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Apocalypse Porn


Away from (Apo) concealment (Kalyptein).

Species, as a whole, are enacting perverted sadomasochistic ritual in which they regard biosphere as separate and alien. In this sense, we continually lash out reflexively as an impudent child might. Not being able to conceptualize macroscopic view, we have outgrown our opportunity for infancy and now must endure fate of biocide (unless willing to spiritually and ontologically transform into our necessary role – to observe and enjoy the inner workings of the One. Instead, we perpetuate the illusion of individuality created by the power and lust of capital avarice. An illusion manufactured and afforded us courtesy of the custodial masters who use us as slaves to mine the planet of useful isotopes (ie. Litvinenko ) in order to fuel their intergalactic vehicles. (ignore that last tangential slur) Unfortunately, the custodians have brainwashed us as the capitalist death machine must in order to ensure continuance of supply. Destroy your surroundings in order that you may be able to afford the illusion of immaculateness. Slavery is freedom. Free only to decide the method of biocide not the possibility or enactment thereof. The paradox of perception is an ingenious trap. So brilliant that even genuine philanthropists and philosophers have been conned by its luster. So confounding that despite the best efforts of political power and scientific dexterity we are unable to stop the inevitable. Even though the illusion I refer to as myself clearly perceives this awful truth it elicits little satisfaction or hope as the damage has been done both ecologically and ontologically. In declaring ourselves to be separate we have doomed ourselves to extinction. The timeline couldn’t be more strategically crafted as our cosmic timeline charted by the ancients expires almost simultaneously with our tumultuous decent into pathological secularism. The next scheduled extinction event according to the cosmologists is approximately 6 years from now (being 12/08/06). Both the Mayans and ancient Egyptians had calculated this cataclysmic event to occur on the Winter Solstice 2012. The End will most likely take the form of violent earthquake and extreme platonic shift although geochemical analysis suggests it may take the form of an enormous meteor. Regardless of cosmic interference in the fate of Earth, we appear to be doing our best in ensuring the certainty of absolute biocide. It is THIS pursuit of capitalist destruction and sadomasochistic objectification which we refer to as Apocalypse Porn.

Macroscopic view regards Earth as mother. As an egg. As a cell or electron. Sun as photon, nucleus, mitochondrion. Humanity as microorganism currently behaving pathologically as a viral entity or bacterial colony exponentially replicating, as parasitic clutch reaching the carrying capacity of habitat / host / maternal substrate.
In conjunction with Rudolph Steiner, it appears as if materialism and the empirical inquiry associated with scientific discovery ( ie. microscopically ) have, ultimately, expanded or equipped human consciousness with the resources necessary to expansively achieve and understand macroscopic perspective ( ie. planet as cell / electron ). As such, the biosphere would be understood correctly as One entity. Same/self not other. Would not tolerate similar treatment of ones mother. Form of self abuse.

In order to attempt to ameliorate or reduce the ongoing damage to the biosphere, we must outlaw single operator vehicles. Only mass transit would be available. Automobile industry / gasoline empire would be radically altered, the filthy rich would be a little less burdened. Of course, the little people ensnared in the mechanical workings of the conspiratorial empire would be compensated accordingly. If we cut vehicle emissions in half, would make a profound difference. Yet, it’s almost as if we’re precipitously moving along the directly opposite course, if only to prove to our depressed selves ( as one conscious, but idiotic entity ) that it was, indeed, the wrong path after all. Shrug of indifference. It’s as if the human Being has become vapid in its own existential quest, practically admitting defeat through its passive indifference to own fate. Illusion of individuality perpetuates this confused, defeatist attitude toward the species as a whole.

This seemingly benevolent fraternity of Gnostic mysticism has been perverted, either through human vanity and avarice or self-serving external influence, into a tyrannical beast master poised to destroy any one idea or thing that opposes it.

Nature, in a blinded vanity, has been regulated to the realm of Other, immediately assumed to be in opposition according to the dichotomous, exclusivist slogan “if you’re not with us, you’re against us.” How on earth could one rationally choose to be in compliance with such an organization unless corrupt or ignorant of macroscopic view.
Perceptual paradox is the root of all evil. Tis not a necessity to glorify self in order to wield magik. Sufficient, certainly. Yet not essential, contrary to the dark debasers of empirical accumulative gain.

