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The Technocalypse

The art of concealment. When the truth will just not be tolerated.
The science of concealment. When the good cannot be permitted.
The skill of concealment, when autonomy will not be admitted.

Science and technology are now serving to conceal the truth.
Yet, their genesis lie in the opposite intent.
An inherent paradox in procedure, whereby repetition and redundancy breed contempt.

The advancements of the technological age have rivaled those of the industrial age.
In that, sweeping changes to procedural protocol are commonplace.
Perpetuating the myth of progress.

It is now easier to gather, share, destroy, and / or mass produce data.
Creating the illusion of liberty and fortuitous gain.
Yet, you cannot eat data and sustain oneself physically.

You can consume data, which may sustain ones social status.
We can use our smartphones to glean an answer to any query.
We can't use our personal technological device (PTD) to solve immediate physical problems.

Which do arise in the melee of life. Indeed, our species would not have made it this far,
Had we not paid a very keen sense of awareness to our physical surroundings.
For things can change in an instance, and often do in this day and age.

Evolutionary adaptations must not be ignored or dismissed lest we be destroyed.
If our ancestors sat around obsessing over one object that answered all questions,
Our species would have become extinct, not possessing the will or the skill to gauge or function within spatio-temporal reality.

Modern culture has its nose buried in a fuckin' smartphone,
Completely ignorant of any immediate or proximate sense of consequence.
More interested in sharing data than surviving another day.

The very technology which ostensibly liberates also enslaves
With the illusion of self importance and distraction of data.
PTD's distract us from the truth, which is right behind our phones.


While we immerse ourselves in an idolatrous manner with our PTD's,
The effect is a ritualized ignorance of our surroundings.
Which leaves us vulnerable to any form of insult.

PTD's have entered the realm of idolatry for they are mistaken
For an end unto themselves, rather than simply the means to an end.
Which they clearly are.

Demonstrated by the fact that they (PFD's) are used to gain something else (data).
They are not an end unto themselves for they cannot self-perpetuate, as we can.
PFD's are a tool used for something other than itself or its consideration.

The technocalypse literally means the concealment of science.
Techne (Greek combining form of science, art) - Kalyptein (Greek, to cover).
The technocalypse is the cover of science, or the science of covering.

Science serves to conceal contemporaneously those facts which those in control
Are acutely aware of, crowds are easier to control than individuals.
And distracted crowds are easily corralled and controlled.

Also, the easiest way to control a people is to give them the illusion of freedom.
Through the very mechanism which acts to control and monitor them.
Provide them with data, while we monitor their activities and impulse.

Creating a profile, with detailed information on how best to handle the user.
So, in the event a liquidation (think soylent green) is required, all persons have a plan.
Every user is accounted for and pre-determined in their dispatch.

Modern technology (PTD's) acts to enslave more than it does to liberate.
It serves to conceal the truth or the reality surrounding us.
Through creation of an abstract virtual realm of facility.


The Eye of Horus (Big Brother / Illuminati / etc.) is now willfully incorporated into
Our everyday toolkit of accessories, our PTD's monitoring our every move / thought / query
While we're sated with the idea of freedom and convenience.

Science conceals the truth of its purpose, which is to control or administer modern slavery.
When children who aren't yet discriminating enough, tacitly accept the premise
That communication is more valuable than action, the future holds bleak.

The image is of more import than substance, virtual reality is more substantial than reality.
All questions have an answer, all slaves have a master, all causes have an effect.
Technology has ensnared us in an abject state of idolatry and distraction.

Technology has covered the truth with facility and virtuosity.
We stare distracted at our PTD's while the world reacts around us.
Oblivious to any sense of physical consequence or contingency.

I suppose the majority will be content in their cage with their PTD.
Being able to imagine freedom through imagery and imogens.
Willfully ignorant of the slippery slope to Tartarus they stand perched atop.


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