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Nature's Wrath

Our relationship with the planet has reached critical levels of chemical insult. I just noticed all the data changing hands while I was connected to the network. Have to remind myself to sever the connection whenever not in active use as craft piracy is standard for the soulless techno-vampires which haunt the electromagnetic spectrum as if it were nothing more than a public washroom.
Our relationship with the planet needs immediate and broad revelatory structure lest it continue in the present fashion of pessimistic ecological squalor, using the environment as if it were nothing more than a public washroom, complete with pornograffiti. The planet as sentient being, Gaia, has become conscious of the ontological betrayal apparent in our present circumstance. The goddess is disappointed in our careless use of novelty and now prepares for the next great electromagnetic shift. Prepare thyself for cataclysm. If we had to suffer the abuse of a parasitic presence our eventual victory cry would be louder the longer we were unfortunate enough to endure it. The anthropomorphic reference is necessary in order that our relation with the One be fully conceptualized in my analogy. Dig? The Goddess now prepares to begin anew.

To act in any respect other than in support of the planet is fundamentally absurd from the pure perspective of self-preservation. From this it follows (along the macroscopic consideration of Gaia) that the assumption of separation, independence, the illusion of individuality is indeed pathological in nature. Redistribution and transformation of energy sources from the Earth's crust and mantle to the atmosphere seems curiously engineered towards the destruction of all biological life on this planet. This process not only heats up the atmosphere due to the albedo effect of particulate hydrocarbons in the air, it also through these same greenhouse gases poisons the atmosphere. Long before the heat drives the stakes up to critical levels, it will be the air quality itself which will be responsible for more fatalities than we can account for. Similar to the present. The atmosphere will act as an immense gas chamber suffocating all inhabitants, wealthy and indigent. It seems the ubermensch (sic) have deceived even their most loyal adherents (ie. Nazis, Scientologists and Republicans) into creating an apocalyptic situation on the planet's surface, in accordance with scripture and archaic ancient prophesy while thinking they will enjoy exemption. They've obviously been had on account of their own greed, petulance and elitism. Elitism of any kind is reprehensible, having through its very expression negated its premise, becoming nothing more than a circle jerk of privilege.
So, the rich have allowed the physical plane to degrade to a point of apocalyptic destruction thinking vainly that that somehow they will exempt themselves from physical existence. Sounds like a circle jerk of the damned orchestrated by covert military government conspiracy. In effect, the elite have allowed the deceivers, the custodians, the beings of light to enact their murderous agenda of intoxicating the atmosphere simply to fortify their illusion of individuality through the exhibition of of temporal power and authority. What a bunch of self serving gluttons and wanna be avatars. These creeps are the easiest to manipulate from afar. They are good little slaves of servitude, content with illusory empiricism, blinded to the true course of intentionality being exhibited almost globally.
The status quo is a conspiracy of complacency. The unintentional complicity in the poisoning of the biosphere through the combustion of fossil fuels from the Earth's crust that the status quo machine seems unable or unwilling to cease the progression of, so blinded by the bling of banality that pop culture affords is a carefully constructed death machine. We are death. Can you dig?

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