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Tirade 498/05

Rant #498/05


Just as Catholic extremists defended morality by justifying murder and torture during the Inquisition, the contemporary child justice system has justified itself through hypocritical protection of paradoxical practice.

First, I fought my daughter’s mother in order to protect her. Now I fight the legal system ostensibly designed to protect her in order to protect her.
What justice lies in a system bent on contradicting itself?


Canadian politics is an “impediment to the abolition of poverty.” – De Schutter Report (U.N. Special R)
The family court system is this country is impoverished to the point of betrayal.
The mere fact that the OCL did not consider the fact that unsupervised access may not be in the child’s best interest is evidence that the OCL is too near sighted and biased to genuinely understand the situation which I have been attempting to alleviate for 10 years.
The fuckin’ courts are good for shit. Bunch of fuckin’ monkeys fucking eachother and living off the backs of others. Justifying themselves through inadequate and incomplete judgements which will inevitably lead back to insolvent fighting – perpetuating themselves through their own incompetence.
There is no justice in the fuckin’ courts – until the JOP’s, judges and counsel find themselves standing in the same pile of shit as everybody else, there will be no justice. For to be just is to truly understand the scope of the problems with which you deal and until such time as all those fuckers perpetuating the system experience the situations they attempt to understand every fuckin’ day, there will be no justice.
Only money.
If the love of money is the root of all evil, then the love of fake justice is its putrid fruit.
Swollen and rotten, the phallus of vanity poses as justice. Self-import is a sin.
It’s child is called misery. Fuckin’ goof mother fuckin’ justice system.
May all lawyers rot in Hell. And may all judges be forced to eat their maggoty flesh prior to being tortured and sodomized like the dissolute whores they are.

Fuckin’ scum.
Decant it off, I say. Siphon off the shit before it suffocates reason and betrays a malign Satanism in its bulbous nature. Smoke those fuckin’ goofs before they smoke us. And commit our children to a future of perpetual triviality and victimization.
For every lawyer and dog-fucking social servant that parasitically feeds off the social system that is dragged through the streets kicking and screaming to be disemboweled and decapitated in a most heinous fashion on the steps of the superior justice, an angel gets it’s wings.
And the Lord rejoiced.
As he ought to have had a long time ago before the law of man corrupted nature to the point of unrecognizability and folly.
Reveled in the destruction of the fantasy that holds one man above another and man above nature.
The fantasy that sacrifices logic for utility and prejudice.
The fantasy that drives many to kill, to rape, to pillage, destroy, annihilate and endlessly corrupt.


To buy ethics, respect, education, security, honour, death, and all the other things so envied by the living.
To live in fear is to live in fantasy.
To believe that all is the way we have imagined and no other perspective could be tenable.
For this weakness in insight, justice is but another name.
Another fantasy created by money, the ultimate fantasy.
Eat the rich, they are better fed than the poor, fatter and tastier, more succulent swine for the palate.
If one truly believes the second law of thermodynamics, all returns to its source.
All that fat created on the backs of the poor will sate the peoples need for justice, which they have never known until the moment was right – to strike.
For the mighty to fall is just, for the fat to feed the hungry is just, for the justice to bellow.
And scream.
Bloody murder.
May their eternal souls rot in Hell.


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