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Modernisms Fall

Modernism concerns itself with appearance more than substance, being controlled by visuals almost exclusively to the neglect of our other sensual stimuli. As such, the cult of modernism has redefined the general consensus regarding the ontological nature of our environment. Considering that the visual spectrum of electromagnetism is infinitesimally small in comparison to the entire scope of the existential horizon of being, it seems unreasonably arrogant of us to assume we can know anything beyond our own understanding of what it is. All the eventualities occurring outside the realm of visible light are statistically of so much more significance as they occur on a far vaster scale of representation. A bookkeeper would be hesitant to place any assurance in eventualities that only represented less than one percent of all possible occurrences. A betting man would have to lay his wager in support of the alternative hypothesis that physical reality as we perceive it is merely a flimsy tapestry of eventualities that are relatively insignificant in comparison to the remainder of the electromagnetic spectrum. As such, it would be natural to extrapolate this seeming fact into a realm of dubiousness regarding perceptual reality. The birth pain of existential skepticism is almost strong enough to convince one that the present path of modernism is of benefice. So disorienting is the loss of accepted truth that the comfort of consensual reality and status quo consciousness is extremely difficult to resist. This lack of collective ethical effort on the part the human species to face this painfully dreadful experience is the very root of the problem of dissociation from the environment which we currently face. We have forgotten to listen to the planet and our instincts, having degraded into commercialized zombies ready to fortify the status quo phenomenon at any cost even if it means destroying the planet that allowed us to exist in the first place. We now listen to Mammon and Apollyon, having forgotten what it means to actively participate in the cosmological realm of gnosis once experienced by our elders. At the present rate of earthly destruction we can now assume that these valuable tools of power have been concealed for the very purpose of planetary sterilization. We are not natural creations of this planet, for if this were the case we would not rush to bring about the apocalypse such as confused inferiors but we would be coexisting comfortably in balance with our mother, Gaia. Our intentions were transferred through a commingling of genetics with another cosmic entity that does not require the visual spectrum of light to function yet uses this medium to communicate with its creation. This entity created us, partially out of pre existing material, namely simian, and an infusion of alien DNA to compose a species that could be easily controlled from afar with the promise of privilege yet functional on a physical level to acquire radioisotopes from the earth’s crust. Our species has advanced to the present level of industrialized self-sabotage simply because our task is finished. The custodial masters have what they came here to get and now our value has decreased significantly to the point of dispense. In all seriousness, why would a cosmic entity as wise and refined as the earth create a species that was intent on destroying everything unless to initiate the next great extinction event that seems imminently already in motion. Perhaps, we are indeed an earthly mechanism of erasure having evolved for the sole reason of bio-destruction. Maybe it’s all just part of the great cycle the Mayans spoke of in their cosmology. At any rate, the writing is on the wall, the porno graffiti currently covers the planet in the form of concrete and steel. The earth goddess stirs and prepares for reconciliatory recourse and all we give a shit about, collectively, is the price of a barrel of crude petroleum. The tragic nature of our currency is painfully avoidable had we been prudential in our extension.

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