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This aint no Persian fairytale.
In fact, the Assyrian empire in the ME pre-dated that of the Persians by about 60 yrs.
So, in effect this became a Persian fairytale under much duress.
The only fortune involved is for the arms dealers.
Through conflict, they profit.
Through the process of Machiavellianist manipulation, the very powers that ostensibily represent the aristocratic supplication of the FSA also have been selling stock piles of cold war Sarin to current government administrations.
For these morally bankrupt few who find the pleasure of deamons more fulfilling than that of God, serendipity is but another means of language to conceal the truth in the question.
To receive fortune through the manipulation of external politico / socio / religio affairs and the feigning of accidental or presumed assistance or discovery is simply another means concealing the truth.


Have the Syrians ever been free?
Have any of us ever been free from the illusion of separation long enough to enact real change or difference?
Or have we all fallen victim to the oldest and cruellest joke of all with respect to our own perception?
The idea that we are somehow different than those oppressing us, somehow privileged in our knowledge of the truth and / or plight toward salvation that they, somehow are not.
A chemical compound such as GB will has the same predictible effect on any terrestrial vertebrate, what makes us think that we will be any different?
Who is fool enough to think that they may be immune to one of the most potent man-made neuro-toxins?
Yet, each of us would like to believe themselves impervious to the carcinogenic properties of fear and loathing that grip a person, community, or nation in the throws of transformation.
When a person is backed into a corner and forced to confront their own mortality, morality and ethics are often quickly discarded.
Those who were found on the top of the piles in the comissioned gas chambers at Auschwitz were not women and children, they were the fittest males.
Those who were suited to protect served to destroy the others.
Just as the current regime in Syria is operating -- Assad is like a rat scrambling to and protecting his position at the bouyant helm of a sinking barge using his own people as life craft.
He has no choice but to capitalize on the illusion of paradoxical perception or risk assimilation into that which has borne him, the frustration of generations.
May Assad be asphyxiated with the same petrol soaked rag as he used to acheive his current, almost untouchable (by todays diplomatic means) position of privilege with the industrial superpowers of translucent moral fabric we refer to as the G8.
GR8 job, chumps.
May you all asphyxiate as acetylcholine saturates your neuro-muscular synapses and prevents your diaphrams ability to relax.
I wonder which G8 leader would make it to the top of the proverbial pile in a chamber, in Ireland built for the occasion.
It certainly wouldn't be Putin.
He'd be too busy picking the others pockets to sense the immanent danger as the doors closed ...


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