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Break Away Culture

Humanity has forfeited ontological fitness
In order that we may pursue the other
Rather than ourselves
Illusion of temporal fitness
Custom built by custodial hands.

Contemporary pop culture
Has separated itself from custom
In an attempt to re-invent the
Lost religion
Being as other.

Cultural worship of technology has created
Individuals whose locus of identity
Is external to themselves.
Always focused on others activities
And the nuances of virtual existence

Cultural obsession with technology
Has degraded understanding of cause and effect
It has altered our entire understanding
Of the space time continuum
Our will to be reduced to envy.

Vicarious being designed to obfuscate
Accepted as organizational
And informational
Condemned afterwards as the same
In reverse.

Enlightenment has been mass marketed
Produced for the layman
In the form of a hand held object
Used to be a bible
Now its a device.

Religion served to control the masses
Just as technology has now afforded
Mass mind control in a form
Recognized as freedom
Freedom as slavery.


Spirituality has been supplanted with technological bondage
The Supreme Intelligence has been replaced with
We now carry our obsession / fetish with us, 24/7/365.14
All the fucking time.

We have a generation of dependents
Too entitled to work or even move
There is a reliance on technology rather than the self
Which is bound to end badly
Considering the history of humankind.

Social media has convinced the collective mind
That organization and community are essential to survival
More so than present physical reality
Or the constant struggle against Nature.
Our adversary and mother.

Makes us easier targets
Staring blindly at our smartphones
While the rug figuratively gets pulled
From beneath our feet
And nature collects her tithes.

Virtual reality has no physical component
No interaction with another or the other
Yet the extreme piety which it demands from its users
Results in the neglect of the self
In the sense of self-awareness

Now the modern culture's attention is clearly planted
On the other
Other than self
Being has become non-being
Has become

In a cosmic dance which has handicapped
Our ability to understand the consequences
Of our inactions
The techno-zombies have dominated
The lens of tomorrow


Present generations of the technologically crippled
Can solve all problems with a finger
Don't even have to break a sweat
Break away from custom
Rely on others to support you.

With the eyes on the phone
The wolves move in
Oblivious to your surroundings
You obsess over fake news and marketing
Substitutes for self-reflection and identity.

Mind control marketed as enlightenment
Or was it entitlement
Has convinced the masses to clutch
The technological fetish close to their
Parts most susceptible to metamorphose.

Like their morality or fealty
Toward the social collective
Big Brother in the palm of your hand
Surveillance having replaced

Rather, having also created it.
Having gathered all the data for the other
On how we operate
How we understand
Our interaction with our environment

How we interact with others
How best to spread the disease
How best to influence and control us
From afar
From the stars.


Technology is the answer
To all (y)our problems
To all your dreams
To all your catastrophic terrors
Meant to unify through division.

Like a mitotic cancer cell
Just starting its career
Technology is still pertinent to our
Understanding of our cosmic position
Yet, it must be excised.

Lest we perish
When those we have raised perish
With us as obligate dependents do
When their sustenance expires
One dependent cannot support another.

A generation of dependents
Will not stand a chance
Against the other
Against themselves
In spite of themselves.

We are our own worst enemy
As all children seem to be
As all dependent, entitled
Cancerous, syphilitic
Troglodytes is.


Neoplatonism has destroyed us
First in the form of Christianity
Now in the form of technology
It is a break away culture
Blindly going where none have yet ventured.

Remember me
I'm Motorhead

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