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Live by the phone, die by the phone.
Consumed by the detail of distraction.

A disease of science.
Or pathos for digital progression.
Pronounced tek/NOP/athy, not techno/PATHY.
The difference being that the word means a diseased state of understanding.
Rather than sympathy for the digi-daevil.


Rather than obsession with maya,
We must needs recognize the pathogenesis of technology and privacy.
Our autonomy has been hi-jacked by facility and convenience.
Culture's need for speed has murdered common sense,
And all we've been left with is institutionalized ignorance.

Ritualized ignorance has been normalized, apotheosized.
We stare at our phones, ignoring social cues and environmental nuances.
Which may carry grave consequences.
Sequential destruction of the environment seems a small price to pay
For digital supremacy and facility, for fuck's sake.

Communication has become a digital compulsion, a virtual reality.
In effect, the human need to communicate has been replaced
By an idolatrous form of dependency which knows no modesty or humility.
In fact, our beatification of hand held surveillance devices is such that
We would rather be distracted than engaged in the moment.

It is now a customary ritual to ignore each other while checking.
Ignore each other while talking, while interacting, while fucking.
The further we separate from reality as we have known it,
The more catastrophic the divorce proceedings.
This division is perpetuated by malign intent.

Dividing a people is a strategy of conquest.
While we obsess over some temporal circumstance
Meant to divert our attention from the environment around us,
It is all the easier to conquer and destroy a people,
Glued to their fuckin' phones like techno-zombies.

Adoring the image, the appearance, the illusion.
The false idol with flashing lights and edited noise effects.
The devil in your pocket, in your purse, in your soul.
The personal surveillance device electively attached to oneself.
All the profiling, perspicacious pigeon-holing goin' on.

Since all our activities and inquiries are monitored remotely
While we are self-satisfied in our illusory accomplishments,
Every minutia of detail concerning our "free" dumb is being
Analyzed, categorized, and meticulously euthanized.
The custodian xtra-T's R taking the time to get to know their subjects, pre-apo.

The most effective manner to enslave a people is to
Distract them with the illusion of liberty,
The very object of which ostentatiously affords this freedom
Also ensnares the user in a dependency so voracious
Its pathogenicity is concealed by its convenience.

It is much easier to enact change through rhetorical commentary
Than it is to make change with our hands.
The more vestigial our appendages become,
The less we will remember them.
Built for a cage, we will remain satisfied in in our GUI.

This pathological progression of self-absorption the human spirit
Is intent upon at the present, is not increasing our evolutionary advantage.
The absolution of anonymity perpetuated by the abstraction of technology
Is further separating us from the source of being.
Increasing our odds of extinction.


If, "the media is the message" then, we have abandoned reason,
For if the message is to embrace the virtual replacement
Of spatio-temporal existence,
Then, we are doomed to enter a realm where meaning
Has been replaced with appearance / image.

This is the beginnings of idolatry and addiction to illusion.
Tis a diabolical day when the majority possesses no awareness
Becoming victims of circumstance, collateral damage.
No immediate or proximate sense of consequence
This creates an assassin's playground, complete with equipment.

Observing the idolatrous masses gazing at their hand-held eyes,
It occurs to me that, even a crack-head puts down their pipe occasionally.
The status quo will not put their phone down.
Instead, willfully gazing into the abyss of Hades.
Even if it means their own self-destruction.

The techno-addict needs data to justify existence.
Needs information with which to understand corporeality.
Requires removal of reality to become real.
Reel people with reel addictions.
Hook. line, and sinker.


This false idol of technology is a blood god,
Demanding the flesh of innocents to sate it's lust.
It will not be placated by piety, only blood.
Human suffering is its currency,
Having decided that we are finished.

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