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Perpetual paradox

The limitations of perception have confounded progress. Stasis is characteristic of confusion. The I is an illusory construct endorsed by those composing adversarial stasis. How can One move forward if stalled by ignorant narcissism? The architects of individuality have nearly succeeded in eclipsing intuitive recollection of unity. In order to eliminate resistance to technological stasis, the custodial powers have perpetuated uncertainty and confusion. This is maintained through the advent of war. Conflict can only be realized through the lens of separation naturally endorsed by those administrative authorities intent on control. The abstraction of meaning encourages isolationism. Solipsism is a cure for torture. Manipulation from a distance is philosophically culpable. The individual is a creation of the mind. Everything can be divided down to quanta. To define physical phenomena through perceptual abstraction and equatorial form defeats realism. Definition is an empirically cursed reaction of materialism. To assume our experience is indicative of our ability to interact with our surroundings on a fundamental level is to become ignorant of the very question: What are we? Were we to ponder, we might. We are not individuals. We are one organism turned against itself. We are cannibals. We are solipsists. Cannibal solipsists intent on abstraction and adventitious discrimination. Separation keeps us competitive. Isolation keeps us hungry and desperate. Desperate for assimilation; weary of the shadows in the cave. Paradoxically, the best method of control is ignorance. One responds more rapidly to surreptitiousness when willfully engaged. Passive reception is no substitute for dynamic involvement. To act is to reject stasis. Individuality is the stasis of solipsism, the concealment of genuineness. This computer does not exist. It is the figment of our imagination and would fail if ignored. So have we, gradually, become figments of our own imagination and failed according to our separation of corporeality. Our corpo-reality has been fixed by our image E nation. Our idea of self has rendered us pliable to the leanings of the industrial corporate death machine deceived into believing exemption from inevitability is yet a possibility. The cons have been conned. The double-crossers have been double-crossed. Through the perpetuation of confusion we have confused ourselves into thinking there is a contingency plan for our failures. Indicative of solipsism, we justify one insular perspective with another. How can light even be expected to escape from such a black hole of reason and hope? Light is a currency with which we will trade in darkness. Time has no remedy for singularity.


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