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The Ontological Insult

The ontological insult // due to empirical categorization of import and opportunistic exploitive lust // of capitalism has weakened our resolve to liberate the proletariat collective consciousness yet still re/evolution/phase shift vectors of intent spontaneously fount forth // we have not fully understood or realized the entire picture and are presently faced with the dilemma of not being able to replace the current regime of status quo consciousness with a better alternative while realizing that if we don’t the future is bleak.
Classic catch 22 scenario, yet any sense of responsible stewardship should make the answer obvious. You can’t argue afterwards about which methods were viable alternatives when the entire substrate of our existence has been expended. We must stop the current practice of petroleum exploitive pornography from progressing any further lest the floor fall from beneath our feet while we’re still jockeying for position to exploit the contemporary alternative. The emissions have to stop NOW, and we may have a slim chance of retroactively purifying the atmosphere. The facts have been analyzed by the empirical community of self satisfied scientists and have been found hard to explain in any other terms than apocalyptic. Yet industry grinds on, megaton carbon emissions increase exponentially at minimum. A conspiracy of complacency has been subliminally supplanted in the status quo collective unconscious by the concealed imperialist robber barons controlling the majority of world governments and industrial progressions. This conspiracy is ancient and it will destroy the entire human race if we allow it to continue unabated. For the love of God, I will not comply willingly with the corruption of liberty. In the past many have realized what I have also come to realize and have been intimidated through the use of psychological and physical manipulation to remain silent or face certain destruction. Now that that in itself seems practically inevitable what do I have to lose by spouting off about conspiratorial consummations, either way I’m facing certain obliteration and it’s difficult to say which concern is more urgent. The hand of doom takes metaphysical forms and ultimately should be turned on its own creator or facilitator. Nature is a reconciliation of opposites and our ontological arrogance has taken enormous proportions. When that sense of security we’ve fashioned for ourselves comes crashing down around us many will perish, spontaneously upon realizing our own insignificance in our fashioned state of conscious. They will be the lucky ones in a sense. For the rest of us the uncertainty of existence will remain the only thing certain. Similar to the way things are currently without the limitation of subjective perception. As I’ve already alluded to the loss of self will prove too great a strain on any individual not accustomed to separating the illusion of self from the One. For those adept in these matters the genuine battle will then begin between conglomerate intentionality and libertarian enlightenment. I spend the time remaining sharpening my will and resolve to improve continuously and non-temporally. I will rail incessantly on the petrol conglomerates as well redefining and remarketing their poisonous passion for the apocalyptic progression of atmospheric transformation. How can these vampires sleep at night unless they are entirely without souls, and if that is the case then they should be the fuel by which we transform our societal requirements.

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