Marx’s fetishization of commodities theory / model just as applicable today as it was a century and half ago. IE – people waiting in queues to spend money for new video game unit ( PS3) days in advance of initial delivery, in some cases. Akin to the art / fetish of pre-ordering merchandise through credit card.
$15.5 M for Warhol Mao-Tse Tung print.

2012 12 / 21 – major tech-tonic shift, creating catastrophic deluge and tremors on surface. Next major extinction event. Earth sloughing off pathological human species out of necessity, yet event has been scheduled for millennia … temporal coincidence ?

Ontological disillusionment as the realization of fundamental integration of subject and object. Conscious rejection of illusion of individuality.

Canada’s abandonment of Kyoto protocol deplorable.
Oil is blood of (Erath, E-wrath) Earth, petrochemical enterprise is vampiric in nature.
In no case should/ought money be regarded of more import than reason, respect, or honor which are sophisticated traits. Yet everywhere in the civilized, industrially advanced world it is worshipped as Babylonian idol ( Mammon ). Such as a wealthy Canadian planning on transferring funds south as more valuable / better interest rate / return on investment, ( shrug ) money’s money, right ? Yes, and death is death.

US Government has monitors in many homes throughout nation ostensibly as an instrument of freedom. Applying the principle of perceptual paradox, the appearance of freedom is perceived as a trap. Just as tobacco is advertised as liberating yet is enslaving, so is the internet and computer technology posed as liberating yet is used as a two way monitor as the eye of Big Brother ( Novo Seculorum ) . It seems more than a coincidence that pc screens are referred to as monitors.

The act of war seems to verify fact that human race is lame, self-destructive species, bound for evolutionary extinction based on the fact that species is not transcendental enough in intent to understand natural ontological curve of cosmic law.

Ak kuxtale’ ts’o’oki – “Our life is over” in Mayan language.
It’s all over.
Your face, like egg on.

The perceptual paradox of reason has resulted in the alienation of the biosphere.

The Enblighted Spates of America – In God We Truss.

The existential procedure is of more import than content.

As a species we’ve become dissolute and fragmented, factorized to visual medium. Without macroscopic perspective, we have doomed ourselves to expendability as a cosmic entity.

Apocalypse Pron : An Orgy of the Rich.

Ignorance is not a valid excuse for negligence.

CFR is not an excuse for passivity. Unseen government of the US.
The Communist movement in Russia and around the world has been financed by banking institutions in the US. Alger Hiss. Money has fraudulently supported world governments for centuries. Eh?

Round tablet of Machiavellian deception, round tables, snuff flicks, pathological vanity and avarice. How many times do we have to blame the Jews? Morgan and Rockefeller.
Rich men organizations fund hardcore revolutionaries so fear rules and the established government can save us from our prefabricated rebellions that they have afforded us.
NOW NWO can brazenly expose selves as illuminated vanity. Pure, untainted vanity.
Eat the rich as the flesh of the privileged is more sustaining than their promissory rhetoric meant simply to divide. Cannibalism is not a substitute for justice but only a beginning. In the end daze the illumination of reason will be impractical having become exposed in its entirety as a form of control guised as liberation. Reason has granted us an unproportional balance of resources in the present day which threatens the very existence of the biosphere. This reasonable pattern of capital gain has sealed our fate while posing as liberation afforded us by democratically elected (cheer) leaders.
Expose the conspiracy within ourselves. The paradox of perception perpetuating the illusion of individuality is merely a shell of concealment protecting the master conspirators or unknown superiors who appear in the form of light spheres.

Money is created out of nothing. The chix are free. The capitalist conspiracy.

What of the biblical conspiracy?
Proverbs 22:7 “The borrower is servant to the lender.”
Deuteronomy 28:44 (the capitalist fuck) “shall lend to you, but you shall not lend to him; he shall be the head, and you shall be the tail.”
Revelations 11:18 …“The time has come to destroy those who destroy the earth!”
Revelations 9:11 “They have a king ruling over them, who is the angel in charge of the abyss. His name in Hebrew is Abaddon; in Greek the name is Apollyon (meaning “The Destroyer”).”

