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Fuck phone

Phony fuck.

The greatest illusion the Devil ever foisted upon humanity was that he didn't exist.


George Orwell was right, Big Brother is watching.
The two way mirror of technology ensures that we are watched while we are watching.
The monitor, as the name suggests, is a two way mirror.
The majority of people in the developed world own and depend upon a smart phone.

Technology has given us the illusion of freedom.
Being able to communicate with others and research any conceivable question
Has created a dependency upon personal technology devices (PTDs).
Most are now lost without their smart phone, being unable to function.

Freedom and dependency are mutually exclusive.
One cannot be free if one depends upon another.
Our reliance upon PTDs has eroded our critical thinking skills,
Which are essential to the survival of the species.

The Eye of Horus is watching, perched high in the sky.
Satellite surveillance is nothing new.
The institutionalization of the smartphone into our daily lives
Is relatively novel, replacing remote with direct surveillance.


Smartphones / PTDs have also replaced the need
For more intimate modes of remote surveillance.
Bio-chipping was messy and very labour intensive.
But necessary in order to keep vigil over persons of interest.

With the advent of smart telephony, this measure is no longer required.
Now everyone can electively carry the chip in their pocket.
All of their activity on the web can be monitored.
And all of their communications can be easily intercepted.

Techno slavery posed as freedom, slavery is freedom.
Smart phone users are identical to the walking dead.
Emotionless, 20 yard stare, oblivious to any danger in their immediate vicinity.
Shuffling hordes of techno-zombies walk among us.

The cult of facility, which PTDs perpetuate, along with the illusion of individuality
Serve only to promote divisiveness and disharmony amongst us.
Technology will not save the world rather, it is directly contributing to its destruction
Through creating dependency upon virtually anything other than tangible reality.


When the apocalypse arrives, most will be oblivious.
Too glued to their PTDs to notice that the sky is falling.
Distraction is a proven military method of conquest.
Technological distraction is the ultimate Machiavellian plot disguised as liberation.

Too free to care about the tourniquet tightening around our necks,
We embrace the illusion of individuality used to divide and conquer.
Considering the fact that the U.S. military created the internet,
We are now slave to the very technology meant to surveil us.

It is a technological conspiracy of vast proportions,
This virtual reality in which we now subside.
The embellishment of the illusion of individuality perpetuated through PTDs
Serves to separate, the division of which facilitate control.

Now entire populations can be remotely controlled through the technology
They have embraced under the auspices of liberation.
The Eye of the Illuminati is omnipresent,
Gaining its omnipotence through indiscriminate adoption.


Popular media has often acted as a distraction from the ugly truth.
Human nature compels us to focus our attention on familiar subject matter
While conveniently ignoring that which does not fit in our perspective,
The internet serves to distract from the Machiavellian onslaught currently underway.

PTDs act as distraction for more pertinent events unfolding right under our noses.
While we plod about in a virtual world created for us by U.S.,
Imagining ourselves as autonomous and exclusive
We are becoming enslaved, traceable, and easily controlled.

Having lost the ability to discriminate between fact and fiction,
Unable to discern the truth from opinion and bias,
We uncritically accept information obtained through our PTDs.
Oblivious to the fact that our PTDs are also Personal Tracking Devices.

Having seamlessly replaced the compulsory bio-chip with elective PTDs,
The U.S. military can now expedite the process of colonization.
If the road to Hell is paved with good intentions,
It appears we are headed towards a much more sinister destination.


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