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Class of 2012

Perspective is everything.
There are no absolutes.
Quantum physical enquiry has again deemed religion necessary.
As there can be no certainty in the physical realm.
Only perceived continuity.
As things appear as we understand them.
Repetitive, predictable, mundane.
We project sufficient conditions that sustain our culture.
We abjectly ignore those that do not conform.
Discontinuous disaster (Latin - evil star) does not conform with our world view of continuity.
The way (We) have constructed it, over time.
Overwhelmed, we engage ourselves in a form of cultural denial.
Indeed, our culture is contingent upon deceipt and transference of responsibility.
The West has been subtly manipulated through time and led to believe that the Good Lord
Will allow us to contuinue with our plight of self-denial and intoxication of our environment
If only we defer Our wills to His authority.
This sounds strangely as if we have been trained to defer all responsibility to an ineffable
Entity whose existence allows us to justify our rampant dissolution of the physical realm.
A common symptom of mental illness, particularly depression, is just such an absence
Of meaning and significance in the physical realm.
Our culture must have been depressed into thinking that there can be no meaningful future
Considering the manner in which we have been operating for the last hundred years.
Or maybe it was divine intervention, cosmic confluence, custodial conflagration.
Purification through fire.
Bombarded at the Earth from above, or was it below?
Regardless of which deity we accept as our personal Jesus, the act of recognition and acknowledgement will create our perspective of the world around us.
Or is it inside of us?
What separates our perception of inner and outer other than perspective.
Our bodies, ourselves, our minds, our souls, our mortal coil forming our limited perspective
Dictates to our minds that we are somehow separate from others and the "outside" world.
Outside the limit of our perception, beyond the stars and galaxies we can gaze at
Is our skull, as all chemical reactions forming the signals from our eyes to our brains
Are taking place in this venue.
A constellation of stars exists in a two dimensional plane from one paricular vantage point in our solar system.
From any other perspective in the universe, the stellar arrangments we have lyrically contrived
Appear much different, if they appear at all.
It is the nature of Being to conceal itself discretely through the creation of existence.
It will be in the revelation of Being that we find ourselves left psychologically naked
With no body to support our idea of Self or Other.
Once again, we will become part of the cosmic soup that will rehomogenize
Simmer for thousands of years, before it moves once again to expand
The horizons of a perceived future
Behold, the class of 2012.
They were the last to participate in conventional education as we know it, have prosribed it.
Sleek and sly, smart and saavy, sexy and sure of one thing.
That they will secede their forefathers, feeding on the flesh of a decaying culture
Whose eminance has long since receeded into the realm of myth.
The class of 2012 will be the last in a long line of liturgies, spanning from daze of yore
To the presence.
Of something we intuitively know but, yet, cannot ideate or comprehend.
The inauguration of Being.
The apocalypse of that which is empirical, all that is perceived.
The Class of 2012 will perform the final ritual of becoming.
Graudating to a new horizon of opportunity.
That of universal assimilation, cosmic subterfuge.
The Class of 2012 will be remembered as the end of institutional learning.
And the beginning of universality.
Welcome to 2012, we are all about to be schooled.
In a fashion which we have forgotten.
Transcendental conflagration.
Welcome to thend, that which has been whispered about and alluded to for generations.
The unveiling of what it is.
Replacing what it was with what it will Be.
Catastrophe will unite all.
The Class of 2012 will have no class as they scramble for position.
No class at all.

The Class of 2012




Quantum ubique

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