Civil liberties are no substitute for fear.
There will be martial law on Judgment Day.
Thou shall not question the authorities.
Freedom in slavery.
Drugs for the poor.
Food for the rich.
Death for the rest.

Gnostic goddess worship is only possible ameliorative tactic at present.
Maternal hierarchy of value is more aesthetically and ontologically appealing than strict abstract rationalism of fraternal collective.
Brute empiricism has respected none of the beauty which has made its assertion possible.
Namely, Mother Nature whom we have sequestered to the rear of the material imperialistic conspiracy theater we refer to as free market capitalism.

Reasonable negotiations are no substitute for blood sacrifice, of course.

Until we embrace a complete reversal of perspective we are simply perpetuating the scheduled absolute biocide we are facilitating through our ignorance and complacency.
To put it terms a socio-economically brainwashed consciousness can understand, our continued efforts to improve and maintain the lot of an elite few are akin to us exhausting an expense account, and continuing to withdraw at the expense of the biosphere without replenishing any of the supporting funds. Even economically and financially speaking this activity seems irrational and futile. Erroneous vanity and avarice are encouraging the human race to live well beyond its means. While the majority of the world population starves we in the West combust hydrocarbons and compulsively maintain a status quo that has been prefabricated for us by an elite of bankers and financiers in league with the Devil.

Status quo has become unsustainable, untenable. Since the human is such a creature of habit, however, we seem unable to alter our suicidal course towards obliteration. Maintaining the status quo is of more import and consideration than realizing grievous damage that we are inflicting to planet in its maintenance.

Pedestrian death. Ignorance should not justify complacency. Petroleum is biocide. Over 50 % of greenhouse gases polluting atmosphere emit from automobiles. The petrol it takes to start your car and drive to the local variety store took millions of years to compose within the Earth’s crust and only 3 minutes for us to combust and belch into the air. There exists a clear imbalance of accounts as far as energy is concerned. The human race embodies the 2nd law of thermodynamics. We are entropic agents of biocide.

Status quo has become a death machine. The petroleum industry is making a handful of elitist devils rich while the biosphere and us as its inhabitants accept our fate in order to perpetuate the status quo.

Has the world gone mad? No, complacent. More aptly put, hypnotized by the luster of corporate merchandising. We have, in effect, been sedated by imperialist anesthesia. Having our mind made up or composed for us by capitalist tyrants we have grown accustomed to substituting ethics for comfort and faculty. Status quo is indeed a de facto death machine poised to consume the entirety of the planet in its insatiable thirst for oil. Is it not obvious that this need has been implanted over time by the industrialist robber barons who have substituted ethnic slavery for economic slavery? Is the maintenance of our comfort worth destroying the planet? The vanity of this rhetorical question is clear.
We do not need oil. We have simply been conditioned to believe so. It may be sufficient but petrol is hardly necessary. We existed for millennia without its faculty. Until we realize the necessity of abstinence from oil in order to atmospherically sustain ourselves we are in grave danger of extinction. Our cosmic epitaph shall read: Here lies a curious being, destroyed by its own avarice and vanity. What a pity for such an advanced, ”superior” creature. My misanthropy has led me to delight in this fact in the past. Now, having enjoyed the rite of parenthood, I am concerned that the petulant cosmic child of homo sapiens deserves better for itself. At least for the sake of its children.

Only in a frantic rush to fulfill apocalyptic prophesy,
Would the most expensive commodity
Be the very poison through which we condemn ourselves.

Through the perpetual tenuousness of certainty, political tension and the immanent threat of violence the powers that be utilize Machiavellian manipulation of fear triggers in the human psyche to condition subjects/populace to focus all life energy on the spiritually barren horizon of materialism.

The institutionalization of ecological rapine has yielded little more than an acute awareness of the arbitrariness of status quo consciousness. How else could one explain such an erroneous pursuit of immediate gratification other than a conditioned behavioral response socially implanted in the collective cultural mind of the consumer?
Destroy your gasoline powered vehicle for the sake of Mother Earth. Petrol pump as pistol. We have ontologically confused the enactment of rights and privileges, now expecting luxuries as necessities. A necessity cannot arise mid evolution as industrialism would have us believe in their social Darwinian structure of capitalism.

