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Zombie Pharm

Pharmaceutical bondage keeps the status quo in chains. Shuffling hordes of pharmed out zombies are participating in, and thereby helping to create an environment of despair and industrial death. The field of psychiatry is a rationalized excuse for institutionalized experimentation and intoxication. When money becomes the goal of enterprise, the endeavor turns malicious through its very essence, having assumed separation from function. The medical profession has degraded to the level of pushers, in conjunction with the pharmaceutical industry the physicians convince the public of psychotropic necessity. Instead of examining the foundation of illness, the doctors have become mechanized drones rolling out mountains of scripts for the drug conglomerates. The Hippocratic oath is an artifice of intent, mothballed and dusty. There is no place for empathy or compassion to reside within the industrial death machine of capitalism. Any industry that wishes to succeed must substitute intentional function with avarice. So, the medical profession along with its pharmaceutical counterpart mechanically churn the masses through the chemical factory in order to succeed. They, themselves are contributing to the very conspiracy to which they are bound to overcome, that of pathogenesis. Rather than enacting the healing process to which they are bound they perpetuate destruction and occult eugenics programs through the cabals of capitalism that control them. A cult of conspiracy has realized a culture of conspiracy and nothing is any longer what it seems, or rather how it seems. A culture of concealment has undermined any attempts to engage in meaningful change, as the only constant is elitist subterfuge of stasis being required to perpetuate constant function towards destruction. Of course, this motive is easily concealed behind the corporate facade of economic benefice. What good is all the fucking money if there's no resources left to sustain ourselves. I suppose everyone capable in the know is scrambling madly to raise enough money to ensure they are off the planet on 122112. At which point the seas will boil and the atmosphere will be vacuumed into space, the earth rendering itself inhabitable over the next undefined amount of time. Good luck to them. To us humble proletariats the only possible solution would be to physically stop the various components of the industrial death machine and hope for environmental improvement in air water and soil. This avenue of amelioration has been rendered impossible by the global standardization of industry however, there being too many mutually exclusive interests involved to realize a concerted effort in environmental improvement. So the earth burns and the waters rise. Meanwhile, the scientific community acts alarmed as compounded environmental degradation takes measurable tolls they did not anticipate to see for decades to come. Conspiratorial constituencies of custodial influence. The empirical cult of modernism talks optimistically about problems on the horizon in terms of centuries. In fact, these grim predictions of environmental catastrophe are occurring presently in front of all our eyes, in acute resolution. Over the last 8 months the satellite imagery of Greenland has revealed continental rock becoming exposed for the first time since records began (1979). Greenland has been covered in ice since time memorial. Now, its about to melt and turn green over the course of the next few years. What irony. Similarly, satellite imagery has revealed that the ice shelf of the northern pole is 20% smaller than it has been ever in recorded history. 20 percent goes beyond the statistical significance necessary to warrant investigation or alarm. Realistically the alarms have been sounding for years but have been difficult to hear through the drone of imperial industrialization. Now, the writing is on the wall clear for all impartial objective observers to see and time is running thin. And the machines keep on rolling, attenuating an already uncertain future. Noah's Arc, having become a space ship, requires more than craftsmanship to create certain. It requires money, lots of money. And the elect are frantically generating as much as possible to guarantee space in space while simultaneously accelerating environmental disintegration. A conspiracy of certainty negates possibility of reform. Dependence on technology has left us irresponsible and ineffectual. The time is now for real meaningful and effectual change. Yet the gatekeepers of industry refuse to compromise profit with accountability. We are all mother fuckers by virtue of the fact that we live in and hence contribute toward an unaccountable society, unconcerned with sustainability or viability. How can we collectively act surprised when the inevitability of our actions exacts its toll on the environment? We're fools to think that modernism was or is progressive if all it has accomplished is unsustainable activity and self indulgent indignation towards the planet. As the present epoch prepares to round the ellipse of space we are occupying, time appears to accelerate. Its as if the entire atmosphere has become a macroscopic particle accelerator and all carbon based life forms are eroding exponentially to the pitch of the cosmic apoco-clock. The cosmic aperture that enables the Great Ones to return to our time space compartment is slowly resolving and will open wide during the winter solstice of 2012. This will be both terrible and beautiful, depending on your perspective. Many impatient denizens of the modern pharmaceutical universe will be unprepared for cosmic resolution as they will be intoxicated on industrial medicines designed to render them insignificant and inconsequential. The zombie pharm of modern industrial empiricism is surrounded with poisonous barbs to prevent the escape of slaves. These razor sharp filaments are marked with the micro insignia of the Illuminati. The Eye of Horus gazes unblinkingly, waiting for the return of the Great Ones, a time of revelation. All will become clear in the few years left to come.


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