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November 9, 2007


Being a single father, I have received absolutely no assistance from the administrative authorities. The police won't help me, the lawyers only siphon my funds and the judges are all maternally biased. The procedural mechanization of family law has resulted in a blind juggernaut of misandry, devoid of reason or even consideration. Once, when my ex surreptitiously abducted my daughter from my custody against prearranged conditions of agreement, I called the police for assistance. They asked me if a legal custodial agreement had been ordered. Not aware of an existing court order to such effect, they told me to get a lawyer. Thanks for your help, officer. If the situation had been reversed and I had abducted my daughter from her mother's custody, the police would have responded and I would have spent nights behind bars, regardless of a finalized court order. Institutionalized abrogation of a man's right to protect his own children against their mother and the trivialization of social assistance. Get a fucking lawyer. Lawyers are worse than gallstones. They embody more administrative corruption than most, feigning necessity for promulgation. Lawyers are more concerned with prolonging matters than resolving them. There is no justice in avarice. The business of governmental socialism serves its administrators more than those who it was ostensibly created to assist.

The institutionalization of knowledge through the compartmentalization of modernism. True knowledge cannot be taught without experiential engagement. You can't understand a person until you've walked in their shoes. If you wish to understand homelessness, you must spend at least a week or two on the street. If you wish to understand marginalization, you must dissolve all illusion of individuality, liberty or rights. To understand the fundamental corruption of modern industrialism you need only gauge the benefits with the costs. The pharmaceutical companies enact their phase II and III drug trials on poor foreign populations by distributing free drugs in developing countries under the auspice of humanitarian charity. The poor die so that pharmaceutical companies can receive license and patent. Just as the petroleum companies laud themselves for token superficial environmental improvement projects, modern industry conceals the actual effects of their enterprise through the illusions of progress, convenience and abstract benefice.

November 10, 2007

The Good, the Bad, and the Bible

Scripture talks of Hell as a consequence of will devoid of respect. An endless vista of suffering and torture to which those who complete their lives in selfish subjectivity are condemned to endure post mortem. The Bible attempts to demonstrate the fact that faith and supplication toward the creator can prevent such a fate of condemnation.
Modern materialism has created Hell on earth. Any global survey of health would have to conclude that the clear majority are denied basic human right to the necessities of life. Poverty breeds despair and degeneracy, all necessary components of Hell.
If we are to believe scripture and enact the pious observance necessary for redemption, we become easier targets in the shooting gallery it itself has created. Rather than illuminate, the Bible is meant to conceal the truth of existence behind models of morality and sanctity toward a supernatural power. The same power that enables human slavery and subjugation. The same power that manifests Hell on earth through the rampant adversarialism and exclusivism. We slaves require a template for proper functionality and the Bible serves this purpose directly.
Material reality promotes custodial aims insofar as it conceals an infinitely larger perspective of cosmic consequence. The cause and effect of physical being is hidden behind abstract compulsion and distraction from accountability through vicarious veneration. While we struggle to survive, we somehow justify our indirect condemnation of the majority through the abstraction of responsibility afforded us by religious faith. Faith is the old currency of modernism. The contemporary currency is blood. The blood of children for the supplication of Mammon, the Mesopotamian god who requires terrible sacrifice in order to manifest his havoc. We currently exist in a Hell that has yet to be defined as such by the status quo. When the custodial masters reveal themselves on 12/21/12, the thin veil of materialism concealing our integral necessity in the summons will dissolve and the insect-like gods who created us will return to rend us at the moment we collectively realize that our mundane existence has been contingent the entire time upon our spiritual bondage. The flames of Hell are difficult to perceive visually, yet one can easily sense the heat of immanent destruction and finiteness of the vehicle of time. You can visually observe the fact that the earth is warming up and the flood waters have begun to rise as the north exponentially melts. Greenland will turn green within the next three years. The entire continent will be converted to a golf course for the elite.


November 11, 2007

Lights from above

I remember the lights very well. Orange, green and yellow. They descended from the sky one evening in the spring of 1992. I was with two friends and we were enjoying some good LSD together. We were walking along a pathway that flanked Speed river in Guelph/ON. The area was sparsely inhabited and there were no homes in the vicinity of the park that surrounded the portion of the river that flowed through the town. It was approximately 3 or 4 in the morning. As we walked along the path that ran adjacent to the river's edge we became aware of an illumination above us that seemed to encompass the entire sky. We all looked skyward in tandem and attempted to determine the nature of the light source. I remember looking upward and feeling confused but not frightened or alarmed. The light appeared as a descending shroud of pale luminescence. I remember thinking that I saw the source of the emission far above, the lights seeming to originate from a single source high above. The shroud approached gradually, seeming to spread like a gas. As the blanket of light neared, I looked at my friends incredulously, not sure of what to make of the phenomenon. My one friend looked back at me perplexed and we began laughing nervously. When I looked to the other party, he had dropped to his knees and was fervently praying to whatever god he believed in. This action raised my anxiety level somewhat, but I still remember remaining relatively calm while the light enveloped us from above. The last memory I retain from that evening was the light descending far enough that I was almost able to reach up in the air and touch the luminescent blanket of color. All memories leading up to that point in the evening are still etched quite dramatically on my brain. After the lights reached us, the entire process occurring within 10 minutes, my memory goes blank and I cannot recall anything whatsoever. The lack of memory concerning these events was not gradual; I remember waking up in bed the next day unsure whether the entire experience was not a dream. I called my friend as soon as I awoke and asked him what had happened to us. He insisted that the phenomenon was simply the northern lights making their spectacular appearance. I wasn't so sure, as I didn't think the aurora borealis came down so close to the ground. As we were under the influence of psychedelic intoxicants at the time of the experience, I rationalized away the accounting for missing time not being able to remember the journey home after the lights were encountered.
Years later, I began questioning my one friend about his memories of the experience and we disagreed about the origin of the lights, he still thinking they were nothing other then the northern lights. I was starting to think otherwise, that the lights had emanated from a definite source. The literature I had been reading had led me to speculate that the lights were perhaps a tractor beam , as such, and that we had been abducted by extraterrestrials that evening. This would explain the occurrence of the lights and the clear lack of memory of any events after the lights had landed, so to speak. My friend maintained that the lights were natural phenomenon. Unable to resolve our conflicting opinions of the memory, I asked my friend how to reach the other party that was present in order that I might ask him what he recalled about the evening we saw the lights from above. My friend seemed surprised that he had not told me that the other person present had died a while back from melanoma. Shocked, I didn't know what to make of it. The way I knew the other gentleman, he was not a sun worshiper nor a day creature at all, for that matter. I mourned the loss of the other man who had witnessed the event we now discussed and wondered if his death was somehow connected to the event in contention. My remaining friend has maintained that the lights were the aurora borealis up until recently when a material change in circumstance invited his perspective to alter and he began to consider my mad ramblings about custodial aliens more tenable. You see, he has just recently been diagnosed with acute leukemia. As my mind begins to wander upon this speculation, I consider that two of the three parties present the night the lights came down have developed rare forms of cancer that could conceivably have been initiated by a large dose of radiation. The source of that radiation could have been solar or cosmic. Then again, the radiating lights could have a far different source. That of the custodians. The keepers of time. The overseers of secularized existence. The harbingers of the apocalypse.


