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Uniform failure

Me thinks that I am distinct, the categorical imperative, all and nothing embodied in the corporeal; that, I am somehow mutually exclusive from the remainder of what appears to be reality.


What trick of the human psyche enables it to separate itself from the very substance from which it sprang, in order to define itself as an autonomous entity to which only it can understand and embrace, fundamentally integrate with the intuition?

The arrogance which allows this psychological reflex or urge to manifest itself is incredibly insular in its infancy.

Our species is extremely limited in scope which is demonstrated by the consideration that the genesis of ideation may merely be an uncovering of (intra)gration of matter, inherent in our surroundings rather than an abstract creation manifest in the subject.

In other words, the arrogance of human nature prevents a true understanding of the nature of existance, as it propels one toward consideration of creation rather than revelation.

For humanity to create anything other than inorganic tools, it must ultimately fail.
For we are not expected to be able to manipulate the revelation.
It simply is.
It made us, made us think, made us dream, allowed us to destroy and decimate.

The modern foray into genetic engineering is a folly which can bring no benefice.
As the very mechanism of mind which brought inquiry and research wills itself.
To categorically fail.
As any attempt to reduce metaphysical principles to empirical ones is an absurdity.

Technological progress as it practiced and preached is an absurdity.
Instead of understanding that from which we sprung, we attempt to manipulate.
That which precedes and will outlast us.

Trying to manipulate that which has no form is the hallmark of modern science.
In order to measure that which may or not exist, we must take a leap of faith.
Unfortunately, the uncertainty enacted through this leap contradicts its very purpose.
To measure that which is immeasurable.
To break that which is unbreakable.
To destroy that which is indestructable and eternal.

In order that we fail to understand fundamental existential obligation.
The Machiavellian war machine keeping lumbering long.
For instead of understanding the unconcealed integration of all existence.
We separate through fear and privilege.
We intentionally create conflict in order to profit.
We divide, we conquer.


Just as the Europeans did when the reached the Americas.
They failed to understand the long-term consequences of their immediate actions.
For whom or whatsoever excludes themselves from the whole must perish.
Atrophy from critical mass.
For to conceal or ignore that which sustains you is pathological.
Like an obligate parasite having devoured all the immediate, renewable resources.

We cannot survive without recognizing the critical necessity of our metaphysical integration with the environment in which we habitate.
We must not perceive the environment as an empirical statistic.
Rather, we must see ourselves in the environment.
We must see the environment in us.
It is this understanding of our metaphysical integration with the environment.
With the cosmos, that will liberate our spirit.
Beyond conceptualization of creation and the limited understanding which accompanies it.
Revelation is the only epistemological solution to creationism.
Which has ended up being a uniform failure of human weakness.

Of course, revelation could lead to despotism in the wrong hands.
Privilege, separation, and pestilence will fallow.
Or we can choose to dissolve our concept of individuality.
Back to the source.
Of all being.
Of all space.
Of all time.
Of All.


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