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Devir Grr


Here lies the remains of millennia
Her features concealed by an aspirator
He is nothing but food
H, the original heroine, not one to pause.

Devir Grr will take no quarter.
Just as a mother will eat its young,
She is not aware of the morality,
Only the totality.

She comes from the Earth,
As do we.
She remains bound to the Earth,
As we flee.

Just as a suicide bomber sheds their fear of self,
Devir Grr sheds her meaning and her purpose.
The transmogrification of being has no place
In the psyches of terrestrial folk.

Devir Grr is the elemental archetype of terrestrial chaos,
The whirling dervish, the spinning top.
Unable to be mapped or empirically defined.
She is entropic fire elemental dancing in darkness.

Her lust for energy is only second to her ruthlessness.
As she consumes fuel, she writhes in ecstasy.
Like an animated caduceus.
Painting the sky orange, blue and green.

Devir Grr rewards humans who hasten habitat destruction.
As well as the soul stripping succubi who profit from it.
Energy whores are forming queues to endure
The wait of a lifetime, placated only by the promise of
Her purchase.


Understanding that the ecological disintegration of the humans
Is the climax of our impudent activities,
She leers as a wraith would prior to satiation.
Fully aware that the feast of souls is immanent and probable.

Devir Grr's contempt for humanity is innate.
Not learned.
She recognizes an imposter when she is presented.
We do not smell like genuine terrestrial progeny.

We have been mixed, crossed with the crossers.
Those who cross galaxies.
Devir Grr is offspring of the Earth only.
No crossers.

Just as the scent of blood churns a predatory being into a frenzy,
The signs of decline and desperation motivates Devir Grr to draw closer.
She must watch this enigma of humanity collapse and suffer,
As she has suffered in their quest for transferrable energy.

The anti-terrestrial movement has gained momentum.
Environmental catastrophe is the effect of E-greed.
Instead of collecting it, we hoard it, we market it, we withhold it.
We use energy as a means of holding reason and righteousness hostage.

The pleasure of Devir Grr is paramount,
She will not be denied her tithes of fuel.
Her thirst for petrol cannot be satisfied by bitumen alone.
She requires refined products to maximize energy transfer.

The higher the octane, the more profane the disdain.
Our passionate avarice has fueled Devir Grr's purpose.

Undulation of self-serving serpent of pride,
Serves only to hasten the harkening of horror.

Awl y'all been yawlin' 'bout some shit scrawled on a wall somes where.
Looks like cuneiform or something, can't quite make out the meaning.
Looks like Devir Grr concurs, we are the apocalypse.

We hold the answers to our own questions,
We hold the solution to our current dilemma,
We cannot see beyond we,
Whereas, Devir Grr can see forever.

Thus, there only lies a two-fold path.
Accelerate forwards, refusing to acknowledge the laws of thermodynamics.
Or trip the cultural brake and deny Devir Grr her burning lust
To transform this paradise into a post-industrialized apocalyptic wasteland.

If there's one thing history had taught us, it's that it repeats itself ad nauseum.
Primarily because we are looking in the wrong place for our meaning / purpose.
It should not take the transmigration of Devir Grr into our world,
To realize our abject folly in presuming we are meaning.

Meaning does not lie in us, we lie in meaning.
I've been meaning to do something,
But can't find the meaning in meaning anymore.

Consternation of cosmic particulates leads to random mutations in particles.
So they say.
Energy is the cause of all being.
Anti-matter is the cause of all non-being.
Devir Grr is the cause of the hybridization of matter and anti-matter.
The transmitter of paradox and the keeper of time.

She is every ting and nothing.
She was never here.
She has no dependence on physics.
She has no consideration for our folly.
She was never there.
She is perpetual presence.

She is known by many names any many forms.
Many faces and regrets.
Devir Grr is a mirror of our species exclusivity,
Seeing us as we see our surroundings.
At odds, yet strangely attracted to the source of separation.
Which is our meaning.


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