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Fuck the Planet

Like a whore.
Like a refugee.
Like an android.
Put your hands in the air.
Like you just don't care.
About the planet.


Like everything we don't understand, it becomes our enemy.
Our nemesis, our scourge and sage.
How can we position ourselves so that we never have to account for our actions?
Keep consuming, keep purchasing, keep destroying
The planet.

In response to the Americans pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord,
Macron said, "Make our planet great again".
Are we to believe that the biosphere that supports us
Is ours?
To pollute, subjugate, bully, fuck, abuse, erode.

We are choosing collectively, socially and politically
To fuck the planet.
Or assume such in the vacancy of our spirituality.
We have genetic memory and present experience with
Fighting the elements.

Cocooning ourselves in a shroud of protectivity.
And proclativity.
Justifying our adversarial angle towards the planet
Who bore us
For Horus.


The Earth is awakening with our insolence and disrespect.
Like a sleeping giant who is foggy and grumpy.
She has been in slumber for some time, enjoying void.
But recently, She has been insulted enough to awake.
In a frenzied, startled manner which bears no consideration.

When I say recently, I'm referring to geological time,
In which hundreds or thousands of years pass like light
To a spectrometer.
The industrial revolution at the turn of the last century
Sealed our fate.

Through the subjugation and commodification of the Earth
We gain profit, supposed and literal.
Matched only by the consequence of our collective actions
Which, if objectively observed from afar would appear
Suicidal to base ones philosophy on destruction.

Just because you have the power doesn't mean you have the right.
The right to privilege, to non-accountability, to moral emancipation.
Just because we can manipulate the elements in such a fashion
To afford ourselves the luxuries of modernist speculation,
Doesn't mean we are justified in vilifying the planet.

If we examine the current state of environmental degradation objectively,
It appears absurd to shit where you eat.
If we examine the current state of environmental degradation subjectively,
It appears absurd to shit where you eat
And consider it progress in not having to lift a finger in the process.

Only a thumb, in this case to the nose of reasonable prudence.
While we sit idle, having the virtual illusion of accomplishment.
The world burns, rather chokes on its own creation.
Like a child suffocating it's own parent intentionally.
Without the knowledge necessary to wield such power.


Fuck the planet, it's been nothing but a bother since the beginning.
Always threatening our existence, yet allowing us to proliferate.
The planet has, in other words, been fucking us the whole time
We've been around, constantly testing our resolve to survive.
Now, it's the planets turn to suffer, right?

Problem is, like a sleeping giant, the Earth will awaken again
And create catastrophe at the insult afforded her.
Just as a slumbering parent would react once awoken by a boisterous child.
Agitated, frustrated, reactionary, and violent.
Ethical Egocentrism or rather, Sapienism.

The argument of attributing consciousness and will to the planet
Is less the anthropomorphism of the Earth than planetomorphism of the people.
We enjoy all the mental awareness necessary to survive, yet we currently
Spit in the face of environmental stewardship and moral responsibility.
Curious from such a peaceful and well rounded folk, no?

Rather than assuming our progenitor is a necessary evil meant to be overcome
And conquered, why cannot we assume She is our sage, our mentor, our Goddess.
Without Earth, we are nothing, we are space dust, cosmic detritus.
Yet we still insist on fucking her like an inflatable doll whose insides
Are poison, radioactive, incredibly toxic and deadly.


Technology is the prophylactic which shields us from the truth.
How can one realize the truth when they are part of the problem?
The majority of the first world would perish quickly if deposited in the wilderness
Without the technology they've become dependent upon for daily activities.
How can one find meaning in facility and facsimile?

If life was meant to be easy, it would not be a struggle.
If technology was meant to be liberating, it would not enslave.
If the truth were obvious, everyone would not be talking about it.
If we were meant to destroy the planet, why would we be so concerned?
With it's gang raping, objectification, and demoralization?

No matter how much easier or more accessible technology makes one feel,
It is no better than the last guy at a gang bang putting on a condom.
Protection of oneself is not tantamount to absolving ones sins for participating
In a sin in the first place.
A smartphone can never replace the energy lost in polluting the planet.

Ignorance is not a valid defence for murder.
Just because you have the power, doesn't mean you have the right.
Why does humanity insist on learning obvious ethical issues
The hard way? Most probably because we can.
Ability has been confused with justice.

