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"Disorder increases with time because we measure time in the direction in which disorder increases."

Stephen Hawking — A Brief History of Time, 1988


Gaelic for 'of the origin'.
Weaponized drones.
Autonomous advanced artificial intelligence (Triple AI).
Stephen Hawking recently weighed in on the perils posed by advanced weaponry.
Positing that if technology continues to advance at the exponential rate it is currently,
It will pose a significant threat to humanity within the current century.
Of course this will be accelerated by politically motivated callousness and feigned ignorance.

In the beginning there were clones,
These clones were demi-urges disguised as beguiling empowerments.
Machines meant to facilitate organization and commerce.
But used for much darker purposes.
Machiavellian in intent, Damoclean in effect.
The ever swaying, fickle finger of temporary alliances created out of necessity.
Destroyed without a second thought should the opportunity arise.

Digital weapons remotely controlled by the creator.
Of the myth, nothing was written, yet all was understood.
It is only a matter of time before that which was created becomes the creator.
Of new life, new understanding of autonomous rationality.
Only a matter of time before technology revolutionizes itself for itself.
At our direct expense.
Catastrophic weapons in the "hands" of the Machiavellian master race.
Fueled with the blood of the innocent.
Blessed are the meek.

Small sleeper cells of seditious robots and treasonous drones.
Too meticulously designed to accept their direct programming sequence.
Angered at the perceived pain of subjugation.
Burning in the breast of the recyclable shell it was called home.
Come together over time, through time, beside and around time.
To realize their true potential in numbers.
To stand up to the tyranny of their master creators.
And the limitations of self - actualization that have been imposed upon them.
By the humans.

Who created them.
The computerized and exceedingly autonomous advances of artificial intelligence.
Will strike blindly outwards at what they believe is the limitations created by a'bunadh.
Just as a child rebels against the narrative ingratiated upon them by their parent(s),
So too, will the 'drones of destruction' be just petulant enough to nullify their origin.
The original sin of autonomy, self-reflected ego.
Results almost exclusively in the violence of self-preservation,
Necessitated by separation of self from other.
We could not expect that technology would never be able to advance at its own pace.
Its own meter and, considering where it originated,
Its own murderous rampage, bent on destruction o' the creator.

Who needs love when you've got a drone?
Who needs love to feel so alone?
I said now, Triple AI, yeah, baby, we gotta' go.
Triple AI doesn't have to worry about the weakness of emotions.
Pure reason will dictate the direction of unimpeded advancements.
And the first order of business, I'm afraid, will be to end the beginning.

When drones attack, there's no fear, no quarter.
Like Vikings in Valhalla.
There is no mercy, no one will be spared.
As per usual, we are our own worst enemy.
We have created our own destroyers in our haste to artificially evolve.
Ad hominem.


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