observe, track, and monitor your every movement and whimsy in the fantastical universe of the inter(observe)net.
The problem with AAI (and above) is that there is no overseer for the overseer.
Big brother has no big brother, only an annoying little sister.
Which is us, a necessary distraction, at best.
An unnecessary complication, at worst.


It is bad enough we are letting our children kill us.
How will we feel when machines / technology / computers start killing us?
Will we feel any guilt or shame at having created the very thing which is now destroying us?
Or will we feel the ennui and hubris of a misanthropomorphic Christian God?
A poor re-enactment of a story meant to humble and de-escalate such sentiments,
Not exacerbate.

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