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Being a single father, I have received absolutely no assistance from the administrative authorities. The police won't help me, the lawyers only siphon my funds and the judges are all maternally biased. The procedural mechanization of family law has resulted in a blind juggernaut of misandry, devoid of reason or even consideration. Once, when my ex surreptitiously abducted my daughter from my custody against prearranged conditions of agreement, I called the police for assistance. They asked me if a legal custodial agreement had been ordered. Not aware of an existing court order to such effect, they told me to get a lawyer. Thanks for your help, officer. If the situation had been reversed and I had abducted my daughter from her mother's custody, the police would have responded and I would have spent nights behind bars, regardless of a finalized court order. Institutionalized abrogation of a man's right to protect his own children against their mother and the trivialization of social assistance. Get a fucking lawyer. Lawyers are worse than gallstones. They embody more administrative corruption than most, feigning necessity for promulgation. Lawyers are more concerned with prolonging matters than resolving them. There is no justice in avarice. The business of governmental socialism serves its administrators more than those who it was ostensibly created to assist.

The institutionalization of knowledge through the compartmentalization of modernism. True knowledge cannot be taught without experiential engagement. You can't understand a person until you've walked in their shoes. If you wish to understand homelessness, you must spend at least a week or two on the street. If you wish to understand marginalization, you must dissolve all illusion of individuality, liberty or rights. To understand the fundamental corruption of modern industrialism you need only gauge the benefits with the costs. The pharmaceutical companies enact their phase II and III drug trials on poor foreign populations by distributing free drugs in developing countries under the auspice of humanitarian charity. The poor die so that pharmaceutical companies can receive license and patent. Just as the petroleum companies laud themselves for token superficial environmental improvement projects, modern industry conceals the actual effects of their enterprise through the illusions of progress, convenience and abstract benefice.

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