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Conspiracy of Complacency

Complacency in the face of certain destruction through the continued degradation of the environment is pathologically unnatural. Nature functions through opposition, rather the systemic balancing of anti-equilibrium. Complicity towards the anti-equilibrium caused by humankind's inability to incorporate macro considerations of global responsibility is unnatural in its intent. Not concerned with the end, we are perpetually consumed with the means. This very negligence, albeit institutionalized, becomes the confounding factor in the absence of ownership over our effect on the biosphere.
Process, being more sacrosanct than substance, has replaced rationality and necessity. As long as the means are satisfied, to hell with the end. The end has become a taboo subject relegated, once again, to the mutterings of madmen. The end is here.
Rather than consider and analyze the logical consequences of our industrial progression and its effect on the biosphere, we compulsively mull over the means. Reconstructing our entire sense of responsibility through distraction of process. The means, the mens rea. The objectively measurable and quantifiable act of ending. The means justify the end, some abstract projection which cannot be defined or measured. Which only happens, it doesn't actually generate in our global negligence. The complete and utter destruction of the planet is the end toward which we are unconsciously striving. The means towards this end are attractively concealing their very nature through the immediacy and seeming necessity of accumulating physical commodities. The end can easily be concealed through the distractions of method and manufacture. When our surroundings begin spontaneously dissolving due to the corrosive action of our indifference to opposition, we will attempt to transfigure the means when we more should transform the end. Only through a radical revolution of re-alignment will the human hand begin to loosen its grip on its own throat. Too intent on self-destruction, we have inadvertently initiated a complex sequence of collapsing contingencies which will lead to the extinction of the human race. The human crawl. The human drag. The human smear. The humanend. The end of time.


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