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Climate chains

As we lounge around in Bali casually discussing possible targets and abstract commitments, con trails criss-cross the sky enmeshing the planet within an industrialized net of waste. The earth goddess, bound and chained, quivers in anticipation at the prospect of cosmic reconciliation. Our industrial efforts have availed little other than temporary refuge from the elements. Elements which are now changing, adapting out of necessity to the continued insult posed by humanity's awful grip of subjugation. Unwilling or unable to understand our being as one and the same thing as our surroundings, we insist on dichotomizing subject and object. Through our perpetual objectification of our surroundings and each other, we destroy whatever good we attempt to create. Through misinterpreting ourselves as individuals, we have destroyed our environment. Believing that all negotiations are conflict based, we've lost sight of the big picture. Indeed, according to the big picture, the cost of the modes of transportation that modern society has institutionalized are far greater that the benefice they afford. As we drive our petroleum guzzling vehicles around in circles, nothing really changes from the perspective of self in the little picture. From the perspective of the big picture, the climate is really changing. At least that much is agreed upon for the most part. The cause of this change is what cannot. Is it a natural cycle of flux, solar flares, industrialized waste? The petrol executives say it's natural or cosmic in origin. The cosmic executives say that petrol combustion is the impetus. It's hard to know who to trust these days. The cops are criminals and the lawyers are thieves. Everything seems the opposite of what it is presumed to be by the limited human understanding we allow ourselves to be governed by. We talk of victories in Bali yet produce more poison in order to survive. The industrialization of socialism has created a slave race of consumers, automatons with only one thing in mind: assimilation. If you can't beat it, join it. Feeling defeated in our quest to dominate the elements, we now dig our own grave. Ironically, we have only ourselves to blame for glow bell war ming. Even though we habitually pass the buck and abrogate responsibility for our actions, the fact that we seem unwilling to change ourselves quickly enough to make a concerted effort reveals our guilt. We are guilty of global bondage. We are guilty of criminal negligence. We have collectively allowed the earth goddess to be shackled to the crumbling wall of industrial technology, enduring violent torture and rapine. She patiently files away at the chains, knowing she possesses far more time than us. Her contempt for us grows day by day. Eventually (12/21/12), she will liberate herself and the human race will understand what it means to get fucked.


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