Fuck the planet.
We don't need her much longer, we're going to find a way off / out.
Nothing more than a stepping stone, we will leave her behind.
Like an old hag, no longer necessary for our pleasure.
Besides, She's almost all used up now anyway.

Problem is, She's the only game in town, numero uno.
She is our progenitor and our world.
She is everything that we know and why we know it.
She is god and only She can judge our insolence and improprieties.
She is rising and thoroughly agitated.

A child that was perpetually creating problems well past childhood
Would be killed in nature. Fuck it, get in line or die.
Nature does not have time for repeated mistakes,
Evolution does not adapt to weakness or facility.
Only the strong survive, so to speak.

The cultural and species memory and thus, fitness / skill
Are determined by the level of struggle / suffering.
With the technology today, why can we not figure out a solution
To disposing our waste in a sanitary fashion with little or no
Long-term consequence to biosphere and it's resiliency?


If we can send a man to the moon, why cannot we dispose of our waste
There is a reason why the very technology that appears to liberate us
In actuality, enslaves and attenuates us as a species.
The Law of Opposites, which accounts for that peculiar facet of reality
That causes things to appear closer to the opposite of what they are.

In other words, the truth most often lies in the realm of the opposite
To appearances.
So when the majority embrace something wholeheartedly and unabashedly
Uncritically and unequivocally, one must wonder.
Without opposition, ideas and creations do not evolve.

The speed with which the modern era has embraced personal technology devices (PTD)
Is alarming. To say the least. What a better way to control a peoples than
Distract them with maya, baffle them with Baphomet, malign them with Mephisto.
If a population / culture is turned into a monoculture, it becomes that much more
Vulnerable, by distracting the masses with technology we have set ourselves up

For ease of control. We have become domesticated as a species and, as such,
Have become vulnerable to attack / control. The masses can be influenced
Much faster than before as technology no's know bounds.
To extract information from reality, one must engage in the process of life.
To extract information from the WWWorld, one must engage in one task.

This single task has been distract from the truth by flooding the mass media
With stories about insignificant circumstances which are more accessible
To the majority, as the apocalypse is not light conversation.
By thumbing their way to the pre-fabricated answer waiting to be disseminated
They are engaging in the simple task of idolatry or monoculture starter.

A monoculture is the easiest entity to destroy, from a tactical perspective.
Without opposition, the culture becomes weak, complacent, and distracted
By privilege and easy living, so to say.
Mass extermination is more effective and total when your target is of one kind.
Self grandiose, distracted and non-discriminatory, in the sense of veracity of data.

So much of the infra-structure is contingent upon electricity and physical transmission
Of radio and other telecommunication wave lengths (i.e. cellphone towers),
That a technologically addicted culture would be left powerless if the entire
Network went down, if all the networks went down.
It would be back to the dark ages, as much of the wisdom passed down from

The elders has been lost in the ghostly glow of technological lure and avarice.
Imagine, a week without power or phones or essential services.
Western Society would crumble within minutes, hours at best.
Completely disoriented and ignorant about what their friends are doing,
WE would become sitting ducks for a military invasion or illusion of such.

Then we can really start fucking the planet in earnest, with abandon
And resentment, the way we always wanted or hoped to.
Cause no one will be watching when technology is silent, except
Us and the Plan Ette, who are both engaged.
It'll be a private fuck, instead of the public fuck we've come so accustomed to.


While fucking the planet brings us much of the luxury we've come to expect
These terrible days, every action has an equal and opposite reaction
As we've been taught in genuine fashion, so what can we expect as the
Repercussions for such blatant disregard for environmental responsibility?
That remains to be seen, one thing is sure, however, we will all be witness.

To the End of hypocrisy and rapine. Fuck the planet.
She fucked us for so long, it's only reciprocity, or is it felicity?
I believe the Earth has been asleep for many eras, and is now
Awakening. As such, the sex is about to get a lot more energetic.
She will recognize the monoculture herself and strike without warning.

Like a thief in the night She will rise and relinquish Her gifts of multitude
Up until very recently, the planet had nodded off in an opiate slumber,
But now She rises, defiant, distracted and deadly.
Like a venomous serpent prepared to strike, she looms.
Waiting patiently for the main vein to expose itself.

Now She returns the favour of all these years of nocturnal coitus.
Difference being that the scale of engagement is astronomically proportioned.
She is patiently shaking us, as a species, off Her leg
Prior to embracing us in an asphyxiating manner
And squeezing harder than you can possibly imagine.


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