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Monitor Lizards

You’re watching the apocalypse and we’re watching you.

Next up, cataclysmic prophesy or so we’ve been force fed to believe.
What’s next for us? You think you’re It? What gives, man?
The pc eye is omniscient in these matters, cross cultural and vast.

Technology is watching you // as 2 way mirror transmitting information just as readily and easily as it receives // monitor is lens of custodians observing observer -- monitoring the observer // observed observers personally once, in fit of pique // through the registration of slight audio fluctuations could sense monitor monitoring my activity and audible surprise of recognition of recognition on part of observers // distinguished 2 entities carrying on idle conversation pausing immediately upon having been revealed, unconcealed and thereby defeated through having been exposed.

We are watching you // We are fucking you // We watch you // We fox you // We count you // We count down as the egg timer of the apocalypse expires its potential
To become observer is to be observed in dichotomous nature of reality // We R U
To be consumer is to be consumed. To be destroyer is to be destroyed // We were you
To disrespect is to be disrespected.
You get what you give, you see what you believe, you lose what you gain and vice versa
Paradoxical nature of metaphysical lattice upon which physics rests.
To expose is to be exposed // exhibitionist tendency of exhibition // semantical debacle of status quo understanding of metaphysics.

The custodians are able to use monitor as conduit of electromagnetism // its easier to hypnotize and psychologically manipulate the masses with computers than it was with televisions mostly because of the proximity with which it is necessary to be in relation to the pc monitor // facilitates the transmission of energy meant to condition and control // the unblinking eye of the other big brother -- the pc monitor // aliens watching porno movies made by homo sapiens and laughing hysterically // paradoxical sarcasm // space ship acting as stage light on porn movie set // Castro resurrected by aliens following intestinal surgery // aliens now learning language and playing sodoku // cosmic tourism -- humanity as exhibit, attraction // please don't feed the humans // let them starve and cannibalize each other // jolly roger with sign of illuminati in eye being raised on flag by infant // U R ME // Armicide // One be M.E. (mother earth) // onebeme // O nebeme // one beam // cyber/net/ic -- fiber optic core of genetic coil // double helix as micro transmitter / receiver for cosmic radiation // electromagnetic signal -- universal interpreter of cosmic messages / forces // universal scope is new eyes // Self is dead // Planet is passe.

Orwellian nightmare has finally been realized through advent of internet. Now US Govt can observe masses through monitor as two way screen. Eye of Big Smother / Nother.
Was technology initially retrieved from alien spacecraft from area 51? CIA classified information. Classification is akin to digital Darwinism driven by arianism. We have become the alienation we represent. We are an alien nation of solipsists -- I against I.
FTW, literally : you can feel the hate, measure the misery with psychospiritual instrumentation gauged and clibrated by the mind's eye.
Horus has whored us, traded us for a new source of E -- we'll fuel the incinerator of the influenza victims furnace with the suited lawyers responsible for delaying the prophylaxis of the poor.
H5N1 -- 60% mortality rate according to WHO stats; last great influenzal pandemic was dubbed the Spanish flu in 1918 and its mortality rate was between 5 and 10 percent, nonetheless it decimated the world population. When (not if) present virus recombines into form able to effectively transmit from human to human global population will be quartered and all major economies will collapse.

Retroviral porn, epidemic porn, microorganism porn, ameobic porn, planetary porn, solar porn.

Electromagnetic resonance of cosmic emanations captured / perpetuated / duplicated by DNA coil. Double helix of DNA as Quetzacoatl (feathered/winged serpent) -- serpent messenger will communicate / manifest itself through genetic code -- biological / biochemical vortex of binary code // binary porn // 0101111111111110000000001111111111100000000001010101010101010

To be is to entertain the idea of individual exclusion // terminal exclusivism has condemned humanity to extinction
To be extinctor is to be (come) extinct.
Existence is futile.
You will be assimilated.

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