The fact that the human mind is inherently pragmatic leads me to believe that the present situation of eco-doom we have created for ourselves is more than an ironic drama. It seems clear that there must be a conspiracy at work. Why else would such an advanced and intelligent creature destroy the very substrate from which it sprung? Only through clever and subtle manipulation would we have been culturally brainwashed into believing that pursuits of immediacy would avail long term benefice. I’m calling for an exercise of Illuminatus interruptus, psychological obliteration of institutional illusionism. We have to be held accountable for our actions at an individual level in order that this would be absolutely realized. For example, petrol consumers must be made acutely aware of the vampirism involved in burning gasoline in order to move their carcasses around to various engagements. We are draining the planet of its life energy, life blood being the fossil fuels that took millions of years to accumulate. We are draining them at an alarming rate and transferring them to the atmosphere upon which we and most other beings on the planet rely for sustenance. It’s difficult for the average individual to comprehend such anthropomorphic analogies perhaps. A more applicable explanation or education if you will would be the requirement of forced viewing of immediate political and sociological effect from the normalized action of petroleum consumption. More specifically speaking, the viewing of images of Persian women and children being butchered and mercilessly tortured would be a legislated requirement of fossil fuel consumption. Then, perhaps, the gravity of the consequences of such a routine activity would be realized. In order that NA be supplied with a continual supply of affordable petroleum human blood must be spilt. Sadly, both our mother and our daughters our being drained by corporate ghouls with no conscious while we, as consumers, submissively swallow the pill of fabricated comfort and accept the illusion of liberation and personal empowerment that the automobile appears to afford. It really is an ingeniously engineered conspiracy, the conditioned objects having been conned into thinking they are autonomous subjects. The law of perceptual paradox applies fully to this orchestrated concealment of the truth. Having worked with and cultivated the natural weaknesses of the human psyche, the capitalist conspirators have succeeded in creating a socioeconomic slave state existence for the consumer masses and made the situation illusorily appear as freedom and privilege. Apocalypse porn is a coven of rich demons fucking each other in tandem in a fit of self absorbed pique with the death rattle of the human species croaking dismissively on periphery of hastily constructed stage of expendability. We have served our purpose, whatever that was, and now sit in the eye of a gathering maelstrom ignorantly expecting reciprocal privilege from those who availed benefice to our industrial orgy of ontological insignificance. Whomever was supposed to benefit from modernism is unknown. One thing is certain, however, our children will not.
We have doomed the entire biosphere in our wisdom. Our glory did not come to realize itself in the form we believed it would have. Again, proof of an inner conspiracy of perception at least; at most, proof of a cosmic conspiracy of monumental proportions having used humanity as an instrument of extraction for synthetic isotopes.
The law of perceptual paradox states that the opposite of perceptual awareness is more often a closer resemblance of the absolute truth than appearance itself. For example, the sun appears to rise and fall. Yet we now know that our planet revolves the star, not the other way around. Similarly, when an object appears a certain color it is because physically the object is reflecting particular wavelengths in the visible spectrum of light emitted from our solar source. Yet our mind epistemologically understands the appearance of a color to represent the fundamental structure of an object. For example, grass appears green because it absorbs all colors except green. So, in reality, grass is every color except green. The colors of black and white are another good example of the paradox of perception. We understand the color black as the absence of light yet, physically the color black is the mixture of all colors. We understand the color white as a mixture of all light spectrums, yet when we mix all colors physically, the resultant is the color black. White is, in fact, the absence of color, the object does not absorb any of the regular light spectrum reflecting it all back as white. The paradox of physical appearance and actual composition is clearly illustrated by these examples. Optics is in itself an illusion, a limited perspective of stimuli creating a limited understanding of composition. It is along these lines that I have reasoned that individuality is also an illusion, appearing so vividly as to be reflexively taken as an absolute. One thing I have gained from my observations throughout this life is that when something appears to be certain it most certainly is not. There is no fundamental ontological difference between subject and object. All is One. The objectification of the biosphere facilitated by the corporate capitalist elite is obviously a grievous error. Why this was not obvious fact before the present is proof of a corrupt conspiracy designed to spiritually and ontologically sequester humanity into a solipsist sphere of self contained assurance. Of course, this fact was acutely known to the ancients and many aboriginal populations who live in close contingency with the environment. Even more proof of a powerful and resistant conspiracy to destroy the biosphere is the fact that some scientists and politicians ignore the empirical evidence of global warming arguing that it is simply a geophysical cycle or temporary aberration of averages. Money may curry one favor in the inner elite circles of capitalist conspiracy, but it will not encourage or stimulate the ecosphere for clemency. By rapidly transforming the entire planet to a cosmic garbage scow, the conspirators of temporal power have abandoned any plans of continuance, instead resigning themselves to an apocalyptic money grab. They are yet convinced that money will save them, like a prophet, like a prostitute, like a bullet. The joke is on them, king rat now scrambling madly with the drones attempting to find a way out of the gas chamber. Fortunately, no one will be spared to spread the disease of capital objectification cosmically.

