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The Doom Generation

All my colleagues at school under the age of 35 have no illusions regarding the sustainability of the current direction of technological progress modern civilization has adopted for itself since the industrial revolution. They all agree that we are doomed. That the activities modern society engages in to perpetuate its internal illusion of security are at the expense of the biosphere which sustains us. The hopelessness of modernism frustrates the youth, yet the mechanisms capable of stopping its inexorable progress are beyond their reach. The baby boomers still hold the reigns and they have been so heavily indoctrinated with religion and industrial necessity that they are unable or unwilling to see the inevitable outcome of our current activities. While the youth mourn the death of reason, the elders line up to gangbang the planet. We have collectively treated the Earth as a whore and there lies a limit to all consumption and rapine. This limit is beginning to take on a finer resolution as we near the end daze. The poles are melting. The forests are dwindling. The waters are muddying. The air is thickening with particulates. Yet all the older generation seems concerned with is amassing fortune and pampering their senses against the harsh truths that await their progeny. The final countdown has begun. Of course the majority will be too busy attempting to catch up with the status quo to slow it down or transfigure its vector of doom. You can sense the hopelessness in the eyes of the masses as they shuffle along looking for their next blood meal. We are all slowly transforming into smog zombies, cannabilistic and confused. As the natural resources of the planet further attenuate over the course of the next few years, the thirst for blood will gradually increase until it becomes a full blown hunger, voracious and insatiable. We must prepare for the consolidation of the fourth, fifth and sixth reichs in the daze to come. During these times our abject slavery will be revealed and our futures will no longer be abstracted, our futures will be absconded by the avarice and vanity exhibited by our forefathers. It's very difficult to remain even partially optimistic in the face of such portents, yet somehow we must. For our children.


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