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Jubilee Year

Time is upon us.
Concealing our instinct, trembling with fear.
We use time as an excuse, as a cover, as a commodity.
Yet, it is of our very essence.
We cannot objectify time as it is a purely subjective sensation.
It is part of our being to envision the passage of time.
In order to explain change and degradation. Since our minds are attempting to conceive of what appears as external phenomena, we created the material physics, insisting on objectifying that which was subjectively experienced.
Time is an illusion, created by the custodians of commerce, which we all know and love.
Is time an extension of the mind or is the mind an extension of time or is time a mind of extension?
We are time, the authors and decipherers, the exposers and concealers.
The time is now.
Asteroth / Ishtar / Venus / Quetzalcoatl will return, in vivid colour and conflagration.
It is Jubilee Time, time to return all sales and batten down the hatches.
Time to forget past transgressions and celebrate in the moment for what it is.
A fifty year cycle of purification which often ends and / or is reborn in fire.
Fire in the sky captures the imagination.
Fire from the sky becomes the subject of legend and religion.
Time has come.
To be mindful of the electromagnetic flux bombarding our planet currently from the Sun.
Visible brilliance of Venus. The setting of Jupiter and the ascendence of Mars.
The cycle of passage, the impetus of empiricism, the yardstick.
The illusions of time, space, and security are contingent upon staticity of mind.
Only when we organize our understanding are we able to measure changes of internal and external order. Only when we immerse ourselves in Self are we able to viscerally register the fear of separation from the One and the relative passage of time. Only when we supplicate Azazel with a goat can we offer one to the Lord as well, without fear of reprisal.
Only when.
The fear of separation is dissolved through acknowledgement of opposites is there passage.
Freedom to worship, freedom to right of assembly, freedom from the tyranny of Typhon.
Only then.
May we rejoice in the fall of phenomenology and the apocalypse of individuality.
Time is near, the geomagnetic pole of the planet is shifting to accomodate the necessary orbital perturbations. Venus is burning brighter in the horizon and lingering longer.
The human been has become dispensible.
Our perception and Idea no longer matter, they are no longer compatable with the cosmic lattice.
Dig a hole, charter a space flight, cover your eyes, hold your breath.
Cross your fingers.
For all the humilty that environmental catastrophe has wrought upon us, we had better wait before thinking that we could possibly prepare for the end of an geological era.
Look to the sky, keep those eyes peeled, there's a rogue asteriod / comet / planet out there.
And it wants to come in.
Like a lion, like a long lost brother, like Kulcukan.




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