“Moreover all these curses shall come upon you and pursue and overtake you, until you are destroyed, because you did not obey the voice of the LORD your GOD, to keep His commandments and His statutes which He commanded you.” (Deut. 28:45)

And such it is, a bunch of rich white people fucking each other, grasping for the limp olive branch whilst murderously churning scores of children in a cauldron of greed and lustful vanity. Such a paradoxical exercise in futility might be deemed humorous if it weren’t so fuckin’ immanent and all encompassing. We have once again worshipped a false idol, money is no substitute for responsibility. Nor should it be. Amen.
That gets me thinking. Amen. That word illustrates the power and sanctity of the paradox in structural form. Amen implies the “All is One” principle, referring to the multiplicity of mankind as a singular entity.

All plagues have their genesis in zoonotic transmission of pathogenic microorganisms. H5N1 is a ubiquitous avian influenza virus which can be carried by wild waterfowl who act as reservoirs for the virus. Occasionally, H5N1 has been known to cross the species barrier and infect a human being. As viral genetic recombination takes place on an accelerated temporal horizon it only seems a matter of time before the virus will be able to effectively infect humanity. Currently, the avian flu has only been able to infect a handful of individuals who have come into close contact with domestic poultry. Once the virus has mutated to a form in which it is able to achieve direct human-to-human transmission it will spread through the species quickly. The last great influenza pandemics began in this fashion. The differential aspect to the present risk assessment however lies in the magnitude of the mortality rates resulting from infection. According to the WHO, the mortality rate for those identified and infected by the H5N1 virus is above 50%. The mortality rate of the last great influenza pandemic in 1918 was between 3-5% and caused over 40 million deaths. Comparing the figures and extrapolating data to the present influenza statistics appear to suggest that the mortality to be expected could account for ¼ of the planets population. Interestingly, the pandemic of 1918 billed the Spanish Flu the majority of those infected and killed were between the ages of 15 and 35. Intuitively, you would think these are the halest years of ones life. Indeed, the immune system in an individual within this age range is at its strongest. It has been posited that the influenza A virus at the time was somehow able to use ones immune system against oneself, perhaps eliciting a response incongruent to the threat thereby ensuring that the healthy were destroyed as those with more compromised immune systems appeared to be spared, namely the young, old and sick. The Spanish Flu is thought to have as its genesis the zoonotic transmission of avian influenza. According to the WHO Pandemic Alert scale, the threat is immanent but not yet realized. The biosphere has little choice but to reflexively cull the problematic situation we are creating as an industrialized presence in the ecosphere. Infectious diseases and particularly zoonotic pathogens are an emergent response of the biosphere as a sentient and omnipotent Being to the grievous materialist death machine modern industrialized society has become. As a modern industrialized society we have been played by the custodial masters who have used our own greed and vanity to trap us in a self perpetuating destruction of the planet. The main tenet of situationalism, as opposed to essentialism or existentialism, is the fact of this objectification of subjective limitation to existential reality. Rather than being masters of our own destiny in the traditional sense of the phrase, we have surrendered our own fate and that of the entire planet to those manipulating entities or demons that have used our own weakness to deceive us into believing we are free. The gravity of the current environmental situation is such that all our ontological and epistemological mutterings and meandering cannot rescue us from cosmic dread and nausea. We have traded our existential rights for those of serfdom and platitude, victimized ourselves to the delight of those observing and meddling from afar.

