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All is despair. The status quo conspiracy has never been quite so vivid. Ultimately, it Is a conspiracy of intent toward the ontological sedition necessary in order to support the industrial death machine of Machiavellian capitalism. In short, the status quo death machine requires the trivialization of knowledge. Knowledge cannot be categorized nor compartmentalized within the confines of empirical abstraction. True knowledge is boundless, having neither beginning and/or end. It cannot be abstracted to the extent of linguistic partition. It can only be understood through Being. This knowledge cannot be passed on through word alone. Experience is necessary.
The administrative bureaucracy, navigating status quo consciousness through the industrial death machine it has fashioned for its electoral lesions, relies upon the trivialization of knowledge to enact its conspiratorial intent of enslaving the human race. Through the supposition and definition of knowledge, true meaning is lost in the abstraction of process and mechanization. How can one be supposed to know something through simply academic means or passive conjectural analysis? Absurd as it is, the aforementioned trivialization of knowledge and process is the very means through which societal authorities justify their function. That of confounding reason, and hence justice itself. The truth is a crime but not a sin. I against I. We are all One. We are all nothing. The illusion of individuality perpetuated by the status quo juggernaut of ignorance is an effective death sentence for the next generation of homo sapiens sapines. Reason would dictate that this destructive machine of modern industrialism be stopped. Status quo consciousness with its categorical rejection of commensalism and sustainability celebrates the death of reason ritualistically in secret ceremony under the illuminated eye of Sauron.
When the social authorities feel more content separating a child from its parent based on the conjectural conservatism of status quo sedation they become the exact opposite of what they strive to be: child protection advocates. Would it not seem clear to the objective observer that the separation of a young child from its parent(s) would create more harm than benefit to the child? The entire system of Family Law employs thousands of people who are ostensibly working towards the benefice of children. In effect, however, the children suffer in order that an administrative bureaucracy benefits monetarily.
Late last night I learned that the mother of my child had attempted suicide the evening prior and my daughter, having been in her custody at the time (as we currently have a joint custodial agreement) had been scuttled by the local children authority (FACS) to her mothers sisters house. I found the fact that FACS had made decisions in my absence and had not even tried to communicate the situation to me incredible, so I planned on collecting my daughter from school today as I have not seen nor talked to her in days. I am usually with my daughter at least 40% of the time. This morning I call FACS to meet with them and discuss my daughters welfare. I then call the school my daughter attends and informed them that I would be picking her up today. Then FACS calls me back and tells me they want to meet with me. They come to my house, look the place over, ask me questions. I ask them what they can do for me as I've had enough of trying to compromise with a woman who is mentally incompetent in order to negotiate the terms of our joint custody. They tell me they can't help help my daughter. They will not support me in court. They go on to tell me that my daughter will be staying with her maternal aunt as concerns have been raised, yet again, about my substance abuse patterns. I go through the process, again, of illustrating the steps I've taken to improve my situation economically, spiritually and emotionally. They tell me that until they've had the time to investigate the allegations against me and the situation with her mother that my daughter would be best to stay with her maternal aunt. I express my concern that her maternal aunt is been extremely malicious toward me in the past and that she's likely to denigrate my character in the presence of my daughter. They tell me they'll bring this up with her aunt who she'd still be best to stay with while they sort things out. These people are supposed advocates of children's rights yet they enact the opposite. What benefit except that of bureaucratic self necessitation can possibly be served by separating a young child from both of her parents simultaneously in order to investigate claims from a malicious third party that I abuse substance. The psychological and emotional pain my daughter must endure in order the administrative powers that be satisfy themselves of their own necessity and sufficiency is tantamount to fucking torture. My daughter's 4 years old. I have been unable to communicate with her for days against my will. Now the child authorities are telling me I have to go through them in order to gain access to my daughter and that I may be able to have arranged visitation this weekend at my parents house. WHO the FUCK are these PEOPLE? They've been brainwashed into believing that they're promoting child welfare when in reality they are systematic components of a confounding of reason and justice. Who knows a child better than its parents? Who the fuck has the right to dictate to me how and if and can parent my own child? These people are governmental zombies designed to ensure that nothing reasonable be allowed to emerge from the net of deception that empirical capitalism has shrouded us within. Just because I am a man I am denied my basic human right to protect my own daughter from trivialization and institutionalized process. The system is fucking me. The system has been raping me for quite some time since I had a child with a mentally disturbed individual who did everything she could up to this point to fuck me through the mechanism of social services. Once she ran out out of opportunity to fuck me she began to fuck herself. She now sits under suicide watch. Concerned so much with her own personal challenges she has continued to neglect my daughter and the authorities, through routine precedence and institutionalized ignorance have and continue to prevent me access to my daughter despite a court settlement and penance paid. FUCK these people. FUCK the system. FUCK the authorities. FUCK the world. What justice is there in this world when children are routinely traumatized in the name of institutional necessity? Why should I support a system that is literally condemning my child to emotional instability as a means to supporting themselves. They are vampires. We are all vampires. We are all dead already. Dead in spirit. Dead in faith. Dead in our souls. We are beginning to alight upon the gates of hell. I feel nauseous as I stand on the brink of the chasm of violence opened in front of me. The entire social system that spawned me is a death trap of imperialistic greed and callous indifference towards the planet. We have no rights even though we are conveyed the idea of freedom. Our children are born into slavery. Slavery to a system meant to destroy and subjugate. A system meant to rape our souls and dissolve all hope. A system designed purely to alienate and mechanize the geological rapine of the planet. A system designed to destroy us and the planet itself. In fact we are the very mechanism through which the planet is being compromised. We are the retrovirus inserting our own corrupted DNA into the tree of life so we multiply exponentially and increase our virulence. We were created to destroy.


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