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There. I've 'ad just enough drink to render me ornery and prolific.

What do 2013 TV135 and Lou Reed have in common?
They both force us to change our perspective in order to grasp their scope.
Now that they both have passed, we can revert back to our default positions.
Of sedation and comfort, of narcosis.
Morpheus Reed was the impetus of indie rock as litery art.
Dead at 71, we will never see the same.

The Canadian Senators are ranting on about due process and presumption of innocence.
What a crock of shit.
These individuals have clearly never seen the boot end of the law.
They have been slumbering in privilege and ignorance of rights,
For of what rights do we speak?
The right of freedom of expression, opinion, assembly, religion, sexual orientation?
These are all privileges assumed by the statuc quo.
Not rights afforded through our existence or being.
These are presumed ethereal effigies of our poisoned egos
Intent on spreading the word of entitlement.
The word of import and necessity,
There are no rights granted to us in the modern techno-industrial multi-national complex.
Only smoke in mirrors.
Like a fuckin' house of mirrors with no apparent escape.

It was a bumper crop for gourds this year in Western Canada.
The Pun-Kins are surplus.
Happy fuckin' Halloween / Samhain / harvest time.
The smell of success is ripe these days.
Riper than a corpse that has been left decomposing in the direct sunlight for days.
More succulent than a Slavic woman who has had just enough to drink.
Like a sated sermon of solitude.

The NSA have positoned "listening posts" around its allies neighbourhoods
In the hopes of coming up with some juicy details with which to blackmail
All of 'dem.
Some fuckin' surprise, America plays by its own rules which are completely unfair and unprescedented.
The Americanization of the global community has finally demanded that the very means through which America has gained part of their edge has exposed their complete disregard for existential neutrality and respect of independence.
Well, the custodial agents responsible for the current state of human affairs must have seen it necessary to bandy about some fool like Edward Snowden, just to piss off all of the elected officials who still cling to the antiquated and maladjusted notion that they are actually in charge of something or have some meaning.
America will destroy whatever meaning has been lent to any idea
Any vestige of interest that has been left clinging to any ideal
Any presumption of innocence that has survived the onslaught of McCarthy.

TV135 must be off-lien, on Rhine, rogue, unredeemed.
That muthafucka sounds solid.]
Be comin' back for another swing at things in 2032.
Just in time for the cosmic resonance to reach a fevered pitch.
1.6666666666666666667e-5 chance in Hell.
For thee, far thee, for thee, far.
Never know what the fuck, this time is war.


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