Mort aux gris-gris.
Listening to the poly remissions of the corporate capitalization of legislation we refer to loosely as a government, it quickly becomes glaringly vivid that they are even less engaged upon the subjects of governance and accountability than the castrated electorate.
The complete lack of interested engagement in the subject matter is clear insofar as they critically contradict themselves callously and credulously. Their script is similar to that of a prison guard, disengage the enemy, ignore the other, yet perpetuate illusion of autonomy if only to create opportunity for contraindication. By perpetuating perceptual parsimony the custodial authorities have been instructed to embody antithesis silently, thereby pursuant to cosmic subordination clause T1200021012 which states that under no circumstances are the subjects of an Idea to be cognizant of the fact that appearances are cleverly disguised as form solely for the purposes of meta consciousness to remain concealed. It’s the classic strategy of feigning on a psychological level in order to dehumanize and flabbergast the opponent into truly believing you are on their side if only to subject them to subsequent attacks at your whim. Classic brainwashing or debriefing techniques used by the military in order to ensure absolute compliance on the part of the subject, which in effect becomes an object or an extension of an Idea. The particular Idea being referenced here is that of having the humans acting as a de facto slave labor force in order to perform the necessary function of energy acquisition in an ordered and timely fashion so the custodial controls can be satiated with the power they deem to be their right as the vain and wicked creatures of avarice they are. It is energy vampirism from a cosmic scope. They travel on radiant wavelengths outside of the visible spectrum so they are hidden from human perception, or lack thereof. They came from the cosmic recesses of time and have survived eons traversing the universe in continual and unabated search for raw, untapped energy sources. Within the earth they found a cache of valuable materials and thus we were created. Solely for the purpose of extracting the materials and only in the last 60 years or so have we as an imaged entity been able to fully realize the correct method of extraction necessary for proper containment and subsequent manufacturing processes. We have almost completed our task, those in temporal power having obliged the sinister objectives of the custodial masters falsely believing they will be spared the coming wrath of liquidation. We have remained castrated from being able to perceive the macroscopic view as a function of our own greed which we are hardwired to succumb to as a matter of purpose. This very greed made it a parsimonious task having to enlist temporal power structures within our ranks in order to control the others through deception and fear. The vanity of humanity made it all possible. The world is a shadowy stage and we are merely puppets embracing our role as vain stewards and drunken soldiers. Just like an Indonesian shadow puppet show using intricate marionettes and shrouds to conceal the identity of the true players or their puppet masters the custodians.
Using terrestrial life on this planet as both transmitters and receivers in a complex web of interactions completely outside the realm of human perception, the custodians have managed over time to create an intelligent life form capable of performing the necessary task of energy mining. We have been created, manipulated and contingently used as unknowing slaves for the purposes of Others interested only in the pillaging of the planets resources for their own gain. We and this entire planet are expendable comic resources having been created and discovered, respectively, for material acquisition. The task being almost complete (12/12/06) our utility is drawing to a close. The scheduled “day of redemption” is 12/21/12, the contiguous palindrome, the ellipse fragmentation of time, the plumed serpent of Quetzalcoatl, the second coming, the apocalypse, the divine disclosure, the end, ad nauseum.Just a little over 6 years, and so much to do. Gods speed.

Driving a car is like holding a pistol to my child’s head. The act of luxuriously traveling is stealing the air from my daughter’s lungs. This winter(2006/07), thus far, has produced no snow accumulation. Too much CO2 and NOx species in the atmosphere from all the fuckin’ cars. Over 50 % of all greenhouse gas emissions are generated by individual automobiles on our roads. Previously I had mistakenly believed that the majority of greenhouse emissions were of industrial origin, but this is not the case. If everyone stopped driving their fuckin’ cars tomorrow we would cut global emissions by more than half instantaneously. But people have been brainwashed by the petroleum conglomerates to believe that they require a motor vehicle. They have been conditioned to confuse a luxury with a necessity or fundamental right. Often in the past I have observed a perplexing phenomenon: more automobiles on the road than operators. I have witnessed cars propelling along with no corporeal body captaining them, truly automobiles.

