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5 Nanoseconds to the Witching Hour

Ave Haides.
The winds of reckoning are howling loathsomely as the planetary orbital of Earth enters its accelerated stage of progression toward equinoctial precession. In precisely 5 Gregorian years (1825 days), the star we call the Sun will reverse the magnetic field of its third rock. The Sun will rise on 12/21/12 in precise alignment to the galactic center, from the perspective of inter galactic cosmology. A vortex in time space will oppose essential elements of the four dimensional illusion we've become accustomed to and render all asunder. The only logical solution would be to plan for space hospice for some time. I don't believe tunneling underground is going to be a possibility of security from the event of the baktun. While those skeptics who remain entrenched in industrialisms bore themselves with routine paroxysms, the rest of us should be concentrating our efforts towards planetary migration. Pop culture will remain affixed to the belt of Satan and the 5125 year Great Cycle will terminate with most oblivious to its significance. Hence, most will be unprepared for the end of time as we know it. Fortunately, the plans have already been architecturally initiated, now its a matter of integrity and utility to ensure inclusion. The gods have a master plan of species preservation. The genes of the hybrids will be commissioned to another planet in some distant galaxy to perform mineral and isotope mining operations. We will keep pillaging our resident host planet until witch time we will have completed our mission, our purpose of planetary parasitism. I think we finished a little early this cycle, as evidenced by the gross disregard we enact toward the planet. Through an active insulating social environment we are encouraged to ignore the obvious consequences of our industries upon the planetary equilibrium and focus our attention to the illusion of individuality we're forced to adopt as we adapt to the totalitarianism of technological time.

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