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Pharmaceutical smog

The conspiracy of complacency which currently controls the status quo is creating a death trap, using the atmosphere as a gas chamber, as a dumping ground of prefabricated justification and petroleum particulates. The smog has hypnotized the majority into consuming more petrol and using more nonrenewable resources in order that comfort be spared. Willing to sacrifice the interests of the future for fortuitousness in immediacy, we conveniently ignore the cloud of pharmaceutical smog blanketing the horizon. Ignorance becomes an elite club of privilege to those to whom foresight is not possible. As the popular media convinces us to drive fast and die young, we whine about environmental degradation and socioeconomic strife while enjoying all the comforts those crimes can afford as a matter of daily routine. We've been subtly manipulated into perfect killers, destroying all in our scope with casual indifference. It seems as if we've been created for this very purpose in the sense that we seem so perfectly suited to execute the necessary preconditions with remarkable ability. The singularity we call humanity is an ontological black hole, devouring all. Compartmentalizing time and reconfiguring matter into idea are parlor tricks for the masters of light. Under their watchful gaze have we evolved to our present form of cosmological destroyers par excellence. ORDO AB CHAO

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