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The Good, the Bad, and the Bible

Scripture talks of Hell as a consequence of will devoid of respect. An endless vista of suffering and torture to which those who complete their lives in selfish subjectivity are condemned to endure post mortem. The Bible attempts to demonstrate the fact that faith and supplication toward the creator can prevent such a fate of condemnation.
Modern materialism has created Hell on earth. Any global survey of health would have to conclude that the clear majority are denied basic human right to the necessities of life. Poverty breeds despair and degeneracy, all necessary components of Hell.
If we are to believe scripture and enact the pious observance necessary for redemption, we become easier targets in the shooting gallery it itself has created. Rather than illuminate, the Bible is meant to conceal the truth of existence behind models of morality and sanctity toward a supernatural power. The same power that enables human slavery and subjugation. The same power that manifests Hell on earth through the rampant adversarialism and exclusivism. We slaves require a template for proper functionality and the Bible serves this purpose directly.
Material reality promotes custodial aims insofar as it conceals an infinitely larger perspective of cosmic consequence. The cause and effect of physical being is hidden behind abstract compulsion and distraction from accountability through vicarious veneration. While we struggle to survive, we somehow justify our indirect condemnation of the majority through the abstraction of responsibility afforded us by religious faith. Faith is the old currency of modernism. The contemporary currency is blood. The blood of children for the supplication of Mammon, the Mesopotamian god who requires terrible sacrifice in order to manifest his havoc. We currently exist in a Hell that has yet to be defined as such by the status quo. When the custodial masters reveal themselves on 12/21/12, the thin veil of materialism concealing our integral necessity in the summons will dissolve and the insect-like gods who created us will return to rend us at the moment we collectively realize that our mundane existence has been contingent the entire time upon our spiritual bondage. The flames of Hell are difficult to perceive visually, yet one can easily sense the heat of immanent destruction and finiteness of the vehicle of time. You can visually observe the fact that the earth is warming up and the flood waters have begun to rise as the north exponentially melts. Greenland will turn green within the next three years. The entire continent will be converted to a golf course for the elite.


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