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Aye, Rene

It's an emergence, see ...
Illuminati script.
1st Hurricane in 3 years.

With Catastophic focus.
We want.
What we thought we already had.

Why do we fear?
The inevitable result.
Cerebus awaits.

Sins must be atoned.
Xenophilic amorphous lump.

All must be One.
And One for All.
As it is writ in the script

Hurry cane. Hurrah Cain.
Who raw cane.
Ety body oot dare?

Huracan -- a violent tropical cyclone; kykloma -- a wheel; whirling dervish; a sytem of rotating winds over a vast area; Azazel; Ezekial.
Spinning; vortex theory; djinn elders; scripture. Inter-relation of faith and fallacy.
Paradoxical form takes everything, leaves nothing.

The concentration of energy in a hurricane is proportional to its importance. The elements are unruly these days, as self-defensive man ouvre bling. Personification of the elemental forces has been inherent in the human psyche for as long as we can remember.

We are the hurricane.
It is us.
We are one in our discontent.
In our rage; in are will; innar circle.
In our fear, of that which undermines our perceptual muse.
Shatters our conceptualization of quantum physics in one fell shake; in one shell fake.
Sand behaves more uniformly than experiential existence, yet it is more random and undefined in its form.

The paradox of progress: that which is relied upon as functional justification for ones intentionality erodes the premise on which it is contingent. Four every action their is an equal and opposite re-action. For every rat there is a cage. You know how to proceed.
4 Rattus rattus we are. Psychic and industrial scavengers, surviving off the panderings of others. Assuming rather than resuming.

Sometimes, dyslexia is a gift which hunts its prey with a zeal seldom experienced in the corporeal realm. Sometimes we scream, as unsecured items become missiles of destruction in the midst of extreme meteorological anomalies: hurricanes. With this heat and this guilt, we better move, hunker down, or submit to god's wrath. What's it gonna be?

Who's it going to see? This eye, this whirling mass of organized chaos, this elemental demon.
The Earth is emerging from her slumber, starting at the present state of affairs.
She has begun releasing a series of complementary, self-protective demons, who defy gravity itself as fundamental consideration. The Eye of Horus gazes down ward, past your form and into your meaning. Into your intent. Big Brother has been with us for millenia: a standardized remote form of surveillance.

You better watch out man, she's watching us.
Don't make any sudden movements, show any fear, or blink.
She's a comin'.
And she's a killer.




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