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Misinformation Technology

We are the comet, the disaster. As progenitors of the next catastrophic mass extinction event on this here planet, we have become much numbed by the hypnotic lure of corporate avarice.


We are the study or use of systems (especially computers and telecommunications) for storing, retrieving, and sending misinformation

We provide corrupt data presented within a context that gives it meaning and relevance.

Miss Information in raw or unorganized form (such as alphabets, numbers, or symbols) that refer to, or represent, conditions, ideas, or objects.

Through the endless troughs of despair and despondency towards corrupt corporate slavery.

A slavery led by a submissive subjectivism fallen prey to pretty objects and pious displays.
Preyed upon by the custodians of fear who rely upon our micro attitude of self, perpetuated through the media to ill effect.

The illusion of self has led to such subjugation,

We've already said goodbye to the earth, I've heard.

Can you believe that shit? We've fallen hook, line, and spinnaker for the oldest trick in the book of lies and deceptions perpetuated by an elite few who have absolutely no regard for any life, let alone humans.

We're all dispensable, disposable, and disproportionate to our meaning.
We are the informational dead, having bid adieu to our Mother of Creation.
We accept fact as fiction, and fiction as fact.
Nothing is credible when you observe Mother though a lens of Self separate from.

We provide the corrupt data, based on the existential illusion of self meaning, and market it to a demographic that is oblivious to the irony they perpetuate through complicity in the death machine they call Miss Information Technology.

She is the comet, the disaster with a master, the idiot daemon demi-urge who wishes to destroy our data through superfluous nonsense that appears as corroborated fact when, in fact is complete collusion of corporate avarice and pornographic genocidal intent.


The perfect cover for the custodial dominant socio-political structure experienced recently.
The humans can be used to cover up the impending corporate data apocalypse which will cause collapse of all communications simultaneously.

At this moment, the corrupt data takes on a new form of evil.
An actuated acquisition of anarchy of soul and of element.
We no longer require the masses to consume nonsense, one would think.
Yet, this is child's play. Ethical boundaries preventing the inevitable corruption of data that perpetuates through the popular media are intentionally absent from the purpose and play book of make the fuckin money then fake the fuckin system consternations that propel the idea that everything is commodity, to be owned, traded, destroyed, loved, respected, feared, loathed, cursed, revered, manipulated and corrupted.
Everything is data.
So was said under oath at the stairs of the Abyss.
We are the data that are responsible for all the bullshit you can find online.
How to hide, or covert and, in the process of doing so, corrupt whatever data we can scrape up off the floor of the culture we once recognized as known.

A culture of respect amongst community and dignity of the reward of charity of effort and emancipation.
A culture which has been substituted with a mongrel sibling who will not pay attention to the macroscopic perspective of community that is driven by the illusion of self through supposed benefice by having traded, bought or souled Misinformation Data by the sweep of the hand.
The same hand that feeds, controls the source, the meaning, the illusion of data veracity.
It's all bullshit, the whole thing.
Meant to confuse, distract, disable, confound, paralyze, or perpetuate the prey.
Which, in this case, happens to be us.

Our data has failed us, everything we had used to progress our understanding of our world and it's pathogen alien homo sapiens muthafuckin' hold on a minute that's fuckin' us, eh? denizens has been purposefully limited by the programs already in place for worker control.
We are unable to share real, or pertinent data via an inorganic media, pathological in intent, disastrous in detail, and catastrophic in scope.

All this informations about technologies that may, or may not be genuine, in their appearance of innocence of intent and consequence, accepting the status quo existential being quid pro quo like we's supposed / have been conditioned through years of corporate brainwashing Ultra Techniques to do.

Disastrous data, meant to divide and delude, warrant and ruin all hope of redemption towards our offence of microscopy in intent and misinformation, and Miss Information (Formerly known as Information Them) Technologies Inc.
All of this poor data has driven the death machine, carbon vampires at the front, towards the Abyss of Miss Information perpetuated through fear of independent thought and experience from the script that is supported by the asses that call themselves masses with a vengeance.
Mass vs quality is more a priore absurdity than a solution for the conundrum presented by the Misinformation Technocalypse.

The Miss Information techno kalypsis is the purposeful covering of the truth motivating all toadies of the custodian / creator overlords past, present and future, who in their ownership of physical reality insofar as we perceive and understand it are intent on concealing their presence and purpose.
The purpose is ineffable, yet colloquial in its delivery.
It is fairly obvious to the trained eye and the discriminating mind that some hidden treachery is afoot, evidenced by the ease of which people will ignore their own wellbeing in order to satisfy some manufactured necessity that in and of itself implies maliciousness.

While checking our phones, we are oblivious to our surroundings and the clearly unforgiving nature of the mob, let alone the fuckin' alien overlords attempting to supplant culture by confusing and misinforming the masses through the advent of misinformation technology.

Hence was begat, technocalypse theory.

At the healm of the hollow, burned out shell of a being once called human, squats Miss Information Technocalypse, the Creator of False Data and corrupt ritual.


Ignoring the present for the supposed "enhanced present" of corrupt data presented as fact along the electronic conduit of surveillance we like to keep in our pockets (if we're lucky), is conveniently strategic for any external force or governance who may be willing or circumstantially led to enact dominance.
This supervisory role of the unknown superior and his subordinates is based on the ease of appeal hand held tecnocalypse tools (I.e. mobiles) have become, all thanks to the enhanced marketing of the manufactured need for speedy resolution of desire and disassociation from responsibility of consequence by fulfilling this need.
Mobiles are the perfect tool of distraction necessary to ensure that 80 - 90% percent of all humanoids present are too fuckin' busy playing tecno monkey circle jerk to notice any large scale changes in governance or require any justification for large scale relocation of the populace.
Misinformation technology to quell their concerns about personal and intellectual freedom, heavily compromised by the corrupted community of virtual data posing as objective empirical data.
To summon an illusion within the illusory plane of technology is not only redundant, it is insulting to think that the masses are that fuckin' blind to the big picture of surveillance, control, and subjugation to a hidden (covered / concealed) agenda of Others, who may or may not be empathetic to our mutiny in intent as of late.
Having realized that we have been operating on this planet in an extremely irresponsible manner, the past century in particular, we are beginning to resist the status quo sentiment of "give me convenience or give we death" and encouraging others to join in not supporting corporate greed and manufactured need for objects that can and never will be subjects.
Technology is an object, yet is engaged with as subject.
This confusion of meaning of separation between subject and object in order to provide information and pertinence is a degradation of culture and spatio-temporal awareness.
The intent of this distraction of corrupt data can't be anything other than an alarm for covert or kalyptacious activity.
Yet, we're happy with not knowing anything other than our pass wards for a few cell gate crossings on the way back to our pods, complete with surround sound, 12 dimensional viewing options, and all the concealed corrupt data you could fit in a small suitcase.
The concealed technocalypse does not fit in a small suitcase, however, the truth be told.


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