Ignorance is not an excuse for negligence. It is past due time for the next revolution in the West. The power of capital needs to be wrested from the hands of the elitist rich who are merely protecting negligent premises based on skeletal designs handed down from the past, incorrectly and ambiguously. The rich have become negligent in the sense that they have knowingly perpetuated false and misleading premises for the progression of science and politic, positioned only for the process of self-perpetuation rather than the advancement of the liberation of the human spirit. Humanitarianism has traditionally run in conflict with economic agglutinization, by matter of course, and finds its most prestigious expression in socio-economic revolution. To put it simply, the power needs to be seized from the corrupted wielders of paternalistic skeletal design and placed rightfully in the hands of the majority to be met with maternal intelligence and Gnostic prudence. To sit idly by is a form of criminal negligence to which humanity itself will be held accountable. The grievous harm we are committing to the planet is so brazenly irreparable that it can only be the design of some other intelligence, some outer influence. Given the intelligence and ingenuity of the human spirit, I can see it the present circumstances unfolding in no other way than the conspiratorial spiritual entrapment of the human spirit that is currently occurring. The physical evidence of this mental conditioning can be seen presently in our planet which has been set on a seemingly unstoppable collision course with toxic death. From every angle you examine this conundrum it becomes increasingly clear that there appears to be an intelligent design to the destructive tendencies of human history. Word, it is all in the word. It has destroyed since it has been history. It’s time we made it herstory and started embracing ourselves and our planet. It is difficult to organize a flock toward the path of righteous truth with the capitalist death machine whirring so loudly in the background. Only in a frantic rush to fulfill apocalyptic prophesy would the most expensive commodity be the very poison through which we condemn ourselves. The towers of Babylon fell on 9/11/01 and reading the words contained in Rev 9:11 it becomes clear that whatever conspiracy is orchestrating the events of the last 300 yrs is preparing for the end both numerologically, ontologically and economically. Few will be spared in the end daze yet these elect few believe that by having opened the Pit themselves they will be spared the fires of Hades.
Fools. They have unknowingly been entrapped by the exact greed that allowed them to enact the enslavement of the rest of humanity through advent of religion and economics. Avaricial vanity has been the elite power yielding minorities Achilles heel from the outset of the present conspiracy we are seeing culminated before our very eyes. By destroying the planet the capitalist death mongers have appeased the custodial beings who have in turn deceived those in temporal planetary control(ie.da’ rich) into believing they will be spared the ultimate destruction be perpetuating it and initiating it in modern times. Without the superficial division of humanity and the establishment of the rich or elite this could never have occurred. To this end the custodial powers that be have been specifically cultivating us as a gardener cultivates his crops to suit his fancy and the market at large. We have acted as slave laborers to mine the planet of valuable resources and our task is nearly complete. And so the self destruct mechanism inherent in the human genome is beginning to express itself. The plan is to ensure the complete destruction of the human genome through biocide of the planet. The planet needs to purge itself of inhabitants every couple of thousand years for its own cosmic maintenance to ensure its continued resilience in our solar system. At any rate, the End is Here and the anecdotal evidential accumulation is to be found here, your source for conspiratorial smut: Apocalypse Porn.


