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Apocalyptic acceleration is directly proportional to the denial of the status quo, who have confused sufficiency with necessity. The projection of subjective inference on objective reality has succeeded in the misunderstanding of the ages. Existence has replaced essence as the ontological first principle of substance. The inner principle and meaning of an entity has become concealed by its functionality. The intentionality of being qua being has been purposefully and scornfully neglected in the panic to promote illusion of substantial necessity. Our momentary embodiment in the present is simply that, instantaneous and ephemeral. It is not necessary, it is merely sufficient for us to exist. Precisely because of the illusion of individuality, which status quo consciousness requires to ensure its continuance, the collective suffers the pain of separation. The One does not allow for exclusivity and will have no choice but to excise such a tumorous growth from its being. As the earth spins on its axis it also contemplates its destiny. The moment of time in which the human species struggles to ensure its progression and continuation is but a fleeting consideration in cosmology, one which will retrospectively appear as an epiphany of futility. We are intergalactic germs who, having gotten comfortable and quiescent, lay in ignorance of our own self-limiting appetite for destruction and domination. Just like a microbiological pathogen, once we have consumed or contaminated all of the substrate available to us, we will render ourselves extinct. Indeed, we have had our moment of glory. We have squandered our sufficiency. We must bleed. The goddess is parched. Perhaps the next cycle of substance will be more cognizant of its moment.


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