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Daseined to Fail


Write on.
What it ain't.
It ain't harmony, the manner in which the human being exists in the world.
It ain't authentic, ths a priori stance of self-righteous environmental apocalypse.
It ain't even reasonable. that the world's destruction has been concealed in abject consumerism.
Capitalism was designed to fail.
Just as organized, often orthodox religio-political philosophy's have failed to change the world.
So has capitalist theorum and ideology.
For it is not a question of how we can/should/must/ought change the world to suit ourselves but, rather a quest to understand how we must change our selves/mores/wants/needs in order to suit the world.
In order to understand our relationship with the world we must understand ourselves as existing within it, completely immersed in its wholeness and impartiality.
The manner in which the human being has been and continues to behave in the world however, displays a clear lack of clarity for the bigger picture which, by every perspective imaginably possible, is contingent solely and ultimately upon the planet we know as Earth.
In the process of privatizing natural resources for profit and competition on the open market, we have purposefully decided through our actions to neglect the most primordial component of our existence.
We cannot separate ourselves from the planet as easily as an economics professor can differentiate between the principles of supply and demand.
Without the planet and it's revolutions around itself and the Sun, we would not be able to have progressed to the evolutionary superior creatures we consider ourselves at all.
Capitalism has failed for it poses the world and the self-important reality in which we live as nothing other than a commodity to be bought, sold, traded, released, disposed of and, then composted.
There is no interest in authenticity in the the capitalist relationship with the world-at-large.


Yet, it is essential that there be authenticity in order to justify existence.
Thankfully, capitalism has created an answer for that dilemna: increase production of goods and services, flood the market with distractions and inauthenticities, products you just can't live without, and novel procedures and 10-step programs to alleviate the authentic guilt your being sustains participating in the continuation of the environmental apocalypse.
The profiteering leaders of the Maciavellian cult leading the world's future down the dark path of environmental irreparability are not interested in sustainability nor longevity.
Only immediate profits. margins, and losses.
Under the cold eye of Capitalism, dead and mangled sweat-shop workers are dispensible commodities, justifiable losses to bulge the bottom line.
That line, of course, has no regard for the future.
Only for the present, as defined within our microscopic, anthropocentric perspective.
How can the human being exist in the world in an authentic manner of disclosure while perpetually promoting the inauthentic separation of the human being from the environment through the practice of the capitalist system.
The commodification of the biosphere is to negate that which provided the conditions allowing our very evolution, that into which we are thrown, and must understand if we are to continue evolving.
We may not Be-in-the-world if there is nothing left to be in.
The false redemptions of capitalist theory will not prevent the pending environmental apocalypse, a culture of entitlement will not even quell the pain of existential guilt at having little choice but to perpetuate this process or risk imprisonment, assault, or death.
Big brother is not even concerned with discretion any longer.
He is monitoring us as we speak, recording every word.
For posterity, national security.
And murder,
Think globally, murder locally, not the other way around.


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