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Fucked too

<"Flyin' through hyperspace isn't like dusting crops, boy.">

The administrative justice system is too distracted with the perpetuity of paradox to concern itself with the mere trivia of resolution or righteousness. The party with the deepest pockets wins through attrition. So, in other words, the government always wins as they have the collective bargaining power of vast assets. How is this determination supposed to gauge anything other than an inherent corruption of purpose when, taken unto itself, the rational argument necessitating this situation is clearly and exclusively self-perpetuation? If you don't have the resources to fight for what is right, you are deemed to be wrong. This ensures that the bureaucracy and the prisons stay steadily employed in the illusion of justice. It's fucking insulting to think that the administrative eye of Sauron assumes complicity in its corruption of reason. Capitalism has subtly degraded jurisprudence into a formulaic utilitarianism, resources having become equivalent with rights. There is no value in a system that metes out privilege for the affluent rather than justice for law. When the main function of a justice system is to guarantee its own continuance rather than to provide sound and valid judgment of conflict, institutionalized corruption is evident. The only people the the justice system serves, ultimately, are those participating in its function. Those petitioning for justice, who are not intimately involved in its partitioning, are neglected. The public, whom the justice system is ostensibly there to serf and neglect (sorry, serve and protect), get none. The public is just a fuck toy with which the establishment both amuses and justifies itself. Just like a whore who is no longer necessary, the public is fucked and then rejected. Once a persons resources have been exhausted, their utility is deemed negligible and the justice system discards them as flotsam, slithering toward the next host like a tyrannical parasite of misery and misfortune. Fuck Locke.
The administrative concealment of truth that the establishment is conditioned to enact is proof of conspiratorial intent inherent in bureaucracy. The administrative powers that be are nothing more than a concentration of incompetence, yet through the grace of Horus enjoy their comfort and excess being necessary components of keeping the slaves contented. The illusion of efficacy in governmental bodies is a function of the institutionalized neglect integral to the progression of the status quo death machine.
The only way to protect my daughter from the institutionalized trivialization of human rights inherent in the bureaucracy is by exhausting my resources. If I had not had access to resources with which to wage legal action, twould ave been just the same as it has before. My daughter would have been subject to the categorical neglect of a system corrupted through capital and elitism. My daughter, through the fucking genius of the Children's Aid Society, has been sentenced to triviality for the past three years. The insane paranoid rants and manipulative influence of a woman crazed with power inside an arena of near invincibility had been enough for the fuckin CAS to prevent my protection of my own daughter. For three long and agonizing years the fuckin CAS has created problems for me, biased against me because of my sex. All my daughter's mother would allege of my behavior would have to be investigatively scrutinized, while all of my allegations were dismissed as reactionary and groundless. To the point where the entire family court system stood in the way of me protecting my daughter from the institutionalized negligence of the status quo.
Here I go again on yet another foray into the family courts. This time fighting for full custody from her fucking deranged mother and exemption from the triviality of the Children's Aid Society. Even though proximal pockets are, for all extensive purposes, bottomless the fight will still be difficult as one of the parties is government and are more difficult to discredit. But, as you might hope, the facts do speak for themselves, and if I am able to protract the proceedings to such an extent as to scrutinize all the available evidence there is no room for loss. Also, CAS will be wont to admit neglect of their primary mandate which is to protect children, even if it be from their own parents, even if it be from the government mediocrity of intent. They failed to protect my daughter in this instance and in fact they exacerbated the incident through their lack of thoroughness and institutionalized gender bias. Fuck them. If I had the money I would drag them through years of litigation and fuck them sideways in front of the very justice that gave them jurisdiction. Fucking goofs. Child-fuckers. Children's Apocalypse Society. Although these souls will not be spared the wrath of fire in the after life, they still like to fuck me now. Through the adoption of complacency towards utilitarian precedent, the establishment has become a thoughtless artifice of logical paradox attempting to conceal the twilight of reason.


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