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There are instances of annoyance in which we may feel bugged, ticked off, pissed, perturbed, or otherwise frustrated.
Then, there are other instances which fan the beast within, stoke the inner rage, bellow the flames. Instances of moral and psychological despair and insult.
And then, there are situations in which we may be Bugged, surveilled from aloft, catalogued within the scope of the eye of Horus, observed, monitored, watched.


When Marshall McLuhan stated that, "The medium is the message.", he spoke of extensions and "personal and social consequences".
In the digital age, we watch ourselves through the lens through which we gauge others.
In this sense, we are level. In this same sense, we are veil. In this cents, we are evil.
Live are We. It's all the same forwards and back. While we watch eachother, we are watched.
We are all being observed as we are through time. In time. With time. Out it me.
Monitored digitally. Through the monitor.
Cyber-fucked; our secrets stolen and sold for props at the office.
Why the interest in what our puny lotto species thinks?
In order to gauge whether orb knot the genetic manipulation has been effective thus far in driving the change necessary in order to remotely control the situation on this celestial orb.
Which leads me to my final understanding of the term, "bugged".
Gradual genetic transformation of the human genome through employment of a viral reverse transcriptase enzyme, capable of affecting change 'oer increasingly smaller quanta of time.
An accelerated evolution, if you will, in effect courtesy of the overlords / custodial gods / aliens / dieties / ad nauseum.
Surgically implanted technology capable of transforming our species into mechanized golems.
Our sole intent to destroy the environs of this biosphere, cloaked however it may seem in self-absorbed hubris.
Perhaps, a knee-jerk reaction of the murder gene, coded to destroy any remaining evidence of the inter-galactic conspiracy responsible for the accelerated destruction of the ecosystem we are witness to in the present day.
Who can imagine what forms of political counter-espionage and sabotage exist on the galactic level. Who fuckin' cares?
For all extensive purposes, it does not really matter why we are / have spread the waste of an entire generation of elite swine across this planet.
Only that we halve alleles in play that our alien counterparts have supplied.
In trust.
In paranoid delusions.
In random decapitations justified in the name of the God.
The One and Only with many Eyes.


They / We are monitoring the situation currently ...

Bated Breath.

Embrace the Darkness.

In genesis.


Ad infinitum.

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