01/15/07: Binary enhancement of fundamentally ontological misrepresentation of subject vis a vis object has further concealed the cosmic truth and perpetuated perceptual reality which is comfortable replacing any and every opportunity for psychic expansion with patterned behavior meant to subjugate oneself. Behavioral and moral conditioning of the proletariat have been seemingly successful, the status quo reduced to nothing more than a shadow of itself, a hastily constructed memory of spiritual liberation beyond the confines of the capitalist robber barons content to destroy the earth in their brilliance and compassion. Avarice is clearly the major shaping force when one looks at the practical intent of capitalism: to alienate that which we were graced with for immediate gain. An analysis of the human consciousness driving the direction of social evolutionary factors that condition our behavior towards these ends of immediacy uncovers a pattern of behavior afforded that of a child. The species is still advancing mentally, collectively toward a more mature and sophisticated understanding of our purpose. Using our personal experience as a model of understanding the species collective maturation, one becomes cognizant of the fact that the mental shift of consciousness necessary to propel us onwards in our psycho spiritual advancement is nigh when looking at the macroscopic field of view. The species is experiencing growing pains. Along with the race of abstract thinking worker drones, the biosphere is exhibiting stresses and behavior patterns consistent with an immanent wave of biocide. The two entities suffer in conjunction as they are one and the same. Collective human consciousness is what created the universe. Well, at least the one we understand. The collective will of human consciousness is powerful enough to affect physical processes on the planet. A clear example of this can be glaringly observed in our present plight as a species and as supposed stewards of the planet. The ancients seemed more aware of our present plight than we appear to be and scheduled the next cosmic shift of human consciousness approximately 6 yrs from now (12/21/12). This event can take many forms and depends entirely upon collective human conscious will which, at present, is fragmented and divided through fear and uncertainty perpetuated by the political powers that hold us in capital chains. According to the progression of events presently, the event takes a grim form heralding death and destruction on a large scale, the likes not seen in generations, more devastating war, pestilence, disease and death. If in uncovering the human soul all we’re left with is an empty vessel of promise and pathological fabrication that is exactly the reality we face and will perish from during the transformation. Now is the time to collectively spread veneration and love for the planet we’ve created, not scorn or abandonment as has surreptitiously become the status quo at the puppet strings of the capital robber barons. Only through collective change, both mental and physical, can we hope to hold the bloodthirsty petroleum companies at bay while we move forward with our collective self involving the planet. Otherwise we run the risk of continuing what we are currently enacting, biblical prophesy staged only to exacerbate division of rich and poor. To continue to run the program with no prudential basis is tantamount to suicide which unfortunately has always been an option encouraged by the bourgeois. They have been fooled into thinking wealth will provide them privilege in the Eyes of the Creator (Homo sapiens) due to their own selfish impoverishment. Their folly becomes our demise considering the direction modern industry fueled by political and capital interests of an elite few have led us in techno crucifixion. Supplanting the illusion of technical advancement whilst concealing the truth of industrial eco rapine have effectively lulled the status quo into submission through comfort and the appearance of sophistication in materialism and eon conditioning. The task at hand under these circumstances which we have inherited from our forefathers in their absolute wisdom is clearly to catalyze a shift in the collective human consciousness to incorporate a more advanced and sophisticated understanding of our relationship to the planet and cosmos at large. Just like a child we must be led in the correct direction in order to advance purposefully and righteously. Otherwise we will be led astray by the capitalist robber barons surfeit with foresight. The subjugation and transformation of the planet which has been initiated through secret agendas, I’m sure, must cease and desist to prevent the current crisis we are facing of the rapid global environmental changes that are apparent. Otherwise we run the risk of destroying everything to ensure the comfort of the present, which we have been pursuing obediently for generations. Clearly with a little pragmatism and prudence we can enact the necessary shift in a more purposeful and meaningful method. Environmental catastrophe seems so biblically staged that it hurts my sense of liberation. Yet that is the path down which we will blindly saunter forward further dividing ourselves from our true meaning and purpose which is clearly to overcome and master our destiny, that of cosmic genesis and collective conscious transformation to the next stage of cosmic consciousness. In order to realize our true cosmic potential, of course, we will require a planet from which to operate. Won’t we? Perhaps the transformation will be literal in nature and we will advance psycho spiritually to a non physical order of existential being. Anything’s possible. I don’t believe a major paradigmatic shift will be fully realized by the collective human consciousness within the short span of linear time that seems afforded us. I pledge to do all I can to enact this shift in human consciousness through the very tool that succeeded in hypnotizing the collective mind: the monitor. Whether it be television, personal computer or handheld communication device complete with mini screen all technology has afforded us ultimately is a further distraction from the macroscopic view of cosmic gnosis and planetary unity. Using the very means by which the will of an elite few have robbed the masses of their transcendent potential I plan on returning the gift. Through uncovering the conspiratorial nature of status quo reality I plan on coercing the masses to examine their own behavior patterns and transform into self realized sophisticates who will naturally resist the surreptitious manipulation of the robber politicians and rubber handshakes associated with the present dilemma of environmental pathology. Ave Sophia! Recycle, eat the rich! Kill a car for Christ!

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