November 20, 2007

Natural Law

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
For every act there is an omission.
For every vulgarity there is charity.
For every intentioned dismissal there is malignant distemper.
Which ever relative form this retaliatory self-preservation might take is a matter of discourse.
What the human animal needs to engage in is active macroscopic consideration of the planet.
Without which our time remaining further erodes the necessary message of cosmic reconciliation.
For the process itself is not as critical as the meaning of the end.
Natural law knows no physical limitations or imperfections. It is timeless and omnipotent.
It is multi-dimensional and omniscient. It is what it is. It is vast and ineffable.
As such, Gaia is God. The alien, the magistrate, the prostitute, the mother.
It seems obvious that the planet itself now feels the need to retaliate against the human race.
Some might argue that this has been a consistency of nature since time immemorial.
This is not the characteristic of nature of which I speak.
The necessary malevolence against anthropogenic activity assaulted upon the planet is.
There is a subtle difference here. Namely, that between sufficiency and necessity.
We may be intelligent enough to have learned to manipulate the elements.
We are not intelligent enough to realize that this negation of necessity toward natural law is clearly paradoxical and suicidal.
Through the guarantee of neglect and objectification we have lost our souls.
All that remains is the abyss of dread.
The folly of humanity is that only when it hits the bottom will we recognize the gravity of our errors.


November 21, 2007

Purpose and Effect

Even if one holds in abeyance all the avails of scientific inquiry, the purpose of technological advancement is improvement of environment through the understanding of fundamental physical laws. The environment is supposed to be the anthropogenic facilitation of fact. The environment is not meant to portray the metaphysical arena of elementals and natural law. So, the improvement of the environment is the purpose of science and technology. How is it then, that the effect of such purpose be paradoxically, the opposite? The effect of such concentrated will has been to poison our environment. The opposite of our intent has transpired and any rational judgment at all would lead one towards the conclusion that the purpose is meaningless if the effect is indeed, inversely proportional. For what meaning can such a tenet hold when its practice results in the opposite? The only possible meaning for such an illogical pursuit would lie in its intent. If the intent of science and technology is understood to be that of facultative appropriation from the ectoparasitic perspective, it is perfectly clear that we are fully engaged in the appropriate course of action as a global community. The status quo is more concerned with the process than the effect. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Of course, by the time the purposeful process breaks down due to the adverse effects of environmental erosion, there will be no resources from which to rebuild the purpose and recreate the process. If the purpose of industrial technology were truly to improve our access to resources and facilities from a macroscopic perspective, it would have began purposefully moving towards this end or effect, decades ago. Our genetic code was deposited here, on this planet, for the purpose of domination and exploitation. Or so it appears, through our effect. The only imperfection our creators overlooked when breeding and grooming us was the propensity for independent thought and will, which will ultimately compel all conscious observers to disengage from the ostensible purpose of progress. Our progression through rationalism and empiricism has yielded nothing other than destruction of our environment. The very dichotomous nature of the human understanding of reality has ensured our perspective remains insular, devoted only to the perpetuation of self and its immediate scope of necessity. Having supported an adversarial view of natural law rather than one of cosmic paradox, modern human consciousness has misunderstood the dynamic illusion of individuality involved in human sensory perception for mutual exclusive existence from the environment. Fabricating our internal environments more permissibly through the use of technology, we have assumed and created a separation from the surrounding environment. So much so, that now we face imminent destruction at the hands of the elemental forces that shape our world, acting out of necessity in an immunological sense. The planet earth had no acquired immunity to the cosmic prion responsible for the genesis of the human species and the planet is now becoming more defensive as the assault against it continues unabated. The light elementals are active and appear increasing hostile to our continued presence. Perhaps the beings of light are emissaries from a galaxy beyond the cosmic portal preparing to dilate. As the end date draws near their activity becomes more pronounced and excitable at the prospect of inter-galactic reconciliation. Judging from their advances, they are more likely earth spirits troubled with our continued presence.


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