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Future Sex

Preparation for a point yet to be determined is a meaningless endeavor as anticipation cannot appropriately gauge the caprice of time. The best laid plans are more oft distracting than necessary. We can never know what fate has in store for us.
For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The first law of thermodynamics applies to the socio-political reality of the modern industrialized multinational corporate world we've been conditioned to accept as necessary.
The same dollar that affords one child privilege condemns another. The same money that liberates one child ensures another's slavery. In order that one person enjoy amenities far beyond necessity, another has basic human rights denied to them. In order that the minority live in luxury the majority suffer. Facility of maintenance does not absolve one from responsibility. The status quo is complicit in endorsing social and political inequality world-wide through direct support of multi-national conglomerates that chew up the landscape in the pursuit of currency.
Trade having been reduced to an arena of homogenized abstraction, those most reliant upon currency are imprisoned within its consideration. Currency slaves are untrustworthy as their liable to do whatever it takes to remain current. The maintenance of currency provides enough of a distraction to divert ones attention from accountability for ones actions. There is no place for morality in currency. There is no room for abstract consideration. The only commodity manifest in currency is blood. The smell of blood, the taste of blood, the sight of blood, the feel of blood, the sound of blood. The blood of children all over your hands consequent to supporting the death of children in other countries by implicitly allowing contingency to multi-national death machines engineered to rape the planet. Currency is the requisite complacency for circumstantial victimization. It's all blood money. Blood must flow so that currency inflates to a necessity of survival. While we distract ourselves with the pursuit of currency, those controlling its issue are contributing to the devastation of the biosphere.
Money cannot save the planet, only ingenuity and responsibility. We cannot talk of future developments to be supported by currency. Currency cannot be abstracted into perceptual definitions. It is now. The time is now. We must needs to sabotage the industrial behemoth holding the planet hostage in its bondage. Money will not support this end as it is mutually involved in the perpetuation of ecological terror. Ironically, one who attempts to mitigate the terrible industrialization of the biosphere is branded a criminal and labeled exactly that which they intend to disrupt. Not only is it assumed to be trivial when worshiping the earth goddess it is now criminal. Heathenism will not be tolerated in any form. The monotheistic monopoly will not permit plurality. Goddess revelations allude to Illuminatus Interuptus. So, she is silenced by imperial motivations. She lies bound and gagged, unable to live in the now, unable to maintain currency. She is powerless in the fabricated world of humanity which holds her hostage. The only reason the earth goddess has been kept alive while the industrial powers besiege her is the promise of future sex. It is this promise which she will use to gain her liberty. By the time we inhale her pheromones the blade will have been run through our beings. There will be little warning, only the expansion of future sex. The death of currency. The concepts of self and time will dissolve in the tides released by the liberation of the earth. Then, the sex won't be so future anymore. It'll be fucking now. Currency is sex.



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