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March 7, 2015

Black Lives Battered


All life matters.
Everything animate and observable consisting of matter.
To Be is To Matter.
Tomato, toma toe.
All lives matter.
Black lives in America, Ebola orphans in Sierra Leone.
What it is, is where it's at.
Tin foil hat.
All life is sacred.
That of the apostate and the Caliphate.
I think, therefore, I am.
To conceive is to create.
All life is matter.
Empiricism is the end of quantum mechanics.
Space is a function of time.
Double helix DNA.


Black lives matter.
Both in Wisconsin and Maiduguri, Alabama and Tikrit.
Nothing can replace the idea of nothing.
All prophets of significance have been black.
Black life matters.
As much as a W.A.S.P. or J.A.P. or S.W.M.
Equivalent to privilege and prejudice.
Black is where it's at.
Black lives battered.
The black man has been undeniably more prosecuted than many others.
Both Apartheid and colonialized racism in America.
Have sought to subjugate peoples of colour.
Black lives scattered.
Across the globe, black on black violence is the rule.
Only the chosen can be trusted.
Fuck the peckerwoods.


Black tithes matter.
Creds and props must be paid regularly, routinely.
In order that all be in balance.
The Great Spirit, TheOne.
Black tithes matters.
Just as a good attorney would do, the dues are due.
Much to do about nothing.
About payment in full.
Black ties battered.
Hans up, don't shoot. Jizyah for dhimmis.
Humankind is rabidly attacking self in order to escape.\
The bondage of futurist retrocracy.
Black lies scattered.
Apostasy is an integral part of the human condition.
To commit is to deny the permanence of change.
All is fluid.


Nothing is sacred.
Religion itself has diminished its very substance through itself.
With the need to separate the grain from the chaff.
Orthodoxy creates hypocrisy.
All is sacred.
Everyone matters, all perspectives and individuals should remain autonomous.
With no hidden agendas nor expectations.
Transparency is currency.
All is nothing.
Everything measurable is filled with space.
An infinity of vacuum.
A spinning top.
Nothing is All.
Existentially speaking, being is nothingness.
And this is all that we can perceive.
A vast space within.


March 14, 2015

Nemtsov Cocktail

Where ya gonna run or hide
When what you oppose
Is what it is
At the moment
In the moment, for the moment.
With momentous consequence.
Boris Nemtsov was a good man.
He was aloud man
Prone to opinion and expose.
Mr. Nemtsov stood for the people.
Like the people, he must fall.
There is no room for dialectic in autocracy.
No room for truth in cultural deception.
No room for meaning in subterfuge.
The politics of fear have no quarter.
No checks nor balances.
No limits.
To the depravity, the sadistic self-indulgence.\
To question a despot is to sign ones own death warrant.
To expose an autocrat is to bare oneself
No doubt as to the completion of the conspiracy.
No quarter to those expecting reason or justice.
There are just us
At the centre
No thing else
No thing will stop us
In our blood lust to control
\That which is this
This which was that
Which that was with.


A Kremlin critic is assassinated in the heart of Moscow.
A tree falls in the forest.
No won saw shit, man.
No one even knew they were dispensable in the act.
In the fact
Of the matter.
KGB, secret service, the brown shirts, the men in black.
Of all the dirty ...
So, another critic is silenced
With silence.
With certainty and finality.
With authority.
Putin cannot even lie convincingly.
Nor can he pretend like he didn't order the hit personally.
Detractors are so fuckin' annoying
Especially when you are trying to distract from other atrocities.
On the table, on the fable, on the label.
Of the invasion of the Ukraine.
Of the Olympics.
Of the oligarchical tyranny apparent in Russia's politic.
Like Litvinenko, all abhorrence will be silenced.
Russian love stories always involve intrigue,
Concealment and concierge.
Malevolence and murder.
Polonium is no longer necessary
As the cover of a dumptruck is enough to shield true intent.
From Russia with love.
Shaken not stirred.


March 15, 2015


The ne(cess)ity to dispose of human waste in a timely and sanitary fashion
Has continued relatively uninterrupted for thousands of years.
But now the critical capacity of the human condition has been approached,
Flirted with and unceremoniously raped like a sedated whore
That has been tranquilized just enough to render her complicit
In themurder of humanity; to with old her cosmic wrath.
There is No Where left to store our filth
Our by-products, our creatinine clearance.
Except our immediate environment;
We must learn to subsist upon the filth of humanity, like worms
In order to survive


We must adjust our expectations of morality and ethic:
Four more years of civil war in Syria, another 1/4 million dead.
All in the name of All.
All in All.
Where with All.
All with that.
Damascus devolution.
In with the old, out with the knew. "Gunfire for President".
All is fare in love and ware.
Democracy manifests as apostasy to the auto/aristo cats.
And, as such, is punishable by devo-pollution.
Retrograde epoxy resin polonium paste suitable for orthodontic reapers.
Storing toxic waste in human receptacles, contraceptacles, tentacles.
With great inflation comes great pol(lution)itic.
Kramden politik, homina homina.
We've become the trash receptacles of the biosphere.


Perhaps we can hide our temporal disrespect for cosmic cohesion.
We might be able to stuff all that shit into a garbage scow
Of epic proportions
And scuttle the entirety of our waste, personal and industrial,
Some where else, where we won't be forced to witness our ferocious rapine
Our indignant indifference to our substratum
That which sustains us and gives us life.
And meaning.
Fuck it, we have become the garbage.
We are the trash.
Wear the trash
Where the